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Fez Club, Reading, 8 February 2005

Bloc Party have been promised various great things in the year 2005, like Franz Ferdinand last year they have been granted the coveted torch of hottest new band by a variety of music insiders and magazines. Tonight the band lived up to the increasing hype that is starting to follow them. The first band Morning Runner sounded like a Snow patrol and Athlete hybrid and had got the soft radio rock sound just right, proving to be an impressive first band and opening the night successfully. The Magic Numbers were the next band up. Their set was magical, with their pure pop riffs, sprinkled with vocal harmonies making a winning combination. The band was charismatic and clearly blown away at the reaction which they received.

Before Bloc Party arrived onstage the tension was high in the audience, could they surely be as good as everyone promised?

By the end of the opening song, Bloc Party proved they could live up to this promise. With all the songs containing catchy and upbeat lyrics placed over classic guitar riffs and a simple but fitting drum beat. Songs such as ‘Positive Tension’ and ‘Banquet’ gave a preview of what to expect of them in the following year.

In the intimate surroundings of the Fez, the bands music spoke to the crowd. When the opening riff of audience favourite ‘Helicopter’ rang out the crowd erupted.

With such a superb set, a string of sold out tour dates and the eagerly anticipated debut album (Silent Alarm) coming out on the 14th of February it looks as if 2005 is going to be Bloc Party’s year.

Review: Charlotte Antczak

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