This release is Gary Moore’s last to be filmed/recorded and is the first to be released posthumously.  Gary Moore had returned to his rock roots and this set is indicative thereof.

His voice sounds a bit off in places, where he barks instead of singing, but his voice does come through well on the three new songs (he was in the process of recording a new album when he passed on), as well as “Empty Rooms”.  It is, as ever, his guitar work that does the talking.  He may have been 58, but his fingers danced on a guitar way better than most people ever will.  It is a welcome release to have in one’s collection: to hear his heart and soul still in the music he created up to 25 years previously, his God-given gift of mastering the guitar and the new rock compositions.

I stumbled on the CD release, which features two fewer songs than the DVD.  Guess I’ll have to buy that too.  Essential for Gary Moore fans.

Nick van der Meulen