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View Article  Backstage Hero - Joe Geesin

Joe Geesin contributes to 'Record Collector' and GRTR! plus compiles sleevenotes for various CD's and has a famous dad...

How did you become involved in the music business?

It was kind of natural - with my dad so involved, I grew up with it, even though I took a completely ...   more »

View Article  10 Q's with WHITE WIDDOW

Hello Jules (White Widdow), loving the new album, which if anything, is better than the debut, which is no mean feat!

“Thanks very much Jason!! We are really happy with the new album.”

What are you currently up to?

“Well, we’ve just finished up a two month long tour to ...   more »

View Article  Interview with of JOHN AXELROD of Classical Rock
John Axelrod gives us the lowdown on the new touring band Classical Rock...

How did the idea for Classical Rock ...   more »
View Article  10 Q's with PATSY MATHESON
Patsy Matheson is about to release her new album 'Stories of Angels & Guitars' backed by an extensive UK tour in early 2012   more »
View Article  Backstage Hero - TIM JONES (Record Collector)

How did you become involved in the music business?

I applied to an ad in The Guardian for an Editorial ...   more »

View Article  10 Q's with PATRIK JOHANSSON of ASTRAL DOORS
We catch-up with Astral Doors vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson as the band release a new album 'Jerusalem'...

1. What are ...   more »