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GERRY GASKILL 'Come Somewhere'
(Inside Out)(2004)

I must admit its been many years since I last paid much attention to King's X. So it is kind of a surprise that this is drummer Gerry Gaskill's first solo effort. Surprisingly it does sound a little like King's X, then again, how could it not?

Gaskill's voice is perhaps not as strong as his band mates, Ty Tabor and Doug Pinnick, nevertheless, its strong enough over the 15 songs on offer here. Opener 'The Kids' rocks as hard as any King's X song that I can remember. 'Johnny's Song', has a strong Beatles flavour to it. It's perhaps the acoustic based songs, 'No Love' and the above mentioned that are the strongest throughout the album. In fact that bulk of the album is based around acoustic foundations. The album is what I'd call quite mellow, though has some more rockier moments in several places.

There are probably one too many songs in the same style as 'All The Way Home' and perhaps 15 songs is a couple too many to keep the listener's attention. But having said this, there really aren't any fillers. The standard is quite high throughout and at 47 minutes the album is almost the perfect length for this kind of album and style.

'Come Somewhere' is proof that Gerry Gaskill is more than a mere drummer, a very talented singer and songwriter in his own right. Now maybe I should check out some of those King's X albums that I have missed recently.


Review by Graham Boyle

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