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BRUCE DICKINSON 'Tyranny Of Souls'
Mayan / Sanctuary MYNCD035(2005)

Bruce Dickinson

The Maiden main man likes to keep busy. In between Iron Maiden projects he’s flying planes, presenting shows on heavy metal (of the flying variety) and rock radio shows, and still manages to produce a damn fine solo album.

Wisely choosing material not always suitable for Maiden, it’s close enough to both suit his voice and avoid alienating fans. Although updated in sound and production, and pretty heavy too, it avoids the nu-metal direction and uses one guitar, a penchant Bruce has had since his (pre Maiden) Samson days.

Opener “Mars Within” sets an atmosphere and builds, followed by the almost trad thrash of “Abduction”.

Bruce has aged well since the air-raid siren peak of Powerslave, but that was 20 years ago. There’s noticeably a lot less of the Ian Gillan, but the upper mid range is still strong, solid and, like the bulk of the album, very powerful.

Producer / guitarist Roy Z and Bruce work in close harmony. Even the acoustic “Navigate The Seas Of The Sun” sounds good, it’s a fine tune, but I’m not sure how compatible acoustic songs and Bruce’s voice are.

“Power Of The Sun” is a classic number and 21st Century Bruce at his best, but the technical effects in the intro we can do without. The closing title track is another great track, A range of influences and tempos.

As an album, not completely turkey free but certainly no howlers. Some great tracks and Bruce is very much on form. Thoroughly enjoyable modern British metal at its best.


Review by Joe Geesin

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***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
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