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DIAMOND DOGS/Pariahs/Animal Alpha
Camden Underworld, London 21 November 2005

A cold Monday night in London, yet the music was still good. A sparse crowd, but at least you could enjoy the music ­ the Underworld doesnıt do Œpackedı well.

Anyway, the evening kicked off with Oslo band Animal Alpha, a 5 piece metal act with a difference. Using many pub rock riffs typical of those borrowed by punk, new wave and Terrorvision / Brit Rock, they gave them a Norwegian metal feel. Then add a female vocalist who crossed punk/bitch queen with Bride Of Frankenstein and you get a fair idea. Different, fun, if a little inexperienced and incohesive.

Second up were Toronto (Canada) act The Pariahs, who have been around a year or two and are promoting a new album. Touches of sleaze, and at times the non boogie side of AC/DC. Raw sound, pretty cohesive, and the tracks got better and more complex as their set went on, finishing with a Freebird style guitar duelling. Again the twin guitars working well. Solid bass and vocals too made for a good sound.

Top band were Swedish act Diamond Dogs, who looked and sounded smart and really got people moving on the dance floor. Sleazy party rockınıroll, a lot like the Rolling Stones only heavier. Think Hanoi Rocks.

This six piece had one guitar, a saxophone (bolsters the sound well) and a very talented pianist, who banged out some rockınıroll with the keyboard balanced on his knees as he sat, with one foot up on a speaker. New tracks like ³Every Little Crack² (again, an excellent new album out) went down well, and ³Let Me Include You² had a Ramones like intro. Tight, professional and very entertaining.

The evening was an excellent showcase, shame it wasnıt witnessed by more people.

Review: Joe Geesin

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