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THE EARLY NOVEMBER The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path (3CD) Drive Thru (2006)

Early November

This 3CD appears (I may be educated guessing here) has a kind of theme on each disc, based round the lives of The Mechanic, The Mother and The Path. Life observations, philosophies, poetry et al.

The Mechanic kicks off disc one mixing a kind of Brit Pop without the indie, and guitar pop. Gentle vocals over guitar riffs, some heavier numbers, some gentle whimsical pop songs, the kind of guitar pop with rock leanings that's popular right now.

And the thought of 3 discs of this filled me with dread. But it's not quite all that.

The Mother kicks off with disjointed piano / vocal number, the whole disc has a more (but not exclusively) acoustic feel. Areas touched on include the inane chatter in a hair dressers. 'Scared To Lose' is rockier, more TV Theme Tune styled.

The Path - disc 3, kicks off acoustically, a decent tune and some neat guitar work. For some reason no lyrics provided, but it's far from instrumental.

An interesting concept, but it's more of a book than a musical album. A book, or an art house film, but as a 3 disc album it's far too long and far too much hard work. There are good and strong points, musically and lyrically but they're drawn out, watered down, over worked. Go write a book on poetry, or life experiences, but a listenable album should be more succinct. Nothing wrong with the original idea but when combined with creative 'two bob bits' with no boundaries, argh!!!!


Review by Joe Geesin

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