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Dingwalls, Camden, London 7 November 2006

My first visit to Dingwalls which is not an easy venue to find despite being in Camden and its location could partly explain why the gig was only just over half full in a 550 capacity venue.

First support band were Awake who played a solid set of metal, similar to Intense but not quite as strong in the vocal department. The keyboard player got off to a shaky start as well with a few dropped notes and unlike Evergrey his keys were used mainly to start/end each tune. Not bad at all and I will track down some of their albums to give them a listen, which is more than can be said of the next band Avatar. Sorry but I like someone who can sing and not someone who gargles with gravel before 'singing'. Nice music which is ruined once the 'vocals' kick in. I doubt any death/black metal fan would be listening to this in say twenty years time as it is not a genre of music that you can call timeless. But if you like this style of metal I am sure they would suffice.

Evergrey are quite simply stunning live. They manage to deftly pull of the musical dexterity of their studio albums with ease (with a few cheats in recorded backing choirs but hey that's allowed!) and this tour marked the UK debut of the band's new bassist Frederik Larsson, who slotted in with ease.

The sheer power of their songs is quite frankly breathtaking be it 'End Of My Days', with a very catchy chorus or the doom laden 'In Remembrance'. The new album 'Monday Morning Apocalypse' was well represented with the title track, 'Til Dagmar' and 'Obedience' all getting an airing.

Frontman Tom Englund seemed to be enjoying himself with quips to the audience and vocally he has the same power as on record, which is not always the case in some metal bands.

The only real respite from the wall of guitar riffs came with 'I'm Sorry', although set closer 'Great Deceiver' soon had the headbangers back in action!

Encore time and the pick had to be 'Recreation Day', a song that sums up the Evergrey sound - strong vocals, lyrics and guitars all backed by a tight but loud rhythm section and the keys are used almost like a guitar as they are very riff driven.

Great set by a very talented band and one that would appeal to fans of power metal, the heavier end of prog rock and even thrash metal. Go see them if you get the chance.

Review by Jason Ritchie


Blinded - End Of Your Days - Rulers Of The Mind - As I Lie Here Bleeding - Obedience - In Remembrance - Til Dagmar - Still In The Water - Monday Morning Apocalypse - Solitude Within - Mark Of The Triangle - More Than Ever - I'm Sorry - Great Deceiver


When The Walls Go Down - Recreation Day- A Touch Of Blessing- The Masterplan

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