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Pure Metal News: December 2007 Part 1

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Compiled by John Stefanis

December 2007 Part 2

SONIC SYNDICATE - confirmed for SUMMER BREEZE Festival

Swedish metallers SONIC SYNDICATE are confirmed for the Summer Breeze Festival 2008, set to take place August 14-16 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. The swedish newcomers are known for their energetic and crushing live shows. So be sure to not miss them at the festival!

The third installment of SONIC SYNDICATE's "Sonic TV" is now online - check:

 - These episodes documents the Swedish band while on tour in Europe with SOILWORK, DARK TRANQUILLITY and CALIBAN.

SONIC SYDICATE is currently making its U.S. live debut with AMON AMARTH and HIMSA. The band will be returning next May as direct support to NIGHTWISH.

Around Christmas, the band will embark on another European tour with CALIBAN and HEAVEN SHALL BURN. The tour is called "Darkness Over X-Mas", find the dates here:

25.12.2007 LEIPZIG - Werk 2 (DE)
26.12.2007 HAMBURG - Markthalle (DE)
27.12.2007 MÜNSTER - Skater´s Palace (DE)
28.12.2007 ASCHAFFENBURG - Colosaal (DE)
29.12.2007 PRATTELN - Z7 (CH)
30.12.2007 SAARBRüCKEN - Garage (DE)

The second album of the band, "Only Inhuman" was recently re-released with a bonus DVD, featuring a whole gig of the band. The album conquered the german charts (#64) and established a huge fanbase in whole Europe!

IN FLAMES - Last episode of the studio diary online

The LAST episode of the IN FLAMES Studio Diary is online NOW!!!

Check it out here:

"Thanks to everyone who has watched the episodes and followed us through the recording of the new album. Hope you have had as much fun as we have! We can't wait for the new album to be released and come out and play live for you guys!"

Keep checking and for news and info on the new album.

For even more exclusive films/news/photos/community/band interaction and MUCH more check out and sign up for more news!

AVANTASIA - Album trailer online now

The brand new album trailer for AVANTASIA´s upcoming masterpiece, "The Scarecrow", is online now. Click HERE to watch it!
"The Scarecrow" will be released on January 25th 2008 as a standard CD as well as rare picture (double) vinyl.

Here's the tracklist:

01. Twisted Mind
02. The Scarecrow
03. Shelter From The Rain
04. Carry Me Over
05. What Kind Of Love
06. Another Angel Down
07. The Toy Master
08. Devil In The Belfry
09. Cry Just A Little
10. I Don't Believe In Your Love
11. Lost In Space
+ Media Player

The Scarecrow - interview
Carry Me Over - video clip
Carry Me Over - making of
Lost In Space - Electronic Press Kit
Lost In Space - video clip
I Don't Believe In Your Love - alternate version*

*original version, lead vocals by Tobias Sammet only (audio only!!!)

CLAWFINGER & CANDLEMASS - Nominated for Swedish "Grammis Awards"

CLAWFINGER and CANDLEMASS are nominated for this year ´s Swedish "Grammis Awards". Both bands are nominated in the category "Best Hard Rock Act". It is ten bands only that are chosen by a jury. Now people can vote for their favourite five out of them, which will then be in the race for the winning of the award. Go and vote for CLAWFINGER and CANDLEMASS!


NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce the singing of DIVINITY, one of the hottest newcomers hailing from Canada.
The band self-released its debut album "Allegory" in 2007 in Canada only.

The record was produced by legendary Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, HATESPHERE, MNEMIC, GOREFEST, etc.). NUCLEAR BLAST will release the album in the rest of the world in March 2008, so watch out for another killer record from Canada!

DIVINITY already had the opportunity to support bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, OVERKILL or KATAKLYSM and collected much live experience. The band will concentrate on playing live and writing new songs in 2008.

Check out: or for sound files and more!

KATAKLYSM - Confirmed for Summer Breeze
Canadian Death Metallers KATAKLYSM are confirmed for next year's installment of the Summer Breeze Festival, set to take place August 14-16 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.

KATAKLYSM has recruited producer Jason Suecof (CHIMAIRA) to mix the band's new album in early January. "Prevail" will feature several guest appearances to be announced at a later date. The album is scheduled for May 2008 release.

SUBWAY TO SALLY - Special shows announced in 2008

The citys of Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Krefeld and Wilhelmshafen have become some sort of second home to SUBWAY TO SALLY. Everytime the band from Potsdam hits the road to bring the music to their fans, the "LKA" in Stuttgart, "Centralstation" in Darmstadt, "Kulturfabrik" in Krefeld and the "Pumpwerk" in Wilhelmshafen are a well known points on the schedule. And so will be in spring 2008: after a sold out Tour in October and December 2007, SUBWAY TO SALLY will introduce their new album "Bastard" to the audiences in the four announced citys.

"Bastard" launched the charts, letting the band appear on the covers of many rockmagazines and is, due to the critics, one of the best releases in 2007. On top, SUBWAY TO SALLY will participate in the "Bundesvision Song Contest" by Stefan Raap and Pro7. This contest will be broadcasted live on TV, and SUBWAY TO SALLY are one of the top favorites. More than just one reason to see one of the shows where singer Eric Fish and his bandmates will use a wide range of instruments and performing songs of the last 15 years as well as the powerfull songs of the new album.

15.04.08 STUTTGART -LKA. Tickets on
16.04.08 DARMSTADT - Centralstation. Tickets on
17.04.08 KREFELD - Kulturfabrik . Tickets on
18.04.08 WILHELMSHAVEN - Pumpwerk. Tickets on

METAL BLADE 25th Anniversary Live DVD

From a garage in a Los Angeles suburb in 1982 to becoming the leading true INDEPENDENT Heavy Metal record label in the world, METAL BLADE RECORDS continues to lead the way in introducing artists to the Heavy Metal world, which we have continually defined.

To commemorate 25 years of the LOUDEST, HARDEST, HEAVIEST and the very best HEAVY METAL on the planet, METAL BLADE RECORDS is set to release the definitive LIVE METAL DVD. Recorded on April 28th, 2007 at the NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL in Worcester, MA, This live DVD captures LIVE pro shot performances from UNEARTH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE RED CHORD and JOB FOR A COWBOY as well as current and past METAL BLADE artists, coming together for the first time to celebrate a milestone in HEAVY METAL history.

The DVD will also include a second disc containing 14 official video clips of bands like AS I LAY DYING, AUTUMN, EVERGREEN TERRACE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, UNEARTH or GOATWHORE.

The set also includes 35 minutes of bonus footage of various musicians and METAL BLADE bands commenting on the 25th anniversary of the label - METALLICA, AS I LAY DYING, UNEARTH, JOB FOR A COWBOY among others...

The set will be available on MID-PRICE once it is released on January 28th (Europe)!

DISC 1 (New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2007)

3. HALLOWS EVE "Speed Freak"
4. DEMIRICOUS "Never Enough Road"
5. DEMIRICOUS "Matador"
6. SINCE THE FLOOD "At the End"
7. SINCE THE FLOOD "Laid to Rest"
8. SHAI HULUD "A Profound Hatred of a Man"
9. THREE "Monster"
10. THREE "Amazed Disgrace"
11. GOATWHORE "Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult"
12. GOATWHORE "In the Narrow Confines of Defilement"
13. IMPIOUS "Purified by Fire"
14. IMPIOUS "Wicked Saints"
15. GOD DETHRONED "Villa Vampiria"
16. GOD DETHRONED "The Warcult"
17. LIZZY BORDEN "Notorious"
18. LIZZY BORDEN "Psychopath"
19. JOB FOR A COWBOY "Embedded"
20. JOB FOR A COWBOY "Altered from Catechization"
21. THE RED CHORD "Black Santa"
22. THE RED CHORD "Antman"
24. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER "When the Last Grave Has Emptied"
25. CANNIBAL CORPSE "Unleashing the Bloodthirsty"
26. CANNIBAL CORPSE "Murder Worship"
27. UNEARTH "Giles"
28. UNEARTH "The Great Dividers"

DISC 2 (Video Clips)

1. UNEARTH "Sanctity of Brothers"
2. AMON AMARTH "Cry of the Blackbirds"
3. SIX FEET UNDER "Ghosts of the Undead"
4. JOB FOR A COWBOY "Embedded"
5. GOATWHORE "Forever Consumed Oblivion"
6. AS I LAY DYING "Nothing Left"
7. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER "What a Horrible Night for a Curse"
8. THE RED CHORD "Dread Prevailed"
9. EVERGREEN TERRACE "Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton"
10. UNEARTH "This Glorious Nightmare"
11. SIX FEET UNDER "Doomsday"
12. THREE "All That Remains"
13. AUTUMN "Satellites"

CATARACT - Studio report update

Last day! At least for Tom, Greg and myself. And it started with a bang - a computer bang, and we feel honoured to have met a Mac with a problem! Well the power supply has blown, so that's good bye to the machine, we're working on Tue's Laptop now which is only a little bit slower. Tom has done some brutal extra vocals to brutalize the songs. B to da r to da fu*king utal!

Some last overdubs were also done and a final fart has been conducted too. So we've packed up our things are ready to leave, just waiting for the first very raw mix of the next CATARACT cd. As mentioned before we're leaving Fedi behind to finish off the vocals we'll keep you updated about the funny things happening on our trip back and at Antfarm. Complete CATARACT Studioreport:


New Orleans' GOATWHORE have been added to the upcoming European tour featuring IMMOLATION and MELECHESH. The trek is scheduled to kick off mid-March. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

HAIL OF BULLETS - Studio info

The studio's booked! February 2008 will see HAIL OF BULLETS occupying the renowned Excess studios in Rotterdam to wage some serious war. Although we have enough material to fill 2 albums we're still writing new stuff. So far we all agree on 8 tracks, and since we're going for a 10 track album we still need to decide on the final 2. This week I had planned to finish 1 of 2 likely candidates but ended up writing a brand new song that everyone seems to like. It's a heavy fu*ker (well yeah, they all are), with a tank-like groove that segues into a pummeling "uffta" spectacle. Odds are pretty good you'll be finding this one on our upcoming full length in may...

If time allows me and Paul will get together before the end of the year to arrange one of his songs into a grand dramatic finale, and then I'll start preparing Protools sessions for the recordings.

Exciting times!

Cheers, Ed

POWERWOLF - Tour diary launched

Lots of new stuff online: a tour diary from the shows with GRAVE DIGGER, lots of live pictures in a new gallery - and a brandnew shirt in the shop. Kneel down and enjoy! Check it out:

BRAINSTORM announce new bass player

Hi Brainiacs,

please welcome to the BRAINSTORM family our new bassplayer Antonio Leva. Attached you'll find some pictures of this groove monster at his live premiere for BRAINSTORM. He impressed us not only with his playing skills at the auditions, which lead to his invitation to play the show in Hungary with us (and where he impressed us even more), the chemistry was amazing from the first moment we met.

After some very intense rehearsals over the last weeks and months we feel that Toni is the right man for the job and we will babtize and seal this new alliance on our upcoming tour. Give him a warm welcome and pay us a visit on our upcoming tour to assure yourselves - this guy rocks!

Stay tuned for more news on the new album.

Rock hard, ride free and God bless you all!

Todde & Brainstorm

CATARACT looking for bass player

It's been rumoured that we're looking for a new bassplayer, and funny enough we realized it's true when we were in the studio... damn! so here we are, looking probably for YOU.

Here's what we want:

- obviously, it's great if you live in switzerland. we will rehearse at least one and up to three times a week in zurich so you should be able to do that without discussion.

- it's nice if you've played in a band before and you're familiar with having shows, performing on stage, studio etc.

- it's also nice if we'd already know you in some way, although
this is not a must.

- we will be your social life from the time you join the band, you might want to think about that. it's basically half the weekends and half the evenings of a year you will have to endure the rest of us.

- you should have the skills.

- you should have proper equipment.

- you love music. your background should be metal and/or hardcore.

- you will be a full member of the band.

- you also will be asked to do your share of the band work.

Please send us an email ( and tell us why you think you're the perfect pick! we will invite you for a little jam session if we think you are fit.

HATE ETERNAL announces new album title and track listing

Tampa, FL's very own HATE ETERNAL is back with the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2005 release "I, Monarch", titled "Fury and Flames". "Fury and Flames" will be the bands most diverse and emotionally fueled record to date due mainly in part to the passing of bassist and good friend Jared Anderson.

HATE ETERNAL founder and vocalist/guitarist Erik Rutan recently did an interview with where he stated, "Jared was one of my best friends, and his passing away really affected me and influenced this record a lot. It's a very dark and heavy record - not just heavy as in 'heavy metal,' but heavy-hearted as well." Go here to read the full article:

"Fury and Flames" will feature cover art by Paul Romano (MASTODON, ANIMOSITY, THE RED CHORD) and features the addition of new members Shaune Kelley as second guitarist and Jade Simonetto on drums. The addition of second guitarist Shaune means that this will be the first time HATE ETERNAL will be able to perform as a four piece live. Alex Webster of CANNIBAL CORPSE fame stepped in on bass for the recording, but due to his insane schedule with CANNIBAL will not be able to tour with the band.

"Fury and Flames" will be in stores everywhere on February 25th 2008 (Europe) | February 22nd (G/A/CH/I).

"Fury and Flames" track listing:

1. Hell Envenom
2. Whom Gods May Destroy
3. Para Bellum
4. Bringer of Storms
5. The Funerary March
6. Thus Salvation
7. Proclamation of the Damned
8. Fury Within
9. Tombeau (Le Tombeau De La Fureur et Des Flames)
10. Coronach

AS I LAY DYING headlining tour confirmed

San Diego's finest will be back soon to continue their victorious crusade they began just three months ago right after the release of their highly succesfull new album "An Ocean Between Us".

Until now one support band has been confirmed - no other than Metal Blade's very own deathsters NEAERA who also just released their hard hitting third album "Armamentarium"!

AS I LAY DYING and NEAERA will destroy stages throughout March/April 2008

Stay tuned for further info!



20.03.08 - UK - York - Fibbers
21.03.08 - UK - Aberdeen - Barfly
22.03.08 - UK - Liverpool - Barfly
23.03.08 - UK - Cardiff - Barfly
24.03.08 - UK - Cambridge - Barfly
25.03.08 - FR - Paris - Trabendo*
26.03.08 - DE - Karlsruhe - Substage*
28.03.08 - DE - Chemnitz - AJZ Talschock*
29.03.08 - DE - Herford - Club X*
30.03.08 - DE - Saarbrücken - Garage*
31.03.08 - CH - Pratteln - Z7*
01.04.08 - IT - Milano - Alcatraz*
02.04.08 - IT - Bologna - Estragon*
03.04.08 - AT - Linz - Posthof*
04.04.08 - AT - Vienna - Planet Music*

WINDS OF PLAGUE - greetings from European tour

Check out the short clip with some video-greetings and live-impressions from WINDS OF PLAGUE on their current European tour with Shai Hulud and Dead Hearts:

Yes! The clip features some new tunes from the song "Anthems Of Apocalypse" from their upcoming album "Decimate The Weak" which will be out in Europe January 28th, 2008 and in the USA February 5th, 2008. If you are lucky you can grab a copy of a free Century Media Records give-away compilation (feat. "Anthems Of Apocalypse" and 12 mostly brand new songs from Heaven Shall Burn, Suicide Silence, Arch Enemy, The Agony Scene, Warbringer as well as a classic Hellhammer song and many more) directly from the band on their first European tour.

"Decimate The Weak" was recorded with Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying) and mixed by the legendary Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted), its artwork was crafted by Pär Olofsson (Dominion, Deeds Of Flesh). Make sure to check out their crushing mix of modern metal, atmospheric sounds of Scandinavian black metal and classic American metal which should cater the needs of fans from Bleeding Through as well as Nile and Vital Remains.


New-school LA thrashers Bonded By Blood are set to record their debut Earache release 'Feed The Beast' with US producer Michael Rosen. Rosen, who has worked with the likes of Testament, Violence, Sadus, Joe Satriani and Death Angel will begin working with the band in the New Year.

Bonded By Blood vocalist Aladdin has spoken out about how he feels about working with the well known producer:

"It feels freaking awesome. He has produced and engineered some of my favorite bands Testament Vio-lence Sadus and now BBB. Its like a dream come true. 'Feed The Beast' is sure to be one kick ass album".

Bonded By Blood will commence recording 'Feed The Beast' on January 11th 2008 at J Street Recorders (Tesla) in Sacramento, CA . The full track-listing will be as follows:

01. Immortal Life
02. Feed The Beast
03. The Evil Within
04. Another Disease
05. Unusual Punishment
06. Vengeance
07. To A Sickening Degree.
08. Strike Of Fear
09. Sounds Of Torture
10. Necropsy
11. Self-Immolation
*Bonus Track: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Theme Song for more information about the album.

Find out more about Bonded By Blood at


EARACHE is still deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Vitek and the serious injuries suffered by Covan a little over a month ago. EARACHE pledges to do all it can to help out the band and their families through this time of grief and eventual recovery.

EARACHE staff will be personally accepting donations during their annual holiday party and if you are not able to attend, take some time and contribute from home by donating directly to the the Vitek and Covan Charity Fund. Go to or

 for more info on how to help.

Attention all DECAPITATED fans in Philadelphia, PA and its surrounding areas. Some of the best metal acts in Pennsylvania are getting together for a one night only show on Friday, December 7 at the Millcreek Tavern to honor the life of Vitek. Admission to the show is $8 and all proceeds (including those made from donations and prizes raffled off throughout the night) will go to the families of Vitek and Covan.

For more info, go to


While preparing to head into the studio to record their debut album FEED THE BEAST, young thrashers, BONDED BY BLOOD have been keeping busy by playing shows up and down the west coast. Along the way, the band has been seeing more and more faces at every show they play. "We have been getting more and more dedicated fans recently," says lead singer, Aladdin who has taken definite notice of the steady growth of their fanbase. "To tell you the truth it feels GREAT. They love the music and they love that the band is down to earth and don't act like uptight "rockstars."

There are some fans who see BONDED BY BLOOD once then bring all of their friends with them to see another show. There's also some very creative fans who show their support in other ways. "We have gotten some crazy fans that come to our shows and draw us pictures (like the following one depicting BONDED BY BLOOD mascot, Brutus with some familiar characters:

Overall, the dedication of the fans has really taken the band aback. BONDED BY BLOOD's style of playing lends itself to the band feeding off the energy of their fans as much as the fans feed off the band's energy. Aladdin feels positive about where things for the band are headed, even before FEED THE BEAST has been recorded. On behalf of the band, Aladdin has a message for all who have been supporting them up to this point and beyond: "I just wanted to say thank you to all the old and new fans cus if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't be where we are at right now."

BONDED BY BLOOD will commence the recording of FEED THE BEAST with producer Michael Rosen (TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL) on January 11th 2008 at J Street Recorders in Sacramento, CA. for more information about their upcoming EARACHE debut, FEED THE BEAST.

BONDED BY BLOOD will also be featured on the upcoming new-school Thrash compilation, THRASHING LIKE A MANIAC, out on February 5 in the US.

To find out more about the release head over to

Find out more about BONDED BY BLOOD at


Norwegian death metallers Blood Red Throne are set to hit the road on Monday for a European tour supporting Divine Heresy.

Following the release of Blood Red Throne's latest album 'Come Death' earlier this year, this tour will give them a chance to take their annihilating and assaulting brutal sound to crowds across the UK, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

You can catch Blood Red Throne alongside Divine Heresy on the following dates:


Find out more about Blood Red Throne at

'Come Death' is out now.


As the temperature drops everywhere else in the country, things are only getting hotter in Florida as the recording of DEICIDE's 2008 release, TILL DEATH DO US PART grows ever closer to completion.

Glen Benton entered the doors of Morrisound studios this week to record vocals for the album. Speaking on the matter of how the recording session has been going, Benton summed it up with 3 simple words. "It's all good."

"The highs are crisp and demonic and the lows are nice and gargly. Just like always," says the DEICIDE frontman. However, everything hasn't been "just like always" as far as this session goes. According to Glen, "Sobriety is fu*kin fantastic." Combine that with a 9 month rest and you will see why he feels so rejuvenated. "I'm in the best health of my life and I'm 100% rehabilitated. I'm clear headed...a lot more focused and concentrated on what I've got to do."

Glen's greater focus and concentration has allowed him to record his vocals on songs like "Not As Long As We Both Shall Live" and "Till Death Do us Part" with greater ease than ever before.

"We're rolling through the sh*t quickly. I've got a lot more power in my diaphragm and can do whole paragraphs (of lyrics) at a time." The songs, however have proved challenging enough that a even a rejuvenated Glen Benton would have to push himself to the very limit.

"The lyrics are a lot faster. I had to revamp my vocal stylings to do this...try different techniques." From the sound of it, TILL DEATH DO US PART is shaping up to be another major step forward in the legacy of DEICIDE.

Check out 2 photos of Glen Benton recording vocals for TILL DEATH DO US PART at Morrisound Studios:

View some recent shots of Ralph Santolla recording guitar parts for the upcoming DEICIDE album, TILL DEATH DO US PART at Morrisound Studios in Florida:

Look at pictures of Steve Asheim in the studio laying down drums for TILL DEATH DO US PART at Morrisound Studios in Florida:

TILL DEATH DO US PART will be released in early 2008.

The live DVD, DOOMSDAY L.A. is available NOW through the EARACHE U.S. Webstore:

Ferret Music has announced the signing of San Diego's Lower Definition

The band self-released their debut Moths over the past year, which showcases their melodically driven yet edgy post-hardcore sound, and is very excited to sign with Ferret, tells says drummer Valentino Arteaga.

"We're ecstatic. They're loyal to all their bands and a bunch of our favorite bands are on this label as well. We are excited to bring something new and different to the label!"

Lower Definition will be bringing just that on their debut Ferret release, which they will head into the studio to record in February '08 with acclaimed producer Kris Crummet (Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Kaddisfly, Dance Gavin Dance). The band, made up of Arteaga, Matt Geise (vocals), Stefan Toler (bass), Eddy Marshburn (guitar), and John Martinez (guitar), formed over six years ago, and Arteaga cites their mission as "to be able to share our passion for writing and performing music to people across the world. Our mission is portrayed through our music, we play music because are passionate about it."

Lower Definition has already been on a number of notable tours, including Taste of Chaos, Warped Tour, and Saints and Sinners. They have shared the stage with bands ranging from Glassjaw to Deftones to Angels and Airwaves, and describe themselves as "privileged to play with many of our favorite bands as well as the ones who were most influential throughout the beginning of our career." The band will be playing a show in their hometown of San Diego, at Soma, on New Years Eve, and plan to be on tour in 2008.

Keep checking and for details and info.

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - "Tobsucht" in the cinemas

NUCLEAR BLAST and UCI KINOWELT are proud to present another series of outstanding highlight events: The world premieres of the first-ever DVD of DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER (English: THE APOCALYPTIC RIDERS) called "Tobsucht - Reitermania over Wacken & Party.San" in selected UCI KINOWELT cinemas!

The Dates:
21.01.08 (whole band is on site!)
Leipzig, UCI KINOWELT Nova Eventis

23.01.08 (some of the band are on site)
Berlin, UCI KINOWELT Colosseum

24.01.08 (some of the band are on site)
Hamburg, UCI KINOWELT Mundsburg

28.01.08 (some of the band are on site)
Bochum, UCI KINOWELT Ruhr Park

30.01.08 (some of the band are on site)
Kaiserlautern, UCI KINOWELT

At 19.00 the signing sessions with the present members will begin, the DVD will be shown starting at 20.00. The DVD not only contains the legendary concerts from the Wacken Open Air and the Party.San Festival (a special old-school show!), but also a roadmovie from the Russian/Ukrainian tour and a backstage documentation. The tickets only cost 6,00 € - or try to win some at

"Tobsucht - Reitermania Over Wacken & Party.San" will hit the stores on February, 1. You can watch a trailer for the DVD HERE! For more infos, check or

SWWAATS - Sign with Nuclear Blast

NUCLEAR BLAST is happy to announce another addition to its big family: SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALPYSE ACROSS THE SKY from Tampa, Florida. These ravishing young guys will rip your head off with their truly deadly mixture of Grindcore, Death Metal and mind-blowing technique.

In the US SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALPYSE ACROSS THE SKY are already followed by a huge fan base. Now, with the worldwide NB deal, SWWAATS are ready to bring APOCALYPSE across Europe!

The band comments: "This is truly an honor, and we are humbled to be on this roster. That being said, we're looking forward to bashing skulls on a global scale. See you all on the road!"

Check out some sound files at and become part of the phenomenon!

Anthrax announce new vocalist

Anthrax is excited and proud to introduce their new singer, Dan Nelson.

Nelson is a virtual unknown, having fronted several local bands in the Long Island/New York area in the past. Says drummer Charlie Benante, "Rob [Caggiano] called me and said, 'I have a singer, you should check him out.

'We gave him a shot, and he floored us." After a successful reunion tour with former singer Joey Belladonna in 2006, there were rumors of recording a new album with that lineup.
However, talks fell through and the band was left, once again, without a singer.

Enter Dan Nelson. "I was actually looking for a band," commented Nelson. "Long Island, NY is a pretty dead scene. I was in Unbroken, and through that I met Rob a couple years ago. I had gone through some stuff on a personal side where I took time off from the music. When I got back to the scene, I couldn't find a band, so I contacted Rob through MySpace and offered my services. We sent music back and forth, got together, and jammed for 10 hours straight. After 10 hours, he said, 'I think you'd be right for Anthrax."

"There's no place else I'd rather be right now," Nelson said. "It's a great vibe. I feel great, and I'm ready to go. It's lit that much more of a fire under me. I'm getting to live the dream, and it feels amazing. I can't wait for all these people who think Anthrax is done to be proven wrong. The naysayers are gonna be shut down, and the true blue fans are gonna be pleased." Guitarist Scott Ian commented on the new singer saying, "It feels great working with Dan. The first time we jammed, we ran through a bunch of old songs, songs from the John Bush/Joey Belladonna eras.

Right from the first second Dan started "Room For One More" we knew. We said, 'Now that we've got that, let's work his ass off." Anthrax, featuring Nelson on vocals, guitarists Ian and Rob Caggiano, bassist Frankie Bello, and drummer Benante, is currently working on all-new material.

"We wrote these songs and they fu*king kicked a**," says Benante. "It was cathartic. We also want to take our time. This record will be under the microscope, more so than the others. We want to make sure it's 100% perfect."


High energy thrashers DEW-SCENTED will play on the METALLIC NOISE FESTIVAL this Sunday (16.12.). The festival is taking place in Ludwigsburg at the famous Rockfabrik. Be there or be dead!

The price for the ticket is 29 euro.

For more information please visit

THE ARCANE ORDER - New song available

Danish Thrashers THE ARCANE ORDER just uploaded a new Track from their upcoming album "In The Wake Of Collisions". "The Serpent Tower" can be heard on the Metal Blade MySpace page (!

So guys and dolls... This is the day you have been waiting for... a new song is ready for you guys! The song is called "The Serpent Tower" and is the 3rd track on "In the Wake of Collisions". Picking which song we should release as the first trackt was EXTREMELY difficult since all the tracks on the new record have their own specialities and sound different.

"The Serpent Tower" is along with the opening song on the record "Death is Imminent" the most extreme song on the new record and shows THE ARCANE ORDER from a much more extreme and dark angle, than the case was on our debut. We chose this song because it carries elements of the other songs as well, and it has a great dark and cold feeling to it.

Within a months time we will make yet another track available, probably the song called "Eruptions of Red" which shows another new side of THE ARCANE ORDER. That song is slower, very melodic and almost epic sounding.

The songs on "In the Wake of Collisions" are very diverse, and therefore we would like you to listen to a couple of the songs for you to get the idea of what's going on on the new album.

"In the Wake of Collisions" will be released January 11th through Metal Blade (G/A/CH/I) / January 14th in Europe.

We hope you will embrace the new song and our slight change of style with open arms. Don't forget to leave us a note!!

Cheers good people!

PSYOPUS - Votes & shirt designer wanted

So our friends at are in the midst of holding their "Album Of The Year" poll and PSYOPUS is among some of the contenders.

Well…FU*K YEAH!!! right?

So with this in mind, we ask that all of our lovely PSYOPUS fans crank their sexy asses over to their website and drop their ballets supporting "Our Puzzling Encounters Considered" as 2007's Album Of The Year!

All right…we aren't super late with this one here, but the competition is much more hellish. Please support PSYOPUS and go to the website and cast a vote for their Top Metal Album Of 2007!

And if you're in the super giving mood, another great way to support the band is by putting one of our tracks up on your myspace profile.

Well…we've met some of the most insane artists here on MySpace and with this in mind, we are looking to reach out to these freaks of nature and see what they can come up with for some future PSYOPUS t-shirts. If you think you can pull off some crazy sh*t for us, we'd love to see it.
Here's the situation.
- we can use up to 9 colors on the shirt. The more, the merrier.
- it can either be with our standard -PSYOPUS- logo or a logo you have created yourself
- either message our MySpace ( ) with the picture or e-mail it to us @

- send us the price you would like for the design so we can consider it when choosing what designs to work with. Remember, we're grind musicians…not the type of artists that can afford bling.
- make sure you include all of the adequate contact information.

In other news, I just saved a sh*t load of money changing my auto insurance to Geico.

MACHINEMADE GOD announce new bass player & launch new website

For those who were wondering why we were playing with a stand-in bassplayer the last months: After his marriage, Sven figured that he had to focus more on his job and family life and that he couldn´t spend enough time with and for the band.

Within the last months our stand-in David Dattler did an outstanding job. He also turned out to fit perfectly in the band and became a really good friend for all of us.
When Sven told us his decision, we knew that there could be only one person to join the band full-time.

We wanna thank Sven for all the good times we had over the last four years and we all wish him the best for his future life and family! We also want to thank David for jumping in and officially welcome him as our new bassplayer.

Besides that we have launched our new website. Visit and take a look!

FALCONER to work on new album

Swedish metallers FALCONER have entered KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios in Gothenburg to begin recording their sixth album for a fall 2008 release via Metal Blade Records.

FALCONER guitarist Stefan Weinerhall previously stated about the upcoming CD. "The lyrics will all be about Swedish medieval life and episodes. Not a concept album really but still something in that direction. What I decided early on what that it wouldn't become "Northwind Pt. 2". "Northwind" is as good as it can be, therefore we'll make things a tad different this time."

BRAIN DRILL releases track listing & album art

Santa Cruz, CA's very own death metal masters BRAIN DRILL have just announced the track listing for their Metal Blade debut, "Apocalyptic Feasting"! The band has also released the artwork for their February release and did a complete overhaul of their MySpace page ( ) Check out the band's MySpace page HERE.

"Apocalyptic Feasting" will be unleashed on February 22nd (G/A/CH/I) / February 25th (Europe)!

Track listing for "Apocalyptic Feasting":
1. Gorification
2. The Parasites
3. Apocalyptic Feasting
4. Swine Slaughter
5. Forcefed Human Sh*t
6. Consumed by the Dead
7. Revelation
8. Bury the Living
9. The Depths of Darkness
10. Sadistic Abductive

AS I LAY DYING - Launch fan community / Grammy nomination

AS I LAY DYING proudly launches its first official fan community, THE FORSAKEN! For less than the cost of your average t-shirt, members of THE FORSAKEN will receive an exclusive t-shirt (a choice of two designs), a button, a sticker, automatic entry into contests, monthly give-aways (from autographed merchandise to equipment used by the band!) and access to an exclusive website with online band chats, band blogs, a forum, and exclusive media. All for $19.99 (plus S&H)!

The Forsaken provides an organized way for AS I LAY DYING to stay in touch and give back to all their loyal fans! Check out the shirt designs and site here:

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce AS I LAY DYING's Grammy Nomination for BEST METAL PERFORMANCE for "Nothing Left," the first single from their newest release, "An Ocean Between Us".

"I thought someone was pulling my leg when I first heard that we're nominated for a Grammy this year," says vocalist, Tim Lambesis. "I'm completely honored! Who would have thought you could play metal and still make your parents this proud? Now I'll have to go out and rent a tux to wear for the third time in my life. I knew I should have just bought one the first time…"

AMON AMARTH gone gold in Canada

AMON AMARTH's "Wrath of the Norsemen" DVD, which was released just a mere 4 months ago, has officially gone gold in Canada, being the 2nd international territory the DVD has been released in.

"We want to thank Metal Blade Records, and especially Michael Trengert (Germany office), for making this DVD happen. We also want to thank our friends "Die Jomswikinger", our crew, and the Roax film team for an excellent job. Last but not least we want to thank all our Canadian fans who have supported us and bought the DVD. You kick ass Canada and we will see you very soon!"

In other news AMON AMARTH have been confirmed for next years ROCK HARZ OPEN AIR, taking place from June 17th - 19th 2008 in Osterode / Germany. This will mark the one and only open air show of the band in Germany in 2008!

Head to too see what it's like in the day in the life of AMON AMARTH on the road in the US! See their tour bus, beer horns, and more! Check out the band's official profile on for more pictures/videos/etc. The band is currently on the road with HIMSA and SONIC SYNDICATE.


MTV2 Headbangers Ball has made a list of the top metal videos where you can vote for each clip! Of course there are many Metal Blade artists mentioned!

Click here (and then on the VOTE-button) to vote for them!

AMON AMARTH - "Cry Of The Black Birds"
AS I LAY DYING - "Nothing Left"
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - "What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse"
EVERGREEN TERRACE - "Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton"
GOATWHORE - "Forever Consumed Oblivion"
JOB FOR A COWBOY - "Embedded"
SIX FEET UNDER - "Doomsday"
THE RED CHORD - "Dread Prevailed"
UNEARTH - "This Glorious Nightmare"

WARBRINGER - Post new video report online; shoot video for "Combat Shock"

LA thrashers WARBRINGER recently stopped by the American Century Media office and issued the following video report. Click on the link below to see what the band has to say about their biggest influences, recording with the renowned Bill Metoyer (Slayer, D.R.I. and Sacred Reich) and touring with the legendary Exodus. Also, the clip contains scenes filmed during the band's mini-gig at the Century Media warehouse, so check it out & get thrashed!

The group's much anticipated new effort, "War Without End", will be released on February 28th, 2008 and guarantees a delicious Thrash Metal feast passionately reviving the sound of Baloff-era Exodus, Slayer's "Hell Awaits", and Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill" for the 21st century in a strikingly inspired fashion.

WARBRINGER also shot their first promotional video over the weekend for the track, "Combat Shock," with acclaimed director Dan Dobi (Cannibal Corpse). The video is a brutally intense performance based clip that perfectly showcases the band's unrelenting live energy. Look for it to make its debut online early next year.

More info regarding WARBRINGER can be obtained at:

SUICIDE SILENCE - "The Cleansing" release date and on tour with Parkway Drive and Bury Your Dead

SUICIDE SILENCE's amazing album "The Cleansing" will finally hit Europe February 18th! Upon the US release of the album SUICIDE SILENCE made a huge statement to the metal world by entering the US Billboard Top 200 chart at #94, which marks the highest debut ever for a new Century Media artist.

SUICIDE SILENCE adheres to no preconceived notions and refuses to be pigeonholed into any specific genre. Their music clearly represents their many influences, incorporating a savage mix of death metal, grindcore, black metal, hardcore and doom elements into each track. The songs are dynamic and crushing, shifting effortlessly from insane grind chaos into surgically precise, disorienting time signatures topped off with snail-paced grooves and destructive breakdowns. Check out songs from "The Cleansing" at:

In spring 2007 they entered the studio with John Travis (Kid Rock, Static-X) to record their debut full-length while the renowned Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted) handled mixing duties. Its outstanding artwork was done by the legendary Dave McKean (Sandman comics, classic covers for Machine Head, My Dying Bride, Testament, Fear Factory).

The devastating quintet from Riverside, California separated themselves from the underground through an undying work ethic and undeniable live performance. Not only did the band tour North America relentlessly with the likes of Unearth and Darkest Hour, but also went headlining for Despised Icon, Winds of Plague and Walls Of Jericho as well as simply ruling the UK on their first visit in 2006. Now, it will be time for their first tour all over Europe with Parkway Drive and Bury Your Dead.

Vocalist Mitch Lucker comments:

"We're extremely pleased to be hitting the road once again with our friends in Bury Your Dead. We had a blast touring with them in the states and now it's time to conquer the other side of the world on a great package featuring Parkway Drive as the headliner. We're not really sure what to expect as we'll be playing in many of these markets for the first time, but hopefully the European fans will live up to all the crazy things we've heard about them. See you on the road!"

On tour with Parkway Drive, Bury Your Dead & Shaped By Fate

01.05.2008 (UK) Newport - TJs
02.05.2008 (UK) Nottingham - Rock City
03.05.2008 (UK) Manchester - Academy 3
04.05.2008 (UK) Glasgow - Barfly
05.05.2008 (UK) Yeovil - The Orange Box
06.05.2008 (UK) Sheffield - Corporation
07.05.2008 (UK) London - Underworld

CRYPTOPSY - Makes their triumphant return; announces new members

The genre-defying extreme metal titans, CRYPTOPSY, have triumphantly retuned with a vicious new lineup featuring the additions of vocalist Matt McGachy and keyboards/samplist Maggie Durand. The band will enter the studio mid-December to begin recording their much anticipated sixth full-length album.

Furthermore, CRYPTOPSY will also be touring Mexico, Central and South America for the very first time throughout February and will possibly return to Mexico again in April 2008. Stay tuned to for upcoming tourdates and news.

In 2008, CRYPTOPSY returns to redefine the boundaries of technical extreme metal with an album that is sure to catch the attention of the entire scene.


What fuelled the EARACHE staffers in 2007?

Every member of the EARACHE staff was asked to submit a list of their 5 favorite releases of 2007. Each release was heavily debated over, then whittled down tournament-style into a single release that EARACHE RECORDS is proud to call its favorite album of the year.

See EARACHE's top albums of 2007 by going here:

In 2007, MUNICIPAL WASTE, SSS and EVILE brought the true spirit of thrash into a new age. AKERCOCKE and BLOOD RED THRONE delivered fresh, uncompromising metal of the extreme variety and BRING ME THE HORIZON invaded America in a big way. When all is said and done, it 2007 will have been another banner year for EARACHE. As good of a year '07 was, if you thought this year was huge, just wait till next year...

Missed one of the many great albums released in 2007? You can find them all and more on the EARACHE U.S. Webstore:


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