Warp Drive caused a stir with their debut album 'Gimme Gimme' back in the late 80's but then along came grunge and knocked them for six. This is their second album which they started to record back in 1990 but it never got released until now after those lovely folk at AOR Blvd Records gave it a release.

This second album again featured Blackfoot/Lynyrd Skynyrd member Ricky Medlocke who helped produce the album and added backing vocals and slide guitar to one song. Mainman Mark Woerpel also played in Blackfoot in the mid-90's - its a small world at times in rock 'n' roll!

The band's nearest comparison would be White Lion in their prime as rockers like 'Fightin' Boyz' and 'Let The Good Times Roll' deserve to be blasted out. The version of Axe's 'Rock 'N' Roll Party In The Streets' is immense and loving those OTT guitar solos. More Blackfoot connections with 'Only Memories' that later popped up as 'Nobody Rides For Free' on the Blackfoot album 'Nobody Rides For Free'. Another strong song that further reinforces the feeling that had this album come out pre-grunge it would have been a hit.

Overall an enjoyable album with only the two instrumentals seeming to be making up numbers. Good as they are they don't really stand up to repeated plays. The two newer songs also don't fit the album's late 80's sound, although 'Fools Of Faith' released now would stand a chance of tapping into the Seether/Three Doors Down market.

Luckily Warp Drive now get the release they deserved back in the day, so crank it up and enjoy!

Jason Ritchie