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Times Forum St.Pete, Tampa Florida 12 January 2006

Listening to Billy Joel sing his collection of songs it occurred to me that he was recapping most of my life's memories.

As he started each song it reminded me of a different and not often visited memory. The lines under Joel's eyes were likened to the rings inside the bark of a redwood, each one documenting an era.

I remember the day my best friend's Mom played the Stranger album for us at age 13. Who would guess that I'd be sitting in a sold out arena almost 30 years later reviewing this mans performance.

Billy Joel

Speaking of which, it was perfect. Not a missed note or vocal off key. As I looked around at the people around me it was obvious that they too were experiencing a case of memory recall.

Billy Joel

The supporting musicians were professionals as you would expect from the collection of folks who were picked or should I say permitted to celebrate Joel's music. My only complaint was the omission of "She's always a woman" from the set.

Billy Joel

I'm not sure why Joel would leave out one of the most revered pieces of art from his gallery, perhaps he has a personal reason but this reviewer missed hearing it. Since this was his third night of his tour there are many chances for you to attend a Billy Joel show, take it from this musician/photographer/writer, it's worth the admission.

Joel ended the night with his most famous piece of contemporary poetry but is was the sold out stadium of fans who actually performed the last 4 lines “Sing us a song, you're the piano man, Sing us a song tonight.

Well, we're all in the mood for a melody and you've got us feelin' alright” He did, we were and we are :)

Review and Photos by Steve Janowicz


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