“Unbroken” is the fifth album from Fiona, and comes 19 years after her last release. Big, polished and harking back to the ‘80’s in places, the album was produced by House of Lords main man James Christian- whose wife, Robin Beck, duets on the track “This Heart”.

The sound of the tracks on “Unbroken” teeters between raw, modern sounding rock and ‘80’s rock- and this works well. “Loved Along The Way” is a great choice of album opener, with strong vocal performance and that modern feel, “Broken” wouldn’t be out of place on a latter day Bon Jovi album. There is a great cover of Pat Benetar’s “Shadow Of The Night” whilst “I’ve Released You” is an “am over you” track that Alanis Morissette would be proud of. The Robin Beck duet “This Heart” is as big sounding as you would expect, “Everything You Are” is an ‘80’s style synth fuelled love song, “Get Your Kix” features some raw vocals and great guitar,  “Salt On My Wings” has a great feel and “I Love You But Shut Up” is another modern sounding, raw and crunching track.

“Unbroken” is a good album and a welcome return to the music scene for Fiona, whose vocals remain as strong and distinctive as they did 20 years ago. There is also some great guitar work throughout “Unbroken” and this is courtesy of Tommy Denander and Bobby Messano.

Nikk Gunns