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Pure Metal News: September 2006

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September 2006 News Part 2

LIQUIDO - Wolfgang signs in!  

Dear friends! 
It´s been a while again since I found time to give you the latest information concerning liquido.There´s many reasons for that, hope you accept them as an excuse. Poor apology, I know...

After quite a lot of shows in summer (when summer was still summer!) I went with my other band CAGES to the studio to record 3 new songs. We were in studio in Düsseldorf, and some of you will know that we recorded there the first 3 liquido-albums. It was great to be back there (the name of the studio is now "Stattwerk"), and the results are just great! More info´s about that on the page

Liquido is playing some more shows this year. Have a look at the upcoming ones. We´re looking especially forward to the show next weekend in 
Portugal. Haven´t been there for quite a while.

As well we are planning our studio-recordings for our 5th regular album. Seems like we´ll be produced by our old friend O.L.A.F. opal.
hopefully we can coordinate our timescedules, for he´ll be working with "the notwist" as well this fall. Our DVD-plans are still only plans, but getting more and more concrete. Both releases, album and DVD, will probably take place early next year.

Privately I went to 
italy last week with cages´ bass-player wolf, and we visited our friends from the great project "Tying Tiffany" in Bologna. Afterwards we continued our escape from bad weather at the Italian adria. A shame it´s over...

Regarding the "underground"-video of flip to play I have to let you know it´s still not finished yet. But it will be soon, I promise!
well, that´s it for now. see you at the shows!


PS: liquido live 2006
03.09.2006 Portugal / Terceira Island - Angrarock
16.09.2006 Bechhofen - Krachus Festival (+ Juli, Massive Töne / ca. 16 Uhr)
16.09.2006 Plauen - Sternquell Fest (+ Die Firma / ca. 22 Uhr)
23.09.2006 Sinsheim - Elsenzhalle
11.10.2006 Chemnitz - Mensa Party
12.10.2006 München - Marienplatz
13.10.2006 A-Liezen - Festival
14.10.2006 A-Hohenems - Event Center

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Condolence to Jesse Pintado!  

Jesse Pintado of Lock Up, Napalm Death and Terrorizer

Nuclear Blast would like to send our most sincere condolences to Jesse Pintado’s family and friends. We’ve lost one of the most important figures in Metal and most important, a great human being. Hope to see you on the other side Jesse!!!! R.I.P

CANDLEMASS  - Album update

Last weekend, supreme Doomheads CANDLEMASS returned to the Stockholm Polar studios to add one song to the forthcoming album. This is what the Swedish slow motion combo had to say: "The brutally heavy 'Of stars and smoke' was put down with ease and in a very releaxed working environment. Since the new album won`t be out until next year, there is no need to rush things and the band can take their time to make it a perfect doom metal album."

Guitar maestro Mappe Björkman also had to add that 'Of stars and smoke' definitely had a vibe of 'Epicus...' around it. It sent fuc*ing chills down my spine'. We expect nothing less than a masterpiece comparable to last year`s reunion album "Candlemass"! 

GOREFEST - Tour update!  

Dutch Death Metal legend GOREFEST have a more than successful festival season behind them where the guys got to promote their latest album "La Muerte" live! "This year's festival season has nearly come to an end. It has been a very fruitful one for us in which we only have grown in strength.

One of the highlights has been the Lowlands festival performance [on August 18 in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands]. The whole Lowlands 2006 gig is recorded, mastered and available for you. Go to Tunetribe and download it for only 99 cents per track," GOREFEST had to report. In addition, the guys will finally get to do a proper tour after several cancellations earlier this year. Together with DARZAMAT, KRISIUN, CATARACT and SIX FEET UNDER, GOREFEST will be part of the X-MAS FESTIVALS 2006! Dont miss out!

Dec. 08 - D - Berlin @ Fritz
Dec. 09 - D - Engeldorf (Leipzig) @ Hellraiser
Dec. 10 - A - Wien @ Planet Music
Dec. 11 - D - Munchen @ Backstage
Dec. 12 - CH - Pratteln @ Z7
Dec. 13 - D - Ludwigsburg @ Rockfabrik
Dec. 14 - D - Frankfurt @ Batchkapp
Dec. 15 - FR - Strasbourg @ La Laiterie
Dec. 16 - BL - Antwerpen @ Hof Ter Loo
Dec. 17 - NL - Tilburg @ 013
Dec. 18 - D - Essen @ Zeche Carl
Dec. 19 - FR - Paris @ La Locomotive

EKTOMORF - Shows in Germany  

A special gift shortly before Christmas: Hungarian moshpit masters EKTOMORF will play three shows in Germany at the end of this year – the dates are as follows:

14.12.2006 MUENCHEN (D) Metropolis **
15.12.2006 ADELSHEIM (D) Live Factory **
16.12.2006 ANROECHTE (D) Last Night On Earth Festival

** with Blinded Colony

"Outcast", the new album of EKTOMORF, will get in stores on October 27th – watch out for another Thrashcore steam hammer!

AMON AMARTH tour update


02.11.2006 (D) FRANKFURT / Batschkapp
03.11.2006 (D) OSNABRÜCK-GEORGSMARIENHÜTTE / Eventcenter B 51
04.11.2006 (D) LICHTENFELS / Stadthalle
05.11.2006 (I) MILAN / Alcatraz
06.11.2006 (CH) PRATTELN / Z 7
08.11.2006 (HR) ZAGREB / Boogaloo
09.11.2006 (SLO) LJUBLJANA / VPK
10.11.2006 (A) LINZ / Posthof
11.11.2006 (A) WIEN / Planet Music
12.11.2006 (H) BUDAPEST / Wigwam
14.11.2006 (PL) WROCLAW / WZ
15.11.2006 (D) BERLIN / Columbia Club
16.11.2006 (D) HALLE / Easy Schorre
17.11.2006 (D) ERFURT / Club Centrum
18.11.2006 (D) KAUFBEUREN / All Kart Halle
19.11.2006 (D) STUTTGART / LKA
20.11.2006 (F) PARIS / Elysee Montmartre
22.11.2006 (GB) BRADFORD / Rio
23.11.2006 (GB) LONDON / Scala (new venue!)
24.11.2006 (B) ANTWERP / Hof Ter Lo
25.11.2006 (NL) WEERT / Bosuil
26.11.2006 (D) BOCHUM / Zeche
28.11.2006 (D) KÖLN / Live Music Hall
29.11.2006 (D) HAMBURG / Markthalle
30.11.2006 (S) GÖTEBORG / Sticky Fingers
01.12.2006 (N) OSLO / Garage
02.12.2006 (S) STOCKHOLM / Klubben

Ticket-Hotline METALTIX (only Germany)

04627/18 38 38 -

booking: Continental Records
 Release Parties AMON AMARTH

08.09.2006 Göteborg (Sweden) Belsepub

15.09.2006 Berlin Lime Club

Leipzig Hellraiser

Innsbruck (Austria) Abyss Bar

16.09.2006 München Titanic

Nürnberg Rockfabrik

Hildesheim Rockclub

18.09.2006 Arnheim (Holland) Goudvishal

19.09.2006 Oldenburg Amadeus

20.09.2006 Darmstadt Steinbruch

21.09.2006 Karlsruhe Katakombe

22.09.2006 Ingolstadt Rockclub U2

Athen (Greece) Reunion Club

23.09.2006 Bochum Matrix

Stuttgart Prag

Berlin K17

Lübeck Movement

Hannover SOMA

Saarbrücken Garage

Petzenkirchen (Austria) Loch Ness

Wien (Austria) Escape

Thessaloniki (Greece) Rock Bottom Echodroma

Eindhoven (Holland) Dynamo Café

Rotterdam (Holland) Baroeg


Massive UK tour - Enslaved / Zyklon / 1349 / Insomnium


Four of the most elite bands in extreme metal are making their way to the UK and Ireland this week. Make sure not to miss the tour of the year:

05 - (IRL) Dublin, The Village
07 - (UK) Colchester, Arts Centre

08 - (UK) Sheffield, Corporation

09 - (UK) Glasgow, The Garage

10 - (UK) Manchester, Academy 2

11 - (UK) Birmingham, Carling Academy

12 - (UK) London, Mean Fiddler


Candlelight bands' Tour Dates


13 - (
UK) London, Underworld

with Enslaved / Zyklon / 1349
05 - (IRL) Dublin, The Village
07 - (UK) Colchester, Arts Centre
08 - (UK) Sheffield, Corporation
09 - (UK) Glasgow, The Garage
10 - (UK) Manchester, Academy 2
11 - (UK) Birmingham, Carling Academy
12 - (UK) London, Mean Fiddler
with Satyricon / Keep of Kalessin
15 - (UK) Birmingham, Academy
16 - (UK) London, Islington
17 - (UK) Manchester, Academy
18 - (UK) Newcastle, Academy
19 - (UK) Glasgow, Cathouse
20 - (UK) Nottingham, Rockcity
21 - (NL) Utrecht, De Helling
22 - (NL) Rotterdam, Baroeg
23 - (NL) Amsterdam, Melkweg
24 - (B) Antwerpen, Hoofetrloo
26 - (F) Paris, Locomotive
27 - (E) Barcelona, KGB
28 - (E) Madrid, Caracol
29 - (E) Bilbao, Bilbaorock
30 - (F) Lyon, CCO
with Satyricon / Keep Of Kalessin
01 - (CH) Fribourg, Frison
03 - (I) Milan, Alcatraz
04 - (SLO) Ljubljana, VPK Mediapark
05 - (HR) Zagreb, Boogaloo
06 - (H) Budapest, A 38
07 - (A) Wien, Planet Music
08 - (CZ) Prague, Abarton
10 - (POL) Wroclaw, WZ Club
11 - (POL) Warsaw, Proxima Club
12 - (D) Berlin, Kato
13 - (D) Saarbrucken, Garage
14 - (D) Munich, Kleine Elserhalle
15 - (D) Stuttgart, Röhre

with Enslaved / 1349 / Keep Of Kalessin
05 - (IRL) Dublin, The Village
07 - (UK) Colchester, Arts Centre
08 - (UK) Sheffield, Corporation
09 - (UK) Glasgow, The Garage
10 - (UK) Manchester, Academy 2
11 - (UK) Birmingham, Carling Academy
12 - (UK) London, Mean Fiddler
16 - (N) Tønsberg, Hammerslang Festivalen

07 - (D) Notodden, Motstoy Festival
28 - (UK) London, Astoria  

with Anathema
12 - (
UK) Glasgow, Cathouse
13 - (
UK) Manchester, Academy 3
14 - (
UK) London, Scala

12 - (UK) Nottingham, Rock City
13 - (UK) London, The Underworld
14 - (UK) Bradford, Rio's
15 - (UK) Glasgow, Cathouse
16 - (UK) Dudley, JB's 

with Suicide Silence / Eternal Lord
03 - (UK) Oxford, Zodiac
05 - (UK) Peterborough, Met Lounge
06 - (UK) Swindon, The Furnace
07 - (UK) Leeds, Joseph's Well
08 - (UK) Glasgow, Cathouse
09 - (UK) Edinburgh, Subway
10 - (UK) Birmingham, Edward's No.8
11 - (UK) Colchester, The Twist
12 - (UK) Worcester, Evolution
13 - (UK) Bournemouth, Opera House
15 - (UK) London, The Underworld 
with Bring Me The Horizon
19 - (UK) Liverpool, Barfly
22 - (UK) Aberdeen, Kef
23 - (UK) Glasgow, Barfly
24 - (UK) Edinburgh, Studio 24
25 - (UK) Birmingham, Barfly
28 - (UK) Reading, Face Bar
29 - (UK) Liverpool, Barfly
31 - (UK) London, Mean Fiddler (Special Halloween Show)
01 - (UK) Brighton, Concorde 2
02 - (UK) Norwich, Waterfront
03 - (UK) Nottingham, Junktion 7
04 - (UK) Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
05 - (UK) Manchester, The Music Box
06 - (UK) Banbury, Confessions
07 - (UK) Colchester, The Twist
08 - (UK) Bournemouth, Opera House
09 - (UK) Exeter, The Cavern
10 - (UK) Yeovil, Ski Lodge
11 - (UK) Newport, Tj's
12 - (UK) Bristol, The Croft
13 - (UK) Luton, Luton Uni
14 - (UK) Sheffield, Corporation
18 - (UK) Newcastle, Newcastle Uni
19 - (UK) Middlesbrough, Liberties 

04 - (IRE) Cork, An Cruiscin Lan
05 - (IRE) Dublin, The Village
07 - (UK) Colchester, Arts Centre
08 - (UK) Sheffield, Corporation
09 - (UK) Glasgow, The Garage
10 - (UK) Manchester, Academy 2

12 - (USA) Springfield (VA), Jaxx Nite Club
13 - (USA) Springfield (VA), Jaxx Nite Club
14 - (USA) New York (NY), BB King Blues Club
15 - (USA) New York (NY), BB King Blues Club
16 - (CAN) Montreal (QC), Le Medley
18 - (USA) Pittsburgh (PA), Rex Theatre
20 - (USA) Cleveland (OH), House Of Blues
22 - (USA) Detroit (MI), Harpos
23 - (USA) Chicago (IL), Vic Theatre
24 - (USA) Minneapolis (MN), First Avenue
25 - (USA) Winnipeg (MB), Royal Albert Hotel
27 - (USA) Calgary (AB), Warehouse
28 - (USA) Edmonton (AB), Starlite Room
30 - (USA) Victoria (BC), Sugar Nightclub
01 - (USA) Seattle (WA), El Corazon
02 - (USA) Portland (OR), Roseland Theatre
03 - (USA) Fillmore (CA), San Francisco
04 - (USA) Safari Sams (CA), Hollywood (headline!)
06 - (MEX) Rodeo Cafe, Toluca
07 - (MEX) Herta del Stic, San Luis Potosi
08 - (MEX) Circo Volador, Mexico City


NEAERA support Kataklysm in Europe!


"The Road To Devastation" tour 2007

KATAKLYSM w/ Neaera, Fear My Thoughts, Quo Vadis

Thursday 04-01 Holland @ Goudvishal, Arnhem
Friday 05-01 Belgium @ Biebob,Vosselaar
Saturday 06-01 Germany@ Muzik Zentrum, Hannover
Sunday 07-01 Germany @ Roxy, Flensburg
Monday 08-01 Germany @ Zeche Karl, Essen
Tuesday 09-01 Germany @ K17 ,Berlin
Wednesday10-01 Denmark @Stengade ,Copenhagen
Thursday 11-01 Germany @ Hellraiser ,Engelsdorf
Friday 12-01 Germany @ F Haus, Jena
Saturday 13-01 Germany @ Backstage, Munich
Sunday 14-01 Hungary @ Kultiplex, Budapest
Monday 15-01 Czech rep. @ Back Pez ,Prague
Tuesday 16-01 Croatia @ Boogaloo ,Zagreb
Wednesday17-01 Slovenia @ tba, Ljubliana
Thursday 18-01 Germany @ Live factory, Adelsheim
Friday 19-01 Germany @ Substage ,Karlsruhe
Saturday 20-01 Suisse @ Transilvania ,Live Erstfelt
Sunday 21-01 Germany @ Bachstapp ,Frankfurt
Monday 22-01 Germany @ Bastard Club ,Osnabruck
Wednesday 23-01 Italy @ tba ,Milano
Thursday 24-01 Italy @ Bunker ,Bolzano
Friday 25-01 Austria @ Rockhouse ,Salzburg
Saturday 26-01 Austria @ Planet Music ,Vienna


SYMPHORCE - "Number 6" in the making!

"Time runs fast and after we received tons of e-mails from fans all over the planet, we’re happy to let you know, that we started working extremely hard on our new (sixth) effort about three weeks ago. Together with Dennis Ward we will start recording the new stuff in November at the House of Music studios. Never change a winning team!

The album will be entitled "Become Death" and it seems like this is going to be the hardest and probably heaviest output ever. For the first time in Symphorce history, Thomas Ewerhard will be responsible for the cover artwork. The release of the new stuff is already scheduled for February / March 2007. So stay tuned, as the `phorce is ready to strike again!" (Andy of Symphorce)

On another note SYMPHORCE had a line-up change. The new drummer is Steffen Theurer (ex-Chinchilla)


THIS ENDING entered the studio!

"On Monday August 28th we entered studio Off Beat and started recording our first full length album. 10 songs are being recorded and so far we finished the drums, all according to the schedule. Next up is finding a really heavy guitar sound and starting adding some more doomsday atmosphere to the songs. Stay sick!" This Ending

Follow the studio report on

For more information


DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - Chart entry in Germany 

Reitermania over Germany! DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER (="The Apocalyptic Riders") shoot forward and conquered # 31 of the German Media Control Charts with their new album "Riders On The Storm". This is the highest chart entry of the band EVER!

Congratulations towards

SONATA ARCTICA - DVD certifield gold in Finland 

SONATA ARCTICA's live DVD, "For the Sake of Revenge", has been certified gold in the band's home country for sales in excess of 5,000 copies. The set entered the Finnish Music DVD chart at position No. 1 back in June. The CD version of "For the Sake of Revenge" landed on the national album chart at No. 26.

"For the sake of Revenge" was recorded at Shibuya AX in
Tokyo, Japan on February 5, 2005 and was mixed by Pasi Kauppinen at Studio57. The mastering duties were handled by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers.

As previously reported, "Reckoning Night" (2004, Nuclear Blast) — the latest album from the SONATA ARCTICA — has been certified gold in
Finland for sales in excess of 15,000 copies. SONATA ARCTICA had previously achieved the same feat with their third album, "Winterheart's Guild".

SONATA ARCTICA completed a number of European dates with German hard rock singer Doro Pesch (ex-WARLOCK) earlier in the year.


ALL SHALL PERISH - Video to premiere on MTV2

ALL SHALL PERISH's video for "Eradication," a track off their recently released sophomore album, The Price Of Existence, will debut on MTV2's Headbangers Ball this Saturday, September 9th at 7 p.m. PACIFIC / 10 p.m. EASTERN.

Praised by Metal Maniacs for their "speedy, wide-eyed NYDM brutality, murderous breakdowns, subterranean bass meanderings and feverish melodic swells," The Price Of Existence marked the debut of ALL SHALL PERISH's new lead singer Hernan "Eddie" Hermida and new lead guitarist Chris Storey.

The Oakland-based melodic hard-/ deathcore metal band are currently on the last leg of their tour with Suicide Silence, Too Pure To Die, and Light This City. Remaining shows can be viewed at this location!

To view the ALL SHALL PERISH e-card, visit the following link!



HYPOCRISY - Guitarist quits 
 Peter Tägtgren, frontman of legendary Swedish Death Metallers HYPOCRISY, has tuned in on the band`s official website to reveal some surprising news: "We're getting ready to go to the USA and Canada soon and are looking forward to meeting all the people again and also to tour with Fear Factory again, the last time was 14 years ago…..swooooshhh … time flies.We will have a stand in guitarist for this tour, Klas Ideberg from Darkane.

Andreas Holma decided to quit the band because: "i'm not motivated anymore and want to concentrate on my own project and don't wanna tour anymore" See you all out there!" HYPOCRISY will tour to promote their latest album, "Virus".


BLIND GUARDIAN - AOL live appearance 

BLIND GUARDIAN did a special Live appearance at the internet major AOL for their 'live Sessions'. You can listen and download the exclusive show at this location!. Enjoy BLIND GUARDIAN performing classics like 'The Bard’s Song', 'A Past And Future Secret', 'Harvest Of Sorrow' or their new track 'Skalds and Shadows'.


Deluxe re-Issue of "Doomsday For The Deceiver"

Metal Blade Records is proud to re-issue one of THE classic albums of it´s catalogue – 20 years of FLOTSAM AND JETSAMs mighty "Doomsday For The Deceiver"! A good time to celebrate this great album and re-issue it in a proper way! The album will be re-issued as a 3-disc-set - 2 CDs and 1 DVD! It includes the original version, a remastered version, demo tracks and a nice DVD. Furthermore liner notes by original bassist Jason Newsted (of METALLICA fame). Packaging will be nice as well – high quality as usual
This 3-disc package will be released the 3rd of November (G/A/S) / 6th of November (Europe)

Here´s the tracklisting:

DISC 1 (Doomsday For The Deceiver original Edition)

1. Hammerhead

2. Iron Tears

3. Desecrator

4. Fade to Black

5. Doomsday for the Deceiver

6. Metalshock

7. She Took an Axe

8. U.L.S.W

9. Der Fuhrer

10. Flotzilla

Bonus Tracks: Iron Tears Demo

11. Iron Tears

12. I Live You Die

DISC 2 (Doomsday For The Deceiver Re-Mixed /Re-Mastered)

1. Hammerhead

2. Iron Tears

3. Desecrator

4. Fade to Black

5. Doomsday for the Deceiver

6. Metalshock

7. She Took an Axe

8. U.L.S.W

9. Der Fuhrer

10. Flotzilla

Bonus Tracks: >From 1985’s Metal Shock

1. Hammerhead

2. The Evil Sheikh

3. I Live You Die

4. The Beast Within
 DISC 3 (DVD / Video)

The Early Years

Interview Part I – 1983-84

Iron Tears – Live at Palace West, New Years 1984

Interview Part 2 – 1983-84

Hammerhead – Live in Jason’s apartement 1985

She Took an Axe – Live at the Pony Express 1985

Live at Bootleggers 1985

1. Iron Tears

2. Fade to Black

3. Metal Shock

4. She Took an Axe

5. Children of the Knight – Unreleased!

6. The Executioner – Unreleased!

7. Those Who Defy – Unreleased!

8. On the Attack – Unreleased!

9. I Live You Die

10. Hammerhead

11. The Beast Within


Paradise Lost – Announce worldwide signing to Century Media records

Gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST and Century Media Records are proud to announce the band’s worldwide signing to the record label. In a career that has spanned over 17 years, PARADISE LOST have sold a staggering two million albums worldwide.
European Label Manager Antje Lange commented on the signing, "We feel very honoured to welcome Paradise Lost to The Century Family. Paradise Lost are an extremely influential band with the creative potential for a very bright future. As their new record label, we look forward to working to expand their global fan base."

After reviewing several offers, PARADISE LOST chose to sign to Century Media worldwide. Vocalist Nick Holmes states, "It’s great to be on a label with so many metal bands and such a heritage. This worldwide deal will give us a chance to have a crack at the U.S."

GUN/Sony/BMG in Europe and Abacus Recordings in the U.K. and the U.S released the band’s last album "Paradise Lost". Century Media Records will be re-releasing the album in the U.K. and U.S. 

Currently in pre-production with producer Rhys Fulber for their as of yet unnamed 11th album, the band will embark on a U.K. tour with Opeth in November. After the live dates, the band is planning to record their new album in Bradford, Lincolnshire and Canada in late November/December with a release tentatively scheduled for spring 2007.


25.08.2006 Sweden Molle 1 Malmö Festival

on tour with Opeth:

05.11.2006 UK Pyramid Portsmouth

06.11.2006 UK ABC Glasgow

07.11.2006 UK Rock City Nottingham

08.11.2006 UK Academy Birmingham

09.11.2006 UK Roundhouse London

10.11.2006 UK Academy Manchester

11.11.2006 UK Great Hall Exeter


Wolf – New track on line

"I Will Kill Again", a burning hot track of purest heavy metal taken off WOLF’s upcoming album "The Black Flame" which is due to be released in the UK in January 2007, can now be streamed at the band’s official Century Media Artist page HERE.
The follow-up to 2004's "Evil Star" will be the first album to feature new drummer Tobias R. Kellgren and long-time session/live guitarist Johannes Losbäck alongside founding members Niklas Stålvind (vocals, lead guitar) and Mikael Goding (bass).

The cover artwork has been created by legendary artist Thomas Holm (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, WOLF's "Black Wings"). WOLF: "You can all expect a cover that matches the eerie sound of the new album 100%. No swords and dragons and sh*t. Just pure metal terror." Check out the new song and you will know that WOLF live up to that claim musically, too!


Akercocke – Video shot in Soho strip club
 Progressive Death Metallers Akercocke have dived straight into new territory and filmed the video for the song ‘Intractable’ in an exclusive gentleman’s club in the depths of London’s Soho district. The idea for the video, shot by UK production company Multiplicity was developed from a storyboard drawn up by the band’s drummer David Gray
 Taken from 2005’s ‘Words That Go Unspoken’ release, the video for ‘Intractable’ will feature an explosive performance from Akercocke in a club within the heart of London’s infamous Soho district. Fans can expect to see Akercocke blasting away to the audience, surrounded by the expected x-rated entertainment typical of Soho’s more ‘adult’ locale.

‘Intractable’ is expected to hit screens before the end of September but as ever the first place to see it will be on, stills from this week’s shoot can be seen online here at and


Turisas confirmed for support on Lordi tour



October 2006

Thurs 26th – Nottingham Rock City

Fri 27th – Birmingham Academy

Sun 29th – Manchester Academy

Mon 30th – Glasgow Garage

Tues 31st – London Forum


Deicide's "Stench of Redemption" hits world-wide charts

Deicide’s blistering new release ‘The Stench Of Redemption’ has not only silenced critics the world over, but has now firmly made its mark on worldwide music charts, storming into German, USA and UK album charts in it’s first week. Check out the links below for the full chart placings.

Number 84 - Germany Top 100 Albums

Number 14 - UK Rock Albums Chart

Number 11 - USA Billboard Top New Artist

Number 21 - USA Billboard Top Independent Artist

Number 22 - USA Billboard Top Internet Artist

On the back of this amazing success, Deicide will embark on a tour of North America in October and November, which is sure to be an unmissable, all-out death metal assault. You can catch the band on the following dates:
October 2006

14 Huntington, WV @ The Monkeybar

15 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

17 Farmingdale, NY @ The Crazy Donkey

18 Buffalo, NY @ The Icon

19 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's

20 Brooklyn, NY @ North Six

21 TBA

22 Hartford, CT @ The Webster Theatre

23 Boston, Mass. @ The Middle East

24 Quebec City, QC @ L'Anti

25 Montreal, QC @ Foufones Electriques

26 Toronto, ON @ Big Bop

27 Toledo, OH @ Club Bijou

28 TBA

29 Chicago, IL @ Logan Square Auditorium

31 TBA

November 2006

1 Topeka, KS The Static Bar


3 Aurora, CO @ Hubbas

4 Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA

5 Las Vegas, NV @ TBA

7 Sacramento, CA @ The Kennel Club

8 Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theatre

9 Riverside, CA @ TBA

10 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA

11 Scottsdale, AZ @ Venue of Scottsdale

12 El Paso, TX @ Chics

18 San Jose, Costa Rica @ Salsa 54

19 Mexico City, MX @ Circo Volador


Banned Deicide video to hit US MTV

The video for Deicide’s track ‘Homage For Satan’, banned in the UK by music station Scuzz TV looks set to air on US MTV this weekend. The track, taken from the critically acclaimed album ‘The Stench of Redemption’ released earlier this month will make its debut on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball in the US on Saturday September 2nd 2006.


The show, hosted by MTV’s Jamey Jasta airs at 10pm ET in the US and features special guests Hatebreed to add to the hard rock frenzy.


Be sure to tune in to catch a glimpse of Deicide and their satanic death metal mastery on Saturday. In the meantime, if you can’t wait till then, you can check out the video on YouTube here


Firewind are confirmed to support Dragonforce on European tour
FIREWIND – Chart update / UK dates added!

The new album "Allegiance" of Greece’s leading Power Metal act FIREWIND can easily be described as their most successful work to date. The album climbed up to position # 10 in the official Greek album charts as highest entry: Gus G. comments:"Thanks to all the crazy Greek metalheads for their never ending support.

You guys put up our album up there on the Top 10 showing the world that Heavy Metal will always be strong and present! At the same time we're reaching a new peak in our career with this.

A big Thank You to everyone @ Century Media Records and EMI Greece for doing a great job on our album, you guys rule!!"

Being already confirmed as support act for the continental European tour of Dragonforce, FIREWIND are now as well officially confirmed to open up the shows in the UK (with All That Remains in the middle position). Gus G adds:

"This will mark our 3rd and most deadly UK visit. We're really looking forward to our first full UK tour, supporting the mighty DragonForce! Hail to England!"


Wed Nov. 29 - UK, Folkestone - Leas Cliff Hall

Thu Nov. 30 - UK, Southampton - Guildhall

Fri Dec. 01 - UK, Leeds - University

Sat Dec. 02 - UK, Nottingham - Rock City

Mon Dec. 04 - UK, Cardiff - University Students Union

Tue Dec. 05 - UK, Birmingham - Academy

Thu Dec. 07 - UK, Sheffield - Octagon

Fri Dec. 08 - UK, Manchester - Academy

Sat Dec. 09 - UK, Glasgow - Barrowlands

Mon Dec. 11 - UK, Norwich - UEA

Tue Dec. 12 - UK, Bristol - Academy

Wed Dec. 13 - UK, London Astoria

Thu Dec. 14 - UK, London Astoria
 To check all coming live dates for FIREWIND, please click on
Do not miss the FIREWIND e-card containing a full (!) album online stream and a lot more:


AVA INFERI in writing mode

AVA INFERI are currently working on their upcoming album "The Silhouette".

An album we look much forward to, after their overwhelming debut "Burdens".

While not always understood in full, "Burdens" did bring about many emotions. For "The Silhouette" AVA INFERI decided to walk a different and more direct path.

AVA INFERI say "8 months have gone by since our debut "Burdens" was released. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who bought the album; we really appreciate your support!

Being a debut band is always difficult. And considering the present "overcrowded" music scene, it takes a lot of will, talent and energy to really get somewhere these days. We are fit to continue the fight!

With this said, we inform you that we are already in the writing process of our 2nd album for Season of Mist, namely "The Silhouette". We enter the studio in January next year (2007), if everything goes according plan. Some keywords: shorter songs, more vocally focused, wickedness and melancholia, and not to forget our share of heaviness and diversity."

Be alert for live shows and tours in the nearby future. Check out AVA INFERI at and



The members of THE OLD DEAD TREE are happy to introduce their new guitarist Gilles Moinet (LUX INCERTA). Gilles joined the band last July, and quickly found his place. "Gilles has a deep sense of melody and brings the band new influences that foretell an even richer and more varied music than before.

His will to come forward and his involvement in THE OLD DEAD TREE give us the highest hopes regarding our forthcoming third album", comments frontman Manuel Munoz.

Gilles is to debut on stage with the band next September 23rd in Geneva (CH), then in Lyon (FR) the next day.



Regarding the last events that happened with Mayhem’s recent shows, singer Attila Csihar decided to react. Here is his whole speech:

A Fa*cist-Religious Government in Europe hides behind its Democratic Facade!

Some time ago, MAYHEM was set to play in POLAND. And we were very excited to deliver a great show to our Polish fans! The Polish government didn't warn us of any requirements, rules or guidelines in advance. So, thinking that all the details were taken care of, we set out with all our equipment and our entire stage set. One day before the show however we were informed that the Polish government had banned us from playing the country! And without any official statement or explanation!

When we looked into the situation, we saw that many Polish newspapers claimed that this action was merely based in politics as it was close to the next Polish elections. It seems that politics and religion are very strongly interlocked in the country. Could this be a new form of religious dictatorship and inquisition?

Needless to say, this caused a huge existential and financial loss for the band and our promoters. Not to mention a huge theft to the hundreds of fans who had bought tickets in advance.

How much longer do we have to suffer from these false, distorted, sick, politically religious regimes and dictatorships? How can a simple metal band be deemed a serious danger for the government and its citizens? It shows the weakness in Poland "democracy".

I grew up in an ex-communist country just like Poland. And I remember how the official history had "changed" from one day to the next. I remember the chaos and confusion this caused in the school system and realised this during my final high school exams in 1988.

This world is totally fuc*ed up and hypnotised! And we are all suffering from a lifetime of lies! I know that my Polish friends can understand and relate to what I am saying. I recently heard from the Hungarian metal band Sear Bliss that their show in Poland was raided by armed police-commandos in ski-masks only moments before show time!

Someone must take a stand. Our only weapons are musical instruments yet they reply to us with machine guns! I am not afraid of priests and politics! How far will this go? Where has the freedom of speech, art and religion gone?

Maybe it is in the a** of their pope? I would like to tell the Minister of Poland and his government to kiss all of our a**es and fu*k off!


Undead Vocalist of MAYHEM.


Season of Mist upcoming live dates


08 Sep 06 Sains-En-Gohelle (62) (FR) Halle des Sports

09 Sep 06 Raismes (FR) Raismesfest

22 Sep 06 Genve (CH) L'Usine de Genve - Transit Fest

23 Sep 06 Joeuf (54) (FR) Salle Curel (+ X-Vision)

24 Sep 06 Lyon (69) (FR) CCO (+ The Old Dead Tree + Kemet)

28 Sep 06 Yverdon (CH) Amalgame

30 Sep 06 Kolding (DK) Godzzfest (+Volbeat + 25 Ta Life, ...)

06 Oct 06 Bourg En Bresse (01) (FR) La Tannerie (+ Flesh 77)

07 Oct 06 Magny les Hameaux (78) (FR) L'Estaminet (+ Kaizen + Omerta)

21 Oct 06 Beauvais (60) (FR) L'ouvre boite

25 Oct 06 Chaumont (52) (FR) Centre culturel (+ Zuul FX)

27 Oct 06 Arnhem (NL) Willemeen (+ Demia)

01 Nov 06 Saarbruecken (DE) Stoneage (+ Dry Kill Logic)

03 Nov 06 Cognac (16) (FR) Les Abattoirs (+ Black Bomb A)

04 Nov 06 Bordeaux (33) (FR) Thtre Barbey (+Punish Yourself)

11 Nov 06 La Roche s/ Yon (85) (FR) Le Fuzz'Yon

17 Nov 06 Nantes (44) (FR) Olympic (+ Black Bomb A)

18 Nov 06 Savigny le Temple (77) (FR) l'Empreinte (+ Kaizen)

24 Nov 06 Auch (32) (FR) Le Cri'Art

25 Nov 06 Agen (47) (FR) Le Florida

08 Dec 06 Paris (75) (FR) Elyse Montmartre

09 Dec 06 Nancy (54) (FR) MJC du Haut du Livre

15 Dec 06 Le Thor (84) (FR) Auditorium

16 Dec 06 Tarbes (65) (FR) La Gespe



16 Sep 06 Nijmegen (NL) Staddijk

09 Dec 06 Arnhem (NL) Musis Sacrum - Arnhem Metal Meeting

17 Feb 07 Oostende (BE) Memento Mori Metal Fest

23 Sep 06 Genve (CH) l'Usine (Transit fest)

24 Sep 06 Lyon (69) (FR) CCO (+ Dagoba + Kemet)


06 Oct 06 Notodden (NO) Motsty festival

07 Oct 06 Oslo (NO) Amplifier

12 Oct 06 Nottingham (GB) Rock City (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)

13 Oct 06 London (GB) Camden Underworld (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)

14 Oct 06 Bradford (GB) Rio (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)

15 Oct 06 Glasgow (GB) Cathouse (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)

16 Oct 06 Dudley (GB) JB's (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)



Ferret have started a Youtube page so our videos load up faster for you all:


Misery Signals competition

Ferret Music and To Die For Clothing are giving you the chance to spend the rest of the year on stage with MISERY SIGNALS...well, kind of.
In celebration of the release of "MIRRORS" and the upcoming Radio Rebellion Tour in the USA and a European tour in December, the band will be making a backdrop compromised of headshots from you...their fans.

All you need to do is send a 4²x6² headshot (300dpi) to
 In the email, make sure to put the following info in addition to attaching your photo:






One random winner from the Radio Rebellion entries will WIN a sweet Sony Digital Camera along with some Misery Signals, To Die For and Ferret goodies. In the meantime, send in your picture and buy the new Misery Signals record. Competition ends September 18th.

Darkest Hour + MISERY SIGNALS + Between The Buried and Me

December 2006

9th - MANCHESTER Academy

10th - STOKE Sugar Mill

11th - GLASGOW King Tuts

12th LIVERPOOL Academy

13th YEOVIL Ski Lodge

14th - LONDON Islington Academy

15th - PORTSMOUTH Wedgewood Rooms

16th - OXFORD Zodiac

17th - BIRMINGHAM Academy


MISERY SIGNALS have posted the video for the track "The Failsafe" online. Go



THE BANNER 1999-2006

Yeah, I’m trashed so excuse the misspellings.

The saddest thing I’ve ever had to do is announce that The Banner is no more.

After 7 years of playing, writing and recording I've decided its best for the band to simply put it to bed.

Some of the members have decided that the fulltime touring lifestyle just isn’t for them and I can’t blame them.

The Banner has gone through a zillion member changes since it’s inception but the current line-up was what I most felt "The Banner" should be, with perhaps the inclusion of Garrett.

I’d like to thank all the bands we played with especially Folly, Modern Life Is War, GETREAL, Himsa, Death By Stereo, The Breakout, Mermaid In A Manhole, My Chem, The Sleeping, Burn The Tyrant, Senses Fail, Ensign, Shattered Realm and god only knows who else, I’m not thinking too clearly right now as I’m quite sh*tfaced.

I¹m reasonably sure Chris, Mike and Ian are all going back to school and ill be continuing doing the comic books and concentrate on my new band Wolvez.

Anyway again thank you to all the kids and people who have supported us over the years, all the people who have gotten us shows or fed us or let us sleep at their homes on tour.

Thanks to Blackout, Warmachine and Ferret Records for all their help and thanks to our families and girlfriends for putting up with the bullsh*t.

I personally want to thank all the jersey kids who have stuck by us from the beginning, I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know or I could ever tell you with words. Your support was a lot more than I deserved.

Later j*rks.


R.I.P THE BANNER 1999-2006


Steve-O's Metal Show – Deicide present own show

Deicide take over the radio waves, for a 90 min. special show on "Steve-O's metal show"

An hour and a half with Steve Asheim and Glen Benton will air on on Thursday 14th September at 12noon BST (7am EST) and again on Sunday 17th September at 9am BST (4am EST)

Totalrock is one of the foremost rock stations worldwide, playing 24-7 rock on Glen Benton and Steve Asheim visited the London studios in August to jump in at the deep end and present their first ever radio show! Steve Asheim took the chair, and locked himself in a room with some of his favourite meta ...and this is the result!

The show involves Steve Asheim impersonating a stoned Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Glen Benton doing Lemmy, plenty of metal and, of course, the stench of redemption!


Tangaroa to support Ephel Duath on UK tour


Tech-metallers TANGAROA have been announced as support for EPHEL DUATH’s forthcoming tour of the UK, adding to the all-out extreme metal frenzy.

With TANGAROA in tow, EPHEL DUATH will be taking to the road throughout October, playing their own brand of explosive jazz-metal to fans up and down the country. EPHEL DUATH are also set to play a storming set at the Damnation Festival in Manchester on October 15th alongside labelmates BIOMECHANICAL and headliners AKERCOCKE.

The full UK tour dates are as follows:

15/10/06 UK MANCHESTER - Jilly's Rockworld Damnation Festival

16/10/06 UK WOLVERHAMPTON - Little Civic

17/10/06 UK LONDON – Underworld

19/10/06 UK BRADFORD – The Gasworks

20/10/06 UK BOLTON - No.Fifteen

21/10/06 UK RUSHDEN - Attik

22/10/06 UK BOURNEMOUTH - Opera House

23/10/06 UK EXETER - Cavern

24/10/06 UK SOUTHAMPTON - Unit 22

26/10/06 UK MIDDLESBROUGH - The Crown


MACHINE MEN - in recording mode!

The young hopefuls of Finnish metal, MACHINE MEN, have entered the studio to record the follow up to their Century Media Records debut "Elegies" that blew the mind of every melodic metal fan in 2005!

The single "Falling" from the album "Elegies" went straight to the Top Five in Finland and the band successfully toured with Sonata Arctica in Europe (not to mention high profile shows at the big European summer festivals like Wacken, Graspop and Earthshaker).

The new album will be called "The Shadow Gallery", scheduled for a worldwide release through Century Media Records in January 2007.

Vocalist Antony checks in from Fantom Studio (Rotten Sound, Negative) in Tampere, Finland: "We are in the studio since 3 weeks and the songs sound good and very powerful!

And we are in schedule 'cos we can record 24 hours a day if we want. Of course, we also have to sleep sometime ;-). The new album will be heavier and faster than the last one, but still melodic. And a good thing is - all the songs work live very well. Can't wait for the moment when I hear all the songs mixed and the feeling of intoxication after that."

If you want to find out more about MACHINE MEN’s studio work, check out the studio diary on


Bloodstock Festival – Saturday 30th September, Assembly Rooms, Derby


STAMPIN' GROUND: The greatest underdog story of UK metal is back for one final round

After over a decade of treading the boards 'British Steel' veterans STAMPIN'GROUND have released the dates of their last EVER tour.

SG tells it how it is:
"We slogged our hearts out for 11 years; harder than any band we’ve ever met, and we loved every minute of it. It’s been the greatest ride and we’re proud to have been part of it, but all good things come to an end and so has SG.

This has nothing to do with musical differences, personal stuff or any other lame a** excuse you've heard a million times, truth is we just feel the time is right to hang it up. We never set out to win the world title, we just wanted to go the distance for 15 rounds and get some good punches in"

Here’s a few words from frontman Adam Frakes-Sime (vocals):

"On behalf of Stampin’ Ground I’d like to extend thanx to all the great bands we've shared stages with, anyone who's given us a floor to crash on, those who've fought our corner at Century Media, Ex SG members Ian & Ade (now of Suicide Watch) and of course to all those who've bought our records and come to see us play.

To celebrate the last 11 years of Stampin’ Ground we've lined up a few shows, playing live has always been what SG's about and we'll be using these shows to reinforce the SG legacy."

Scott Atkins (guitar) tells us more about life after SG:

"SG were always the underdog, striving against the odds, it’s what kept us going.

 It will come as no surprise that the majority of SG still has a foothold in UK metal. Ben Frost has taken to the role of manager for CINDERS FALL as well as running his own promo company for struggling UK talent FROSTBITE PROMOTIONS.
 Adam is recording with his new project BREEDAPART; he cant wait to get back to the stench of pi** of those filthy bars and clubs we’ve been playing for the last decade. I now run my own studio, GRINDSTONE, where UK bands (Denounce, Archaian, Uncerta, Fallout) get pulled into shape without being ripped off and end up sounding like sh*t for the privilege."


Jens Prueter / Century Media Records Europe:

"Stampin' Ground was one of the leading European hardcore bands combining the energy of hardcore with the musical heaviness of metal. They developed their style long time before it became fashionable in today's metalcore scene and earn our biggest respect for staying true over so many years. It was a pleasure for us at Century Media to work with them and we want to wish all current and former band members the best for the future."


15.10.2006 (UK) Manchester, DAMNATION FESTIVAL / Jilly’s Rockworld

26.10.2006 (UK) Newcastle, Trillians Rock Bar

27.10.2006 (UK) Sheffield, The Corporation

28.10.2006 (UK) Merthyr, The Studio Bar

29.10.2006 (UK) London, The Carling Academy Islington

These dates are the last chance that you will see SG in their natural

environment. LIVE!


THUNDERSTONE - album update

Thunderstone has begun the recordings of their fourth album. The recording takes place at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

The band is currently working on eleven yet-untitled original tracks and two cover songs which will be included as bonus tracks for special editions. Like with the previous albums, band's guitarist Nino Laurenne will handle the producing.
You can read the studio diary and check out pictures from Thunderstone's website.


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Nuclear Blast survey

Win a mailorder gift coupon amounting to 25 EUR!

All styles of Metal music, exclusive music videos, clip previews, live recordings and interviews on the internet offer Metal fans an alternative form to television and radio in the meantime. We want to know your interests and ideas to improve our internet platform. Please take part on our survey here.


AS I LAY DYING nominated for San Diego Music Award!

Once again As I Lay Dying has been nominated for Artist of Year in the San Diego Music Awards! Like the "Ultimate Metal God's" award, the votes come from the fans so CLICK HERE TO VOTE. "I love awards like this because they're not political, and it's about the fans being there for us. That means more to the band than anything else" states vocalist Tim Lambesis.



Click HERE to check out an article on how more metal bands are getting political featured on, which includes interviews with Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation and Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under among others. &


JOB FOR A COWBOY begin work on new studio album!

Now back from tour, the band is just focusing on writing new material and trying to find a producer for the next album, which is supposedly due out in Spring of 07'. Their new merch store is up and running with 3 shirts that are printed in colours that will not be sold on tour! Check them out here!


A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE launch exclusive download on My Space!

From Sept 8th to Sept 22nd, A Love Ends Suicide will be hosting an exclusive download of the track "Heroes of Faith" from their new album "In the Disaster" exclusively on My Space. Click here to check it out.

JOEY VERA makes appearance in Brian Posehn video!

Armored Saint/Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera makes an appearance in the hilarious new Brian Posehn (Just Shoot Me, Mr. Show, Comedians of Comedy) titled "Metal by Numbers" check it out here. Joey also makes a guest appearance playing bass on Posehn’s new comedy album.


GOREROTTED back home after brief tour!

"So we're home again after our brief jaunt, back to stinkin reality. Big respect to everyone that came to the shows and a huge shout out to Rob our soundman, Leah the merchgirlie, all the promoters and of course our bros in Cryptopsy, She Said Destroy and Sylosis. A tour's only as much fun as the guys you share the stage and the bus with, and we had a wicked time with you lot. Hope to see you all again soon :-)"
Ben'Rotted '06


IF HOPE DIES announces new guitarist!

"As everyone knows, Thad left the band to pursue other things. But one of our good friends Naren Ananda has been filling in for a while now and is officially a new member of IHD. We're all really excited to have him with us and are looking forward to getting back on the road very soon. We'll be heading out with him this October on the Radiotakeover Tour. Dates will be announced soon so keep on a lookout! Till then, keep it brutal. -If Hope Dies"


SEAR in studio!

SEAR entered to Studio Ruho on 8.9. to record their upcoming second album. Band had 10 songs ready and waiting to be recorded including "Weeping Flesh" from their "Realm Of Lies Falling Down" demo '04. SEAR decided to leave earlier this year released Mp3-single "The Execution" out as it didn't have a place between other new songs.
Expect about 35 minutes of heavy and aggressive butchering. The new album is going to be more intense, devilish and more consistent than the "Begin The Celebrations Of Sin" with a very strong atmosphere. Yet untitled second full-length album will be recorded in Studio Ruho and mixed by Santeri Salmi of Studio Dauntless. Studio diary can be read from band’s MySpace -web pages.

Some working titles from forthcoming album:

Lamentations Of Destruction:

01. Pedon Käsky

02. Fire & Death

03. One Throne

04. The Burning

05. Crown Of Horns And Pain

06. Heaven Ablaze

07. Violation Of The Soul

08. Weeping Flesh

09. ???

10. ???

Line-up 09 / 2006:

M. Helle / Guitars / Compositions

L. Laaksonen: Drums / Compositions

H. Hyytiäinen: Vocals / Lyrics

T. Landen / Bass

J. Henttunen / Guitars


This Ending studio report update!

"During the past week we have recorded lead and rhythm guitars as well as bass. Using a combination of two different amps we have come up with a heavy and hard-hitting sound that should blow you away! We also started recording some vocals during the weekend, and will continue to do so in a few days."

For more information


DISILLUSION live update

06 OCT | Ger | Sulzbach Rosenheim - Hängematte
07 OCT | Ger | Weil der Stadt - Kloster
14 OCT | Ger | Emden - Alte Post
21 OCT | Ger | Leipzig - Conne Island
27 OCT | Ger | Stuttgart - LKA
28 OCT | Ger | Meißen - Hafenstraße
09 NOV | Ger | Ingolstadt - Paradox
10 NOV | Ger | Bad Salzungen - Kallewerk
11 NOV | Ger | Hannover - Faust
17 NOV | Ger | Nordhorn - Scheune
18 NOV | Ger | Pforzheim - HdJ
01 DEC | Ger | Pirmasens - Quasimodo
02 DEC | Ger | Riesa - Gummioper
15 DEC | Ger | Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg
16 DEC | Ger | Anröchte - Last Night On Earth Festival
23/24 FEB | Ger | Oeventrop - Winternachtstraum Festival


The Arcane Order update

THE ARCANE ORDER have scheduled their first live appearances in support of their debut album „The Machinery Of Oblivion". For their upcoming shows they will be using Kasper Kirkegaard from Submission as session guitarist, since they haven't been able to find the right dude yet.

THE ARCANE ORDER live update:

November 3rd 2006: Struer (DK), Huset (w/ Hatesphere, Submission)
November 4th 2006: Copenhagen (DK), The Rock, NRG Magazine party (w/ Submission)
November 8th 2006: Århus (DK), Studenterhuset (w/ Nurse, Compos Mentis + more)


BLIND GUARDIAN - "A Twist in the Myth" charts worldwide!

BLIND GUARDIAN's new album "A Twist In The Myth", which got in stores last week, has obtained fantastic chart results worldwide so far:

# 04 Germany
# 10 Sweden (# 2 Rockcharts)
# 19 Austria
# 21 Japan (# 11 international artist album charts)
# 27 Switzerland
# 30 Finland
# 33 UK (Indie Albums Charts)
# 09 Italy Media Markt Charts (official charts next week!)
# 38

More chart notations to be announced soon!



Dutch metallic Hardcore heroes BORN FROM PAIN are finally back! After touring to the max in support of their sophomore effort ‘In Love With The End’ the guys returned to Antfarm-Studio and worked out eleven crushing and devastating tracks with producer Tue Madsen (Cataract, Sick Of It All, Kataklysm, Himsa, Hatesphere…)!

The new album will be entitled ‘War’ and will be unleashed on the 17th of November (G/A/S) / 20th of November (Europe) through Metal Blade Records. ‘War’ also features guest appearances by Jan Chris (GOREFEST), Lou (SICK OF IT ALL) and HATESPHERE guitarist Pepe. The limited first edition of ‘War’ will contain a DVD which features live footage.

The band states:

"We are really happy with how "WAR" came out. We feel this is a CD that is totally BORN FROM PAIN in it's groove, aggression and heaviness, but nonetheless has some different elements in it that show we don't sit still either as musicians.

A development without losing sight of what we once set out to do musically. This is definitely an honest effort at making the best cd possible, not giving in to the current trends in heavy music.

Also, we tried to push a more socio-critical message on "WAR". We feel that everyone should try and remain critical, especially in the World as it is nowadays. We tried to encompass the feelings of discomfort, negativity, frustration and anger that most people feel with this world and their personal lives. We feel people fight a war on many levels nowadays..."

Make sure to catch BORN FROM PAIN live!!!

23.09.06 - NL - Leeuwarden - Festival Freeze

06.10.06 - DE - DresdenThrillbeats

07.10.06 - DE - Limbach-Oberfrohna - Hell-O-Festival

18.10.06 - GB - Newcastle - Uni

19.10.06 - GB - Southampton - TBA

20.10.06 - GB - Bradford - Rio

21.10.06 - GB - Nottingham - Marcus Garvey Centrum

22.10.06 - NL - Haarlem - Patronaat

23.10.06 - DE - Bochum - Matrix

25.10.06 - DE - Berlin - SO 36

26.10.06 - DE - Bremen - TBA

27.10.06 - DE - Trier - Exhaus

28.10.06 - DE - Lepizig - Conne Island

29.10.06 - CZ - Prague - Matrix Club

30.10.06 - HUN - Budapest - Kultiplex

31.10.06 - HR - Zagreb - TBA

01.11.06 - AT - Vienna - Planet Music

02.11.06 - DE - München - Backstage

04.11.06 - FR - Montepelier - TBA

07.11.06 - DE - Bielefeld - Movie

12.11.06 - FR - Belfort - La Poudriere

13.11.06 - FR - Marseille - TBA

17.11.06 - FR - Pau - L'ampli

18.11.06 - BE - Nantres - TBA

19.11.06 - GB - London - Underworld


FLESHCRAWL news update

FLESHCRAWL are busy writing new songs. By now these South German Death Metalheads have four songs finished and are about to complete another one. The band will write four-five more songs before they head into the studio to record their next album filled with Death Metal anthems!

Studio time is not booked yet, but the band is planning to start recordings in early 2007 for a possible spring release. It hasn’t been decided yet where they will be recording the new album, but it’s for sure they will be mixing with Pelle in Studio Underground, Sweden!

Fleshcrawl live: 23.09.06 Erstfeld (CH) – TransilvaniaMetalfest Uri


GOREROTTED live-update

BRINGER OF DEATH FEST VIII. 11th November 2006 - Giebelstadt (near Würzburg) - Germany

COMA FESTIVAL 13th January 2007 - Aylesbury Civic Centre - Aylesbury - UK


MARYLAND DEATH FESTIVAL 26-27 May 2007 - Sonar - Baltimore - USA




Surf to to watch two new video-clips:

· CANNIBAL CORPSE – Death Walking Terror

· DEMIRICOUS – To Serve Is To Destroy

Watch out for new clips of AMON AMARTH, CRIMINAL, GOATWHORE and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – all coming soon! Stay tuned…


BLEED THE SKY - Guitarist leaves band

Kyle Moorman has left US Metalcore hopefuls BLEED THE SKY. Singer Noah Robinson states: "[Guitarist] Kyle Moorman has officially left the band to pursue other elements of the music business. He has plans to be involved in studio production and engineering and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

We are in the midst of looking for a new lead guitarist, and are accepting open submissions. If you would like to audition, we will need some vital information. We require:

At least three full songs (MP3 formats preferred)

Pictures (both live and personal)

Personal goals for your future in music

You can send all of this information to

Do not attempt to contact us any further on the matter after the initial submission. Each submission will be thoroughly looked into, and those that qualify will be notified of further auditions.

Also we are currently working on pre-production for our follow-up record on Nuclear Blast. We're set to hit the studio in December to record [with producer Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory] and shooting for early summer for our release date.

We will see you guys all soon and thank you all so much for the love you've shown our band over the last solid year of touring.


MNEMIC - New video directed by Patric Ullaeus again

MNEMIC are preparing to shoot the video for their first single, "Meaningless", with director Patric Ullaeus (DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES, LACUNA COIL) of Revolver Film. The video will be shot in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Revolver Studios.

In other news, the album cover will be done by Asterik Studios (Anthrax, Unearth etc.) and the title and tracklisting for the new album will be announced next week


DEW-SCENTED - Live updates!

Everybody’s favourite German Thrashers, DEW-SCENTED, have announced some more touring activities! Apart from a bunch of one-off shows, the guys will also support shooting stars TRIVIUM on three dates in Germany!!! Don’t miss out!

Noise Forest & Fallen Yggdrasil:
16.11. Zürich (
Switzerland) – Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo
Graz (Austria) – Orpheum

Bochum (Germany) – Matrix „Brainchrusher Festival"

Dew-Scented supporting Trivium in
Presented by Rock Hard magazine
04.12. München (
Germany) – Backstage Werk
Frankfurt (Germany) – Batschkapp
09.12. Köln (
Germany) – Live Music Hall

Hannover (Germany) – Faust "X-Mas Metal Meeting"
+ Ingurgitating Oblivion, Desolation, etc.

16.12. Freising (
Germany) – Lindenkeller
+ Prefume, Obscura & Dead Emotions


Conquer Records upcoming releases/shows

DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS - ''Plurima Mortis Imago"

** upcoming shows!!!
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D) + Natron (I) + Rotting Faith (F), DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS (PL/UK), Worms Of Sabnock


Indesinence Album out now

"Noctambulism" is out now.

7 tracks, 71 minutes. The band tried to make it very dark and very heavy, and some people think they might have succeeded. Hopefully you'll be one of them.

    '...this intensely atmospheric disc is one of the most menacing metallic creations made by a
UK band in recent years.' (Paul Schwarz, Terrorizer)

    '...this album is an awe-inspiring collection of compositional works from a band, which is destined to be legendary.' (Richard Whittaker,

An interview with the band can be found in the latest issue of Terrorizer magazine (

"Noctambulism" is a Goat of Mendes Records release. Check out their other
releases at


AGATHODAIMON Spanish/Portuguese tour etc

AGATHODAIMON are busy working on the new album, which will be recorded late this year; currently a new bass player is being trained. A tour through Spain and Portugal is confirmed for November, and gigs in Romania and England are in the making.

The website was shortly ago relaunched, and a new page on myspace is available as well


CAMBIAN DAWN in studio

Cambian Dawn are back in the studio in October with Will Spong, the evil genius who produced and engineered the band's 'Wastrel Children Of An Insane Universe' demo. The Dawn plan to record a four track EP in October, this year, with a view to securing a recording contract. The EP will be the first to feature the new line-up with second guitarist Chris Goodchild (formerly of Mothra). The band recently played a storming support slot with perennial beer monsters Orange Goblin an Camden's Purple Turtle Bar, and further gigs in and around London will be announced very soon."

Myspace &


Pantheist - upcoming shows

October 28 2006, The Frontline, Gent

December 15 2006, Little Devil, Tilburg

December 16 2006, Latenstaan, Zoetermeer

December 17 2006, Brogum, Zierikzee

January 27 2007, The Witchwood, Manchester


The River - upcoming Shows

October 7 2006, The Ace Café, London

November 4 2006, The Frontline, Ghent


Torche & Baroness - upcoming Shows

September 13 2006, Wayward Council, Gainesville FL

September 14 2006, The Social, Orlando FL

September 15 2006, The Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa FL

September 16 2006, Billabong Pub, Hallandale FL

September 20 2006, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

September 21 2006, Podium, Hoogeveen

September 22 2006, Lintfabriek, Kontich

September 23 2006, Juz, Mannheim

September 24 2006, Zxzw Festival, Tilberg

September 25 2006, Bla, Bonn

September 27 2006, Garage, Oslo

September 28 2006, Kafe 44, Stockholm

September 29 2006, Inkonst, Malmo

September 30 2006, Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen

October 1 2006, Archive, Potsdam

October 2 2006, Zoro, Leipzig

October 5 2006, 007 Klub, Prague

October 6 2006, Juze Don, Donauworth

October 7 2006, P.m.k., Innsbruck

October 8 2006, Arena, Vienna

October 12 2006, Bunker, Bolzano

October 13 2006, Velvet Club, Pordenone

October 15 2006, Usine, Geneva

October 16 2006, Le Sonic, Lyon

October 23 2006, Heretic, Bordeaux

October 26 2006, Fred Zeppelin’s, Cork

October 27 2006, Crawdaddy, Dublin

October 28 2006, Bunker, Belfast

October 29 2006, Nice & Sleazy, Glasgow, Scotland

October 30 2006, Corporation, Sheffield

October 31 2006, The Attic, Manchester

November 1 2006, Medicine Bar, Birmingham

November 2 2006, Underworld, London

November 3 2006, The Maze, Nottingham

November 4 2006, Engine Rooms, Brighton



Doro Pesch and band have been added to the bill of the Hellacaust Festival on Sunday 5th November 2006 at The Sanctuary in Birmingham. This is in addition to the already published UK dates underneath. Doro will appear on a bill also including Evergrey and Kreator. Metal !


Forthcoming Live Dates for AFM artists


4th Nov.2006 Ragnarok Festival, Perth, Scotland. (w. Elvenking)

5th Nov. 2006 Hellacaust Festival, Birmingham, The Sanctuary (w. Kreator)

7th Nov.2006 Bradford, Rio's 8th Nov.2006 Dudley, JB's

9th Nov. 2006 Nottingham, Rock City

10th Nov. 2006 London, The Underworld.



The Voodoo Lounge, Dublin October 14th 2006

The Underworld, London November 12th 2006 (with Flotsam & Jetsam)


Masterplan - (with Saxon);

Feb. 28 - UK Glasgow Garage
Mar. 02 -
UK Belfast Spring & Airbrake
Mar. 03 - IRL Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre
Mar. 04 -
UK Manchaster Academy 2
Mar. 06 -
UK Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Mar. 07 -
UK Nottingham Rock City
Mar. 08 -
UK Cardiff Coal Exchange
Mar. 09 -
UK London Astoria


Jon Oliva's Pain

30th March 2007 Prog Power Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham.


BELPHEGOR - live update!

Austrian extreme Black / Death - Metallers BELPHEGOR are confirmed for the X-MAS FESTIVALS 2006! Alongside labelmates GOREFEST and acts such as SIX FEET UNDER, CATARACT, KRISIUN and DARZAMAT; BELPHEGOR will introduce material from their upcoming opus "Pestapokalypse VI" (Release date: October 27th on Nuclear Blast). Be there!

Dec. 08 - D - Berlin @ Fritz
Dec. 09 - D - Engeldorf (Leipzig) @ Hellraiser
Dec. 10 - A - Wien @ Planet Music
Dec. 11 - D - Munchen @ Backstage
Dec. 12 - CH - Pratteln @ Z7
Dec. 13 - D - Ludwigsburg @ Rockfabrik
Dec. 14 - D - Frankfurt @ Batchkapp
Dec. 15 - FR - Strasbourg @ La Laiterie
Dec. 16 - BL - Antwerpen @ Hof Ter Loo
Dec. 17 - NL - Tilburg @ 013
Dec. 18 - D - Essen @ Zeche Carl
Dec. 19 - FR - Paris @ La Locomotive


GOD DETHRONED reveal content for bonus disc of "The Toxic Touch"

Finally we are able to reveal the content for the bonus-disc of the upcoming GOD DETHRONED killer „The Toxic Touch". There will be a DVD included – a whole festival show filmed with seven cameras at Summer Breeze 2005!

Here´s the tracklist from that show:

1.       Nihilism

2.       Boiling Blood

3.       The War Cult

4.       Villa Vampiria

5.       Sigma Enigma

6.       The Art Of Immolation

7.       Salt In Your Wounds

8.       Soul Sweeper

9.       Serpent King

"The Toxic Touch" is the band's 6th album for Metal Blade Records and was recorded at Soundlodge Studios in Germany with Producer Joerg Uken. Mastering was handled at Wisseloord Studios in Holland.

The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Faithless

02. Hating Life

03. 2014

04. Falling Down

05. On Wings of Pestilence

06. The Day You Died

07. Away From Emptiness

08. Macabre World

09. Typhoid Mary

10. Fail to Exist

The Japanese edition will have a bonus track called "Bleeding Mirrors".

"‘The Toxic Touch’ is the product of two years of extensive and intense touring all over the world. The new line-up has proved to be superior to all the previous ones. You could see it as a learning process. While everybody knows us as a band with a fine mix between the brutal and the melodic parts, people appreciate us mostly for our groove and melody, especially live.

The new album reflects that more than ever before.

The number of blast-beats on this album has been decreased to a minimum. Why? Simply because in a live situation it’s probably the most boring part. In the new situation the blast-beat adds something special, the explosion, whereas in the past it was just a common part of our style and therefore ‘nothing special’, comments GOD DETHRONED mainman Henri Sattler, and adds: "‘The Toxic Touch’ has become an album with new and broader influences, techniques and songwriting, but sounds exactly the way God Dethroned should sound anno 2006. This time with our best and heaviest production to date."

Dutch Deathsters GOD DETHRONED are gearing up for another Blitzkrieg European tour with Vader & Severe Torture. Being the main support and having the new album out during the tour will give the band a lot of well-deserved exposure. Scroll down for the full touring schedule!

„The Toxic Touch" will be released on the 20th of October in G/A/S, and on the 23rd of October in Europe!

Blitzkrieg 4 European Tour



28.09.06 GER Berlin @ K17
29.09.06 GER Jena @ F-Haus
30.09.06 GER Giebelstadt @ Stadhalle-I Park Klingholz
01.10.06 GER Hannover @ MuzikZentrum
02.10.06 BEL Mons @ La Marginale
03.10.06 FR Paris @ Novueau Casino
04.10.06 FR Nancy @ Azimut 854
05.10.06 CH Lausanne @ Le Docks
06.10.06 FR Rennes @ Antipode
07.10.06 FR Le Havre @ Le Siecle
08.10.06 FR Limoges @ John Lennon
09.10.06 SP Irun @ Tunk
10.10.06 SP Vigo @ La Iguana
11.10.06 POR Gaia (Porto) @ Hard Club
12.10.06 SP Sevilla @ Sala Q
13.10.06 SP Murcia @ Gamma
14.10.06 SP Madrid @ Ritmo & Compas
15.10.06 SP Barcelona @ Mephisto
17.10.06 FR Dijon @ Vapeur
18.10.06 ITA Bologna @ Estragon
19.10.06 ITA Rome @ Alpheus
20.10.06 ITA La Gabbia @ Bassano Del Grappa
21.10.06 ITA Prato @ Anomalia
22.10.06 A Althofen @ EndorphiN Club
23.10.06 A Salzburg @ Rockhaus
24.10.06 A Vienna @ Planet Music
25.10.06 GER Augsburg @ The Kantine
26.10.06 CH Zurich @ Abart Music
27.10.06 GER Trier @ Exhaus
28.10.06 HOL Sneek @ Bolwerk
29.10.06 BEL Vosselaar @ Biebob
31.10.06 UK Bradford @ Rio
01.11.06 SCO Glasgow @ Soundhaus
02.11.06 IRE Dublin @ Temple Bar Music Centre
03.11.06 UK London @ Camden Underworld
04.11.06 UK Brighton @ Concorde 2
05.11.06 UK Manchester @ Satan's Hollow
06.11.06 GER Essen @ Turock
07.11.06 HOL Haarlem @ Patronaat
08.11.06 GER Bremen @ Schlachthof
09.11.06 HOL Eindhoven @ Effenaar



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