Stemm have been about in various forms for a number of years and have developed into a very tight and very heavy hardcore metal band. Their music was adopted early in the band’s career as the soundtrack to the Ultimate Fight Championship which suits their musical style to a T.

The band provide an excellent line in hardcore metal but with a health dose of melody which makes this a very listenable album. Pantera and Stone Sour are good reference points sound and style wise and there are some excellent tracks on the album.

Opener ‘Salvation’ is one of the heavier tracks featured and this is where the Pantera influence is most prevalent. This is followed by ‘Fleur De Lis’ and ‘Dead Inside’ which are more in the Stone Sour vein, a band that Stemm have supported in the past. Other tracks of note are a first class cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Supernaut’ and last track ‘After The Tide’ where the band slip into Alterbridge mode to good effect.

A good album then, the band’s first in four years and well worth a spin if you come across it.

David Wilson