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Mean Fiddler, London 15 February 2005

The 'Voice Of Rock' has just issued a great new album , Soul Mover, and the tour kicked off in the UK this month. It had been delayed because drummer Chad had returned to his native RHCP.

I was surprised Glenn was playing the smaller venue, and it was certainly very packed by the time he hit the stage, partly as the venue has been made smaller by bringing the stage forward.

Opening bands Luner Mile (the vocalist Tony Iommiís daughter apparently) and Lizards (featuring drummer Bobby Rondinelli) were OK. Not terrible, but on this evidence theyíll never raise above support status.

Huge cheer as the lights dimmed and our man Glenn hit the stage, now sporting his recognisable full mane (having grown out of his short 90s style a while back). The set kicked off with the title track from his new album and went down very well. 'Land Of The Living' was equally enjoyable, and JJ Marshís guitar solo followed. 'Mistreated' started off very well and is a true classic, a song he does well, but it did go on too long, especially the vocal part. Self indulgent in true Joe Lynn Turner fashion.

Glenn was in soulful mood, bus sadly was lazy with his voice in not following some notes through but resorting to a scream.

Shame, because he does have a wonderful voice, and heís not a screamer. Gillan is a whole different style.

One of the heavier and better numbers was 'Canít Stop The Flow' from Building The Machine. A real banger. 'Let It Go' and 'High Road' followed, then the classic Trapeze number 'Medusa'.

Glenn finished with 'Donít Let Me Bleedí, his bass work great and the drummer and keyboard player (both with unpronounceable Swedish names) really worked well. Just the two numbers in the encore, and probable Glennís best two of the night as well as of his career; 'Seventh Star' and predictably 'Burn'.

Iíve seen Glenn play better, but thatís a rarity. A superb set, playing just over 90 minutes.

Review: Joe Geesin

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