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View Article  10 Q's with ROCKY NEWTON (X-UFO)

Bassist Rocky Newton has been a ...   more »

View Article  10 Q's with CLIVE EDWARDS (X-UFO)
Clive Edwards has drummed for many bands ...   more »

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Derek William Dick is certainly a man of many talents! When he is not touring under his electric moniker ...   more »
View Article  10 Q's with DANNY PEYRONEL (X-UFO)

1. What are you currently up to? 


We're anxiously awaiting the first shipment of our first album, the totally live "VOL.1: THE LIVE FILES!".

We put a lot of work and support into producing this totally and entirely on our own, and the result, thanks to some terrific European ...   more »

View Article  10 Q's with JEFF SCOTT SOTO

1. What are you currently up to?


I have a new album coming out in March - Damage Control and yes, I will be touring.


2.  Can you take us through the songs on the new album ‘Damage Control’?


There is a song on the album ...   more »

View Article  Interview with JOHN AXELROD

Classical rock is a nascent ...   more »

View Article  Backstage Hero interview with Planet Rock's breakfast DJ Paul Anthony

How did you become involved in the music business?


I started my career as a Pontins Bluecoat in Blackpool at the age of 16. That was really my apprenticeship into the world of entertainment, plus as a Blue all the girls wanted to bed you!


What was your ...   more »

View Article  Rising Star - Josh Taerk

Josh Taerk has recently released a very accomplished album 'Never Look Back' and he recently played a couple of UK dates back in November. Defintely an artist to look out for in the coming months and years...

1. What are you currently up to?

I’m always writing new songs, I ...   more »

View Article  10 Q's with TREVOR JONES

Trevor Jones releases his new album 'Ghost Of Song' in March and it is highly recommended, as is his blog which you can access here

1.    What are you currently up to?

As well as lining up the release of ‘Ghost of Song’ for early March, I’m working on ...   more »

View Article  10 Q's with ED HALE

1. What are you currently up to?

a.       Currently up to our necks is what we’re up to! Total madness. But a very cool kind. Semi-controlled madness. Just a lot of incredible things happening right now all at the same time. It’s a thrill and a rush for sure. But it ...   more »


Hiya gents… What are Big Life currently up to? (recording, gigs, plans etc.)

Steve : “Hi Jason…. Alright? I’m currently in the studio recording the follow up to “The Art Of Balance”, the last Newman album. I’m hoping to get this out in the late summer. And, I am also ...   more »