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Round-up of news, reviews and interviews with main metalman John Stefanis and Amanda Hyne.

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Recommended albums (August 2006)
Cattle Decapitation In Flames Cellador

Cattle Decapitation

In Flames


Deviated Instinct Lost in Rhone Zyklon

Deviated Instinct

Lost In Rhone


The River Novembre Ihsahn

The River



John Stefanis' best of metal 2005

1.Napalm Death - The Code is Red Long Live the Code While this planet is still being ruled by lies and deceit, you can always rely on Napalm Death to spit their venomous lyrics and point their fingers in the right direction. Extreme metal in its best form.

2.Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor This album is the answer to those who believed that Nevermore would never manage to release another album of the same quality and character to that of 'Politics of Ecstasy'. A modern day masterpiece!

3.Shadow Gallery - Room V Progressive metal is much more than endless solos and constant manipulation of rhythm - itís music with passion and soul, and if you donít agree with that argument, then it is more than obvious that you havenít yet listened to the amazing 'Room V'

4.Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal does not only signify the return to action of one of the most important Death Metal bands ever, but the proof that sometimes it is the simple things in life that are on great value.

5.Candlemass - Candlemass When the bell of Doom starts ringing, and the slightly overweight monk begins the mass, all eyes and ears must turn to the north! A classic album from a legendary band.

6.Cathedral - The Garden of Unearthly Delights Lee Dorrian and Co are no strangers to controversy, but this is by far the most daring and inspiring material that the English Doomsters have produced since the beginning of the new century.

7. Kreator - Enemy of God Kreator have long been the sole competitors for the throne of Thrash Metal, and 'Enemies of God' is the soundtrack to their coronation.

8. Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness When the suffering of a whole nation and the preservation of the traditional values becomes a source of artistic inspiration, the seeds are planted for an album like 'The Gathering Wilderness' to flourish!

9. Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution It took them fifteen years to get back together, but nothing could stop Judas Priest from releasing one of the best albums in their long and quite successful career! Bow to the Metal Gods!

10.Havochate - Cycle of Pain Without enjoying the promotion and support of a major label, Havochate have released an album of excellent quality and unique passion that deserves the respect of every intelligent Metalhead! This is a reminder of what Heavy Metal is all about.

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