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Pure Metal News: September 2005 Part 1

~Six Feet Under and Bolt Thrower news~

SIX FEET UNDER box set released earlier!

The new release date for the Six Feet Under box set A Decade in the Grave is October, 31st! 

This will be the ultimate SFU box set including four CDs and one DVD!

The box set will be released in a DVD-sized hard box, including a 32-page-DVD-sized-booklet, trading cards, a sticker, and a poster! As you can see there’s lots of unreleased and never-before-seen stuff in there which make this box set the ultimate item for any SFU fan!

Disc 1 Best of Volume 1
1. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
2. Revenge of the Zombie
3. Impulse to Disembowel
4. Victim of the Paranoid
5. Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)

6. The Enemy Inside
7. Drowning
8. Silent Violence
9. Bringer Des Blutes
10. Brainwashed
11. When Skin Turns Blue
12. Rest in Pieces
13. Braindead
14. Murdered in the Basement

Disc 2 Best of Volume 2
1. Knife, Gun, Axe
2. War is Coming
3. Shadow of the Reaper
4. The Day the Dead Walked
5. Deathklaat
6. The Murderers
7. Decomposition of the Human Race
8. Cadaver Mutilator
9. Hacked to Pieces
10. Remains of You
11. Torture Killer
12. Lycanthropy
13. The Art of Headhunting
14. This Graveyard Earth

Disc 3 Rarities
"Haunted" 5 Song 1994 Demo
1. Beneath a Black Sky
2. Human Target
3. Suffering in Ecstasy
4. The Enemy Inside
5. Tomorrow’s Victim
"Bringer of Blood" 2 Song Demo

6. Ugly
7. Claustrophobic
"13" 2 Song Demo
8. From Flesh to Bone
9. A Knife Fight to the Death
From the "True Carnage" Sessions
10. Burned at the Stake
"Maximum Violence Live CD"
11. War is Coming – San Francisco, CA
12. Brainwashed – Albuquerque, NM
13. Human Target – Golden, CO
14. Torture Killer – San Francisco, CA
15. Revenge of the Zombie – San Francisco, CA
16. Lycanthropy – San Francisco, CA

Disc 4 Ten Years Before…
Legions of the Undead demo 85-86
1. Violent Slaughter
2. Destructive Aggressor
3. Lamentation of Death
4. Leviathan
Five Song 1987 Rehearsal Demo
6. Asphyxiation
7. Tormented Nightmare
8. Blood Feast
9. Apocalyptic Rain
10. Bestial Deception

Disc 5 (DVD) The Videos
1. Lycanthropy
2. Manipulation
3. Victim of the Paranoid
4. The Day the Dead Walked
5. Amerika the Brutal
6. Bringer of Blood
7. Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)
8. Shadow of the Reaper
Murdered in Berlin 2005
9. Shadow of the Reaper
10. Murdered in the Basement
11. When Skin Turns Blue
12. No Warning Shot
13. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
14. Victim of the Paranoid
15. Deathklaat
16. The Day the Dead Walked
17. Hacked to Pieces
Live With Full Force 2004
18. Hacked to Pieces
19. No Warning Shot

BOLT THROWER studio report from Karl!

Bolt Thrower has posted a new studio report from Karl Willetts.

OK, well here’s my first ‘getting back into the world of Bolt Thrower’ report. I’ll start off by explaining a bit about the lyric writing process, which in itself was somewhat lengthy! My introduction to the new songs came in the form of some demos Baz recorded at home earlier in the year, I spent a good couple of months listening to these to get them into my head and understand the general flow, timings and structures of the songs. The songs weren’t totally completed, but I could already tell this was going to be some excellent stuff...

To be honest, getting back into writing lyrics again proved a little harder than I had imagined, it had been a few years since my last song writing which had been for the Mercenary album back in 1998. And it being our eighth studio album, we’d already used a lot of the good sounding Bolt Thrower song titles, along with a plethora of new bands using titles similar to the ones that we use, so I spent a long time researching on my PC, to make sure that the prospective song titles where somewhat original. 

I also found that physically visiting places with military history very inspirational, I visited the Cenotaph in London and checked out Horse Guards parade where the trooping of the colour is performed, I also went to Belgium and saw a lot of war cemeteries and memorials around Flanders. In May I spent the night camping out at a place called Turnaware Point in Cornwall, which was an embarkation point for the US Infantry 5th Corps in the Normandy landings. Visiting these places helped me develop some of the main themes and subject topics to which a few of the lyrics on the new album are based. 

When the band finally entered the studio back in May the songs on the demos had changed a little (for the better!) and I started to formulate the lyrics to the songs by at first concentrating on the rhythms and timings. Gav provided me with a pile of useful notebooks containing ideas for song titles and subject matter. These provided a wealth of material from which the first sets of lyrics were drafted. 

While the rhythm tracks were being recorded I met with Gav on a regular basis to work through the lyrics and eventually after much debate and discussion with regard to song titles, the final rough draughts of the songs were complete and ready to record. 

At the start of August I spent 4 days demoing the new songs in order to make sure that my placement and timings of the vocals worked. The rest of the band came in at this point to make the odd timing, or lyric change, so after a bit of shuffling around they where finally ready to put down for real, 10 songs in total. I took my time concentrating on both delivery of the individual lines and clear annunciation of the words. It was very rewarding that vocally I was still able to continue where I left off on Mercenary, my throat seemed to remember too, and luckily I didn’t suffer any strains or voice loss! Just hope it holds out for the tour too!! 

The recording went relatively problem-free, I had my speaker-kicking moments (sorry Jo), but overall everyone was chuffed with how it all went. And after 10 days they were all completed, and sounding totally killer. We tried to vary the timings quite a lot, so there are different style verses, a selection of choruses and a mix of old and new vocals to match the style of songs. I can’t give any song titles away yet, but maybe when we’ve finished the mix we might put a clip or two up on the website. 

It won’t be long; the mixing has already started... 

~IN FLAMES - New video online!~ 

In Flames - "Like You Better Dead - check it out here - new super 3d video online now - Directed by team LYBD at SOFE, School of future entertainment, Sweden

~NIGHTWISH - confirmed for South American festivals~ 

Touring, touring, touring. Finland's superstars NIGHTWISH still bring their music to the people. The »Once« world tour is about to end in October in Helsinki, but before that the band will play (with SCORPIONS and TESTAMENT) at the Live 'N' Louder Rock Fest, scheduled to take place October 8 at Palacio de los Deportes in México (without SCORPIONS), October 12 at Canindé stadium in São Paulo, Brazil and October 15 at Gigantinho in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Live 'N' Louder Rock Fest billing:

October 8, 2005 at Palacio de los Deportes in México:


October 12, 2005 at Canindé stadium in São Paulo, Brazil:


October 15, 2005 at Gigantinho in Porto Alegre, Brazil:


~CANDLEMASS - Tour with Destruction~ 

Swedish doomsters CANDLEMASS will be teaming up with long-running German thrashers DESTRUCTION for a European tour in November/December. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

~SUBWAY TO SALLY - Book with collected lyrics~ 

Bodenski, guitarist and lyricist for SUBWAY TO SALLY, has significantly shaped the bands output with his words.

The lyrics to songs from the last ten years – and more! – are now available in his book "Inniglich".

The first part of this collection features even additional verses that did not fit in the finished tracks. What is even more important: Bodenski offers lyrics that have never been released or recorded before in any format.

The second contains other works and poems that show new and surprising sides of the author.

"Inniglich" should be interesting especially, but not only for SUBWAY TO SALLY fans, whose love for the band is in most cases also rooted in the words.

For more info, head over to the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder shop, where "Inniglich" is available for only 9€!

~KATAKLYSM - Vote for the new artwork~ 

Canadian hyperblasters KATAKLYSM will release their new album »In the Arms of Devastation« in the beginning of 2006. The record is done, is ready, and it is killer for sure.

But what is missing is the artwork - and KATAKLYSM want their fans to chose the cover!

~ANTHRAX - "Alive 2" audio available~ has posted audio streams of two tracks from ANTHRAX’ upcoming live set »Alive 2«, due for release in Europe on Nov 11.

Check out ‘I Am The Law’ and ‘Among The Living’ at this location.

An official press release on Alive 2 (2005) can be seen here.

~SUBWAY TO SALLY - Sensational chart entry!~ 

"Nord Nord Ost", the new album by german Medieval rockers SUBWAY TO SALLY, entered the German album charts at #5! Congratulations!

This is not only a very good result – with this, »Nord Nord Ost« even surpasses its predecessor »Engelskrieger«, which reached an impressive #9 in 2003.

In Austria, »Nord Nord Ost« chartet at #37.

~HYPOCRISY - Listen to track from "Virus"~ 

You wait until Sep 19, when HYPOCRISY finally unleash their »Virus«? Then head over to NUCLEAR BLAST's pre-listening section to check out the artwork and the brand new track 'Scrutinized'!

~CATHEDRAL - Free new track before release!~

'Upon Azrael's Wings', a brand new song from CATHEDRAL's upcoming album "The Garden Of Unearthly Delights", is ready for for at NUCLEAR BLAST's pre-listening section. Enjoy!

"The Garden Of Unearthly Delights" will be released Sept 26.


Nuclear Blast Records has set a January 13, 2006 release date for the debut album from ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, the new Swedish band featuring former THE CROWN vocalist Johan Lindstrand. The band are scheduled to enter Bohus studio on September 10 to begin recording the CD, entitled »21st Century Killing Machine«.

»21st Century Killing Machine« (view cover here) projected track listing:

01. Killing Machine
02. Public Enemy No. 1
03. No Apparent Motive
04. Devil on the Red Carpet
05. Behind the Church
06. Hell Is for Heroes
07. The Sweetness of Black
08. When Hatred Comes to Life
09. Bulldozer Frenzy
10. Branded by Iron
11. So Grim So True So Real
12. Mary's Raising the Dead


Johan Lindstrand (ex-THE CROWN) - Vocals
Valle Adzic (IMPIOUS) - Bass
Mikael Lagerblad – Lead Guitar
Pekka Kiviaho – Rhythm Guitar
Marek Dobrowolski (RECLUSION) – Drums

ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET had previously recorded an Demo-EP, entitled »When Hatred Comes To Life«, at Deadline studios with engineer Valle Adzic, which is available exclusively through the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder together with a shirt!

~CANDLEMASS - From Russia with…pics~ 

A number of high-quality photos of Swedish doomsters CANDLEMASS performing live at CDK MAI in Moscow, Russia on Friday, August 26 have been posted online at Musica.Mustdie.Ru.

CANDLEMASS are continuing to tour in support of their brand-new self-titled album, which entered the Swedish national album chart at position No. 7 upon its release in early May. The CD also came in at No. 5 on the Sweden chart (featuring only Swedish artists) and at No. 1 on the Hard Rock/Metal chart.

~PRIMAL FEAR - International release dates~ 

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR have announced the following international release dates for their new album, »Seven Seals«:

Asia: October 5, 2005
North America: October 15, 2005
Germany: October 21, 2005
Rest of the world: October 24, 2005

As previously reported, PRIMAL FEAR have uploaded the cover artwork for their new album, »Seven Seals« at this location (artwork created by Martin Haeusler).

PRIMAL FEAR have been confirmed as the support band for HELLOWEEN on their upcoming European tour beginning in late November. A list of confirmed dates can be found at this location.

~CATHEDRAL - new album info~ 

Mighty doom icons CATHEDRAL from Coventry, England will release their new album, »The Garden Of Unearthly Delights«, on September 23. (Not on Sep 26, as previously reported.)

Produced by Warren Ryker (DOWN, CROWBAR), »The Garden Of Unearthly Delights« is probably the most varied effort of the band so far. While a song like 'North Berwick Witch Trials' will bring back memories of such immortal riffs'n'groove as in 'Hopkins' or 'Ride', 'Tree Of Life And Death' simply tears everything to pieces with its ultra-heavy guitar sound and fierce vocals courtesy of Lee Dorrian. The centerpiece of it all certainly is the 27-minute-long mammoth epos 'The Garden' that almost bursts with such a wealth of ideas and changes in atmosphere that other bands probably couldn't come up with on a whole album. Using every stylistic device from female vocals up to violins and embedding it all in that typical CATHEDRAL brand of doom, »The Garden Of Unearthly Delights« is a treat for every fan of the band, old and new alike.

The follow-up to 2002's »The VIIth Coming«, »The Garden Of Unearthly Delights« will once again feature the epic artwork of long-standing CATHEDRAL sleeve artist Dave Patchett.

» The Garden Of Unearthly Delights« track listing:

01. Dearth AD
02. Tree Of Life & Death
03. North Berwick Witch Trials
04. Upon Azrael's Wings
05. Corpsecycle
06. Fields Of Zagara
07. Oro, The Manslayer
08. Beneath A Funereal Sun
09. The Garden
10. Proga - Europa

Upcoming CATHEDRAL shows:
02.09.2005 GLASGOW - Barfly (UK) 
03.09.2005 DERBY - Bloodstock Festival (UK) 
04.09.2005 LONDON - Astoria (UK) 
26.09.2005 UTRECHT - Helling (NL) 
27.09.2005 EINDHOVEN - Effenaar KZ (NL) 
28.09.2005 ROTTERDAM - Nighttown Basement (NL) 
29.09.2005 SINT NIKLAAS - The Starz (BE) 
30.09.2005 PRATTELN - Z7 (CH) 

~GOREFEST - Trailer!~

THE FEST IS BACK! - Check out the exclusive new trailer by the legendary Dutch Death Metal force! From October 31st on you can indulge in GOREFEST´S killer comeback album "La Muerte" - and here's your preview from hell!

~KATAKLYSM - New album complete!~ 

Kataklysm have completed the recording of the bands 8th studio album!

Guitarist/Producer J-F Dagenais comments: "After having spent 2 months behind the production helm for the new Kataklysm album, we have now achieved what we wanted from a to z , ive worked extremely hard on this record to get it to sound like no other Kataklysm album and must say when you have the time to work on something it DOES benefit greatly!I'm really happy with the results we have ,everyone in the band gave 150% and i cant wait for everyone to hear this album. I have to agree with one of Maurizio's previous statement when he said this album on a technical side and with its blazing tempos has been the most difficult album for me to record my guitar tracks..felt like at some point my wrist and fingers were gona give in!..but it was well worth the pain!"

The bands 8th studio album "In The Arms of Devastation" will be released Feb. 20th 2006 ,followed by a massive touring campaign.

In The Arms Of Devastation track list:

1- Temptation's Nest
2- Let Them Burn
3- Crippled & Broken
4- Open Scars
5- To Reign again
6- In Words of Desperation
7- Like Angels Weeping the Dark
8- It Turns To Rust
9- The Road to Devastation

Kataklysm's only scheduled show for the moment will be in chicago,il on Oct.1st as part of the "Windy city Invetational" festival.

~MNEMIC - New vocalist!~ 

Mnemic - Michael Bøgballe leaving Mnemic.

The rumors are true - MNEMIC have parted ways with frontman Michael Bøgballe. 

Commented on the band: "It is sad it has come to this, but Michael has chosen a different path in his life and wishes to leave the band. This last weekend, we did our last gig together in Gothenburg, Sweden – which was one of the most intense and energetic gigs we have ever done, and this night will not be forgotten for a very long time. Thanks to all of our friends in Impious, Engel, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy and most important Patric Ullaeus, who came out and made it all special for everybody! We now would like to take this time to wish Michael all the best and good luck in future endeavours." 

Michael has a few farewell words to say as well, to all of you out there wondering. 

"It is with great sadness that I must announce my departure from MNEMIC. From today I´m no longer officially the singer of Mnemic. There´s a thousand ways to put this but none seem just accurate right now, so I´m just gonna be honest with ya all. There are two main reasons in my life for doing this. One is that my girlfriend is pregnant with my 
baby and I therefore want to spend some more time at home. Second is , that I´m sick and tired of being broke all the time. This is by far the hardest decision I ever had to make cuz I love the metal, the tours and the band. What we did together, no one can take that away from me and I´ll remember every country we´ve visited for as long as I live. And to the people I´ve met on the road and all the fans: Thank you so much for being there. You made all the difference to me..... 

I know for sure that the remaining four boys in MNEMIC will not slow down. We part as best friends and will remain so......You guys are the sh*t!! Thank you 

And Bobo from the Summerbreeze Festival: Fu*k you! 

Goodbye everybody....I had a blast...and who knows.....maybe we´ll see each other somewhere in the future........... Michael" 

With Michael's imminent departure, former TRANSPORT LEAGUE/B-THONG singer Tony Jelencovich will step into the machine to take over vocal duties. 

Commented on the band: "Tony has been a long time friend of the band, and we are 100% confident that he is the right man for the job!" 

Also SPECIAL THANKS to video director Patric Ullaeus and his wife Tara at spending time with the band to do another brilliant shoot in Gothenburg this weekend. 

This line up change will NOT, in any way, effect MNEMIC's North American Fall tour with MESHUGGAH, GOD FORBID and THE HAUNTED. 

More news to come! 

~Metal Blade news 12/9/2005~ 

Angel Blake is looking for a bassist. Not just a regular one, but a contrabassist.
Do you got what it takes? Then email at

Desaster gig-update:

24.09.05 CH Zuerich - Dynamo/Werk21

17/10 - LIMA @ TBA
18/10 - CALI @ TBA
19/10 - BOGOTÀ @ TBA
21/10 - SAO PAULO @ HANGAR 110

26.11.05 D Lörrach - SAK Altes Wasserwerk (w/ PUNGENT STENCH and more)

02.12.05 NL Rotterdam - Baroeg (w/ Pentacle, Izegrim)

03.12.05 NL Rijssen - Lucky (w/ Pentacle)

16.12.05 D Mainz -Uni Mainz (w/ Paimon, Obscurity, Compulsive slaughter)

17.12.05 D Bonn- Klangstation (x/ ???)

~LIQUIDO - 2 gigs cancelled~

Ladies and gentlemen, 
for health reasons of Wolle, our drummer, we had to cancel our show last saturday and will also have to cancel our next show in Langen next saturday! 
Sorry for that, folks!! The shows after that, starting from 22nd of Sept. will be played. So much for the moment and thanks for understanding. 

All dates of the „Ordinary Life Tour 2005“ always updated on 

10.09.2005 Langen am Waldsee - Adrenalin Festival - cancelled! 
22.09.2005 A-Wien - Chelsea 
23.09.2005 A-Mank - Boarders X 
24.09.2005 A-Gänserndorf - Red Cross Benefiz 
26.09.2005 B-Namur - Campus 
28.09.2005 Potsdam - Waschhaus 
29.09.2005 Leipzig - Werk 2 
30.09.2005 Rohrberg - Sporthalle 
01.10.2005 Coswig - Börse 
14.10.2005 Chemnitz - Stadthalle / Exchange Festival 
19.10.2005 Regensburg - Uni Party 
21.10.2005 Clausthal - Uni Party 
22.10.2005 Krummenau - Kraftwerk 
28.10.2005 I-Trezzo sull'adda (Milano ) - Live Club 
29.10.2005 I-Ancona - Barfly 
30.10.2005 I-Rom - Zoobar 
31.10.2005 I-Reggio Emilia - Transilvania live 
17.12.2005 Bendorf - X-Mas Rock (+ Leningrad Cowboys & Fury in the Slaughterhouse)

~GOTTHARD - lots of news…~

Dear Gotthard fans, some more news from the Gotthard camp. 

NEW SINGLE: now that the album LIPSERVICE has been in the Swiss charts for the past 18 weeks, the new single ANYTIME, ANYWHERE will be released in Switzerland on October 3rd, 2005 (it will be released in the other countries on October 14th, 2005). The maxi-single will include two versions of ANYTIME ANYWHERE, one live version of IN THE NAME (from the G. album), two of the bonus tracks from the album LIPSERVICE and the terrific video of ANYTIME ANYWHERE. This is a really explosive GOTTHARD package for your player. 

NEUES VIDEO: as already mentioned above there is also a new video of ANYTIME ANYWHERE. A complex, partially computer-animated production in the style of the new SIN CITY movie directed by Hannes Rossacher, who has received almost all relevant film, TV and video awards for his videos and documentaries with and about Queen, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and many others. The new video can already be enjoyed on various music channels. 

FANSHOP: our online shop now has all the items in the LIPSERVICE collection. Besides the current T-shirts, caps, mouse pads, belt bags, lighters and cups you can also buy the various versions of the album LIPSERVICE and the single LIFT U UP via the online shop. Another note on T-shirts you may already have bought from the online shop or at the live concerts: unfortunately the printing on some Lipservice Festival T-shirts was not fixed correctly by the manufacturer so that some parts of the printing fade after washing. Those fans affected by this can contact us at and will be provided with a replacement free of charge. 

FANCLUB: there have been many, many new registrations at the fan club since the release of LIPSERVICE. Because of this large number of new registrations there were unfortunately some delays in sending the welcome packages. We apologize for this, hope you understand the problem and thank the affected new members for their patience. The new fan club magazine ALL ACCESS No.27 is currently being produced at high speed and should reach every member by the end of the September. As the band is totally booked up with concerts and promotional dates until the end of the year we have decided not to hold the fan club meeting this year. They will return next year and we are once again planning something really special. We are not telling yet, but as soon as date and location are decided we will inform all members. 

WEBSITE: our website at has been completely re-designed with the release of LIPSERVICE. Many more pictures, videos, wallpapers, updated personal details of all band members, all the lyrics for the GOTTHARD songs and much more await you there. Come and visit us in the forum and exchange views with other GOTTHARD fans. The website can all be read in both German and English and further languages are already planned. 

CONCERTS: the open-air and festival season is coming to an end and there were so many celebrated concerts by GOTTHARD, both in the sunshine and the rain. Photos of the concerts can be found on our website. Many concerts have already been booked across Europe for the tour in the autumn. Besides Switzerland, Germany and Austria GOTTHARD will also play concerts in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia. Concerts are also still being planned in Asia, America and South America. All confirmed concerts can be found listed below and of course - updated frequently - on our website. 

30.09.2005 Emden/Germany, Nordseehalle (with STATUS QUO) 
08.10.2005 Bradford/England, Rio 
09.10.2005 London/England, The Underworld 
10.10.2005 Dudley/England, JB's 
13.10.2005 Paris/France, Le Trabendo 
14.10.2005 Vosselaar/Belgium, Biebob 
16.10.2005 Weert/Holland, De Bosuil 
18.10.2005 Rome/Italy, Alpheus 
20.10.2005 Bassano/Italy, Transilvania 
21.10.2005 Reggio Emilia/Italy, Transilvania 
22.10.2005 Milano/Italy, Transilvania 
26.10.2005 Verviers/Belgium, Spirit Of 66 
28.10.2005 Bilbao/Spain, Santana 
29.10.2005 Barcelona/Spain, Mephisto 
30.10.2005 Madrid/Spain, Caracol 
31.10.2005 Porto/Portugal, Hard Club 
03.11.2005 Bolzano/Italy, Kubo 
04.11.2005 Woergl/Austria, Komma 
05.11.2005 Hohenems/Austria, Tennishalle 
09.11.2005 Salzburg/Austria, Rockhouse 
10.11.2005 Ehrwald/Austria, Zugspitzsaal 
11.11.2005 Graz/Austria, Orpheum 
12.11.2005 Ljubljana/Slovenien, tba 
15.11.2005 Vienna/Austria, Planet Music 
20.11.2005 Bremen/Germany, Aladin 
21.11.2005 Hamburg/Germany, Markthalle 
22.11.2005 Berlin/Germany, Postbahnhof 
24.11.2005 Lichtenfels/Germany, Stadthalle 
25.11.2005 Memmingen/Germany, Stadthalle 
26.11.2005 Neumarkt/Germany, Jurahalle 
27.11.2005 Tuttlingen/Germany, Stadthalle 
29.11.2005 Neu-Isenburg/Germany, Hugenottenhalle 
30.11.2005 Filderstadt/Germany, Filharmonie 
02.12.2005 Herne/Germany, Gysenberghalle 
03.12.2005 Munich/Germany, Tonhalle 
04.12.2005 Bellinzona/Switzerland, Palabasket 
07.12.2005 Lucerne/Switzerland, Festhalle 
08.12.2005 Zurich/Switzerland, Hallenstadion 
09.12.2005 Berne/Switzerland, Festhalle 
10.12.2005 Chur/Switzerland, Stadthalle

~CATHEDRAL - US release postponed~ 

Nuclear Blast Records has pushed back the projected North American release date of the new CATHEDRAL album, »The Garden Of Unearthly Delights«, to January 2006. The Japanese edition will be released on October 26, but will NOT contain a bonus track as previously reported elsewhere. More details on the Japanese version of the CD can be found at . Audio samples of the entire album can be found at this location . 

The Garden Of Unearthly Delights « track listing: 

01. Dearth AD 
02. Tree of Life & Death 
03. North Berwick Witch Trials 
04. Upon Azrael's Wings 
05. Corpsecycle 
06. Fields Of Zagara 
07. Oro, The Manslayer 
08. Beneath a Funeral Sun 
09. The Garden 
10. Proga - Europa (hidden track) 

CANDLEMASS return for more live shows 

Doom masters CANDLEMASS will again lay waste to clubs in Europe. This time they are accompanied by thrash veterans DESTRUCTION . Further support will be provided by finnish Death/Thrasher DEATHCHAIN and AFTER ALL (first half) / PERZONAL WAR (second half). 

Metal Hammer & Metal Heart present: 

"Hellhoundz of Doom and Thrash" 


Nov. 08 - Pratteln, SWI @ Z7 
Nov. 09 - Ludwigsburg, GER @ Rockfabrik 
Nov. 10 - Bochum, GER @ Zeche 
Nov. 11 - Aschaffenburg, GER @ Colos-Saal 
Nov. 12 - Berlin, GER @ Hof 23 
Nov. 14 - Helsinki, FIN @ Nosturi 
Nov. 15 - Oulu, FIN @ Teatria 
Nov. 17 - Oslo, NOR @ Sentrum Scene 
Nov. 18 - Trondheim, NOR @ Rosendal Scene 
Nov. 19 - Göteborg, SWE @ Kren 
Nov. 20 - Malmö, SWE @ KB 
Nov. 21 - Osnabrück, GER @ N8 
Nov. 23 - Antwerp, BEL @ Hof Ter Lo 

Nov. 24 - London, UK @ Electric Ballroom 
Nov. 25 - Bradford, UK @ Rio's TBC 
Nov. 26 - Arnheim, NETH @ Metal Meeting 
Nov. 27 - Ingolstadt/Unsernherrn, GER @ Tonspur (no CANDLEMASS) 
Nov. 28 - Milan, ITA @ Rainbow 
Nov. 29 - Treviso, ITA @ New Age 
Nov. 30 - Rome, ITA @ Alpheus 
Dec. 02 - Athens, GRE @ Sporting Hall 
Dec. 03 - Thessaloniki, GRE @ VENUE TBC 
Dec. 04 - Istanbul, TUR @ Yeni Melek Gosteri Merkezi 
Dec. 05 - Bukarest, ROM @ Polivalent Hall 
Dec. 06 - Belgrade, SER @ SKC (Studentski Kulturni Centar) 
Dec. 07 - Zagreb, CRO @ Mochvara 

~BLIND GUARDIAN - tour dates announced~


tourdates announced! 

Metal masters BLIND GUARDIAN will not only release their new opus next year, but also play several shows! Here are the first confirmed dates: 


07.09.2006 Swiss Pratteln Z7 
08.09.2006 Germany Munich Tonhalle 
09.09.2006 Germany Stuttgart Congress Centrum B 
11.09.2006 Germany Langen/by Frankfurt/M Stadthalle 
12.09.2006 Germany Hannover Capitol 
13.09.2006 Germany Düsseldorf Philippshalle 
15.09.2006 Germany Trier Europa Halle 
16.09.2006 Germany Lichtenfels/Bamberg Stadthalle 
17.09.2006 Germany Hamburg Markthalle 

For ticket info, check out

~GRAVEWORM - tour Europe~

Italy 's gothic upstarts GRAVEWORM have announced a tour through Europe , supporting their latest album »(N)Utopia«. 


23.10.05 Neukirch (D), Jugendhaus Neukirch 
24.10.05 Karlsruhe (D), Katakombe (Support: LYFTHRASYR) 
25.10.05 Berlin (D), K17 
26.10.05 Kopenhagen (DK), Stengade 30 
27.10.05 Hamburg (D), Headbangers Ballroom 
28.10.05 Osnabrück (D), Tor 3 
29.10.05 Rijssen (NL), Lucky 
30.10.05 Nijmegen (NL), Doornroosje 
01.11.05 Bochum (D), Matrix 
02.11.05 Münster Breitenfeld (D), Live Arena 
03.11.05 Montabauer (D), Camalot 
04.11.05 Bamberg (D), Live Club 
05.11.05 Islikon (CH), C4 
06.11.05 Adelsheim (D), Live Factory 

~SECRET SPHERE - on the road~ 

Italian melodic metallers recently published the following news: 

"Hey Folks, finally we are here with tons of news! 
After more than three months from the release of »Heart & Anger« we can say that the album got a great response, and now it's time to talk about live shows! 
The European tour is confirmed, so in October we will rock some of your towns supporting ROYAL HUNT. Here are the confirmed shows: 
10.07. Italy , Caserta.Naples, Oddly Shed 
10.08. Italy , Florence , Ministry 
10.09. Italy , Pavia/Milan, Thunder Road 
10.10. Germany , Munich , Garage 
10.11. Belgium , Verviers , Spirit of 66 
10.13. Holland, Zoetermeer, Boerderij 
10.14. Germany, Hamburg, Headbangers 
10.15. Germany, Bremen, Meisenfrei 
10.17. Austria , Vienna , Planet Music 
10.19. Hungary , Budapest , Wigwam 

All the dates with the Italian band RAINTIME, except for the Italian dates. 

After the European tour we will be concentrating on the Italian tour that is going to be planned with the collaboration between our management, Intromental and Italian booking agency Alkemist Fanatix Europe. 
Another great great news is our participation at the first ProgPower UK edition (with THERION, FIREWIND, FREEDOM CALL, etc..) 

PROGPOWER UK March, 25th 2006 Cheltenham Racecourse - THE CENTAUR 

This is our very first UK Appearance, for any info check

You also have the chance to see the band live: 
September 15th - Como (I), Woodstock 
September 23th - Lu Monferrato (I), Mephisto 
October 1st- Bari (I), Palazzetto dello sport di Mola di Bari


Studio diary coming 
ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, the new Swedish band featuring former THE CROWN vocalist Johan Lindstrand, have launched a studio diary documenting the recording process for their debut album, »21st Century Killing Machine«. Check it out at

As previously reported, ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET entered Bohus studio on September 10 to begin recording the CD for a January 13, 2006 . 

»21st Century Killing Machine« (view cover here ) projected track listing: 
01. Killing Machine 
02. Public Enemy No. 1 
03. No Apparent Motive 
04. Devil on the Red Carpet 
05. Behind the Church 
06. Hell Is for Heroes 
07. The Sweetness of Black 
08. When Hatred Comes to Life 
09. Bulldozer Frenzy 
10. Branded by Iron 
11. So Grim So True So Real 
12. Mary's Raising the Dead 

Johan Lindstrand (Ex-THE CROWN) - Vocals 
Valle Adzic (IMPIOUS) - Bass 
Mikael Lagerblad – Lead Guitar 
Pekka Kiviaho – Rhythm Guitar 
Marek Dobrowolski (RECLUSION) – Drums 

ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET had previously recorded a promotional CD, entitled "When Hatred Comes To Life", at Deadline studios with engineer Valle Adzic. It is available through the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder. 

~KATAKLYSM - Contest winner announced~

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM have announced the winner of their artwork contest. Tony from Los Angeles beat the competition with a majority vote of 31.28 percent and will have his artwork featured on the next KATAKLYSM album, »In The Arms Of Devastation«, on merchandise and posters and will also have the whole line of products which the art will be displayed on. He will also receive $500. Check out the winning artwork at this location . 

KATAKLYSM's eighth studio album, »In The Arms Of Devastation«, is scheduled for release on February 20, 2006 . 

»In The Arms Of Devastation« track listing: 
01. Temptation's Nest 
02. Let Them Burn 
03. Crippled & Broken 
04. Open Scars 
05. To Reign Again 
06. In Words of Desperation 
07. Like Angels Weeping the Dark 
08. It Turns to Rust 
09. The Road to Devastation 

KATAKLYSM's only scheduled show at this time is an appearance at the Windy City Invetational festival on October 1 in Chicago, Illinois. 

~SOILWORK - Message from Speed~

SOILWORK vocalist Björn "Speed" Strid has posted the following message on the band's official web site: 

"We're back in Sweden now, have been sleeping straight for almost 24 hours.. It's really hard to melt all the impressions from Ozzfest. I gotta say that the tour went much faster than I expected. We had a lot of great times even though we were pretty much stuck in a 'heavy metal parking lot' everyday. We got to meet a lot of cool people, both fans and bands. My personal favorite band on the second stage would probably be THE HAUNTED. I gotta give Peter Dolving some cred for being the best fuc*ing singer on that stage. He was also brave enough to perform naked for a whole song in a country where you'll almost get arrested by saying the word 'dick' in public. 

"I gotta say that it was a sad feeling leaving America with a thought that one of the cities that I've enjoyed the most, New Orleans is no more and that the place turned into a complete warzone. Just remembering walking those streets last year makes the whole thing unreal. We send our condolences to all the victims. 

"Last but not least, I wanna thank all the bands and fans at the second stage for keeping it real. To quote Adam from KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: That's where the heart and soul was during whole Ozzfest! Thank you!!! We'll see you all in November on tour." 

In a separate posting, Strid offered the following information on the band's upcoming touring activities: 

"Today we have confirmed HATESPHERE and CONSTRUCDEAD as supporting acts for the European headliner tour starting on the 5th of October in Helsinki. Both bands are very promising and both have great albums coming out very soon. Both bands has also a reputation of being great live bands. This bill won't make you disappointed! Check out the tour schedule and don't you miss the show. We have also confirmed the November tour with FEAR FACTORY in North America. We will be direct support to FEAR FACTORY and there will be two more killer bands on the bill: STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and DARKANE ! How about it, folks!? Unfortunately, we'll jump on the tour a week later from where the tour starts. I'll keep you posted on exactly what date." 

SOILWORK are continuing to tour in support of their latest CD, »Stabbing the Drama«. 

~ANTHRAX - Message from Scott~

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has posted the following message on the group's official web site: 

"Cold and rainy Seattle on a Saturday afternoon and we're playing outside! Well, at least the seats are covered. Gigantour has been a blast. Too short. We're only on five shows on this traveling metal extravaganza and I wish it was going longer. Everyone's been great to us like we've been here the whole time. Us newbies were treated very well. Edmonton and Calgary were killer. We hadn't been in those cities since 1988, if memory serves, and the crowds were crazy. I am so stoked we will be back with PRIEST so soon. 

" Vancouver was the best show so far. We were there last in 2000 (with Snake Sabo on guitar) so it had not been as long as the other cities but damn they were hungry. Vancouver was nuts. The circle-pit in Indians was huuuuuuge! Thank you so much and we'll see you in a few weeks as well on the PRIEST tour. 

"We went to see OASIS on our night off in Vancouver . They were good. Beyond all the hype and bullsh*t they are a great rock band. That's my story. We've been hanging with the LIFE OF AGONY guys who kick ass every night. 

"I've been talking to Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH mainman] about next year. Things are in the works. I hope it pans out. I have to thank Dave as well for being so persistent in getting us on this tour. It's been a blast for us and I think for the fans as well. Our two bands together work very well. I fuc*ing love metal. Seattle tonight." 

~GOTTHARD - Sexy video clip!~

GOTTHARD, our merchants of finest Swiss Hard Rock, recently caught massive attention from the international boulevard press and will be hard to miss on TV nowadays: the release of their new clip 'Anytime Anywhere'- taken from their Swiss No. 1 chart album »Lipservice« - was seriously spiced up by the ultra-sexy appearance of German student Jenny (see picture). She is 18 years young and currently in focus because of her affair with Formula 1-racer Fernando Alonso. Make sure you don´t miss the hottest clip of the year! 

The link to the video clip will be announced shortly! 

'Anytime Anywhere' will be released in Switzerland on Oct 3 and in other countries on Oct 14. 
The maxi-single will include two versions of 'Anytime Anywhere', one live version of 'In The Name' (from the »G.« album), two of the bonus tracks from »Lipservice« and the terrific video for 'Anytime Anwhere' - a complex, partially computer-animated production in the style of the new "Sin City" movie directed by Hannes Rossacher, who has received almost all relevant film, TV and video awards for his videos and documentaries with and about QUEEN, THE ROLLING STONES, MICHAEL JACKSON, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BON JOVI and many others. The new video can already be enjoyed on various music channels. 

GOTTHARD Tourdates: 

23.05. CH Luzern - ABC Mixx 
24.05. CH Zuerich - Mascotte 
25.05. CH Vevey - Rocking Chair 
26.05. CH Bern - Bierhuebeli 
03.06. I Tradate/Milano - Iron Fest 
04.06. CH Basel - St. Jakobshalle 
24.06. UK Catton Hall - Bloodstock Open Air 
26.06. UK London - The Garage 
03.07. D Muenchen - Tollwood Festival 
09.07. A Nueziders - Schoolout Festival 
22.07. D Tuttlingen - Honberg Sommer 
12.08. D Geiselwind - Bike Weekend 
13.08. CH Laax - Fat Tire 
14.08. I Venedig - Venice Rock Festival 
20.08. CH Port/Biel - 777 Jahrfeier 
21.08. CH Tufertschwil - Open Air 
27.08. CH Hutwil - Open Air 
30.09. D Emden - Nordseehalle 
08.10. UK Bradford - Rio 
09.10. UK London - The Underworld 
10.10. UK Dudley - JB's 
12.10. NL Zandam - De Kade 
13.10. F Paris - Le Trabendo 
14.10. B Vosselaar - Biebob 
16.10. NL Weert - De Bosuil 
18.10. I Rom - Alpheus 
20.10. I Bassano - Transilvania 
21.10. I Reggio Emilia - Transilvania 
22.10. I Mailand - Transilvania 
26.10. B Verwiers - Spirit of 66 
28.10. ES Bilbao - Santana 
29.10. ES Barcelona - Mephisto 
30.10. ES Madrid - Caracol 
31.10. P Porto - Rock Club 
03.11. I Bozen - Cubo 
04.11. A Wörgl - Komma 
05.11. A Hohenems - Tennishalle 
09.11. A Salzburg - Rockhouse 
10.11. A Ehrwald - Zugspitzsal 
11.11. A Graz - Orpheum 
13.11. A Salzburg - Rockhouse 
15.11. A Wien - Planet Music 
20.11. D Bremen - Aladin 
21.11. D Hamburg - Markthalle 
22.11. D Berlin - Postbahnhof 
24.11. D Lichtenfels - Stadthalle 
25.11. D Memmingen - Stadthalle 
26.11. D Neumarkt - Jurahalle 
27.11. D Tuttlingen - Stadthalle 
29.11. D Neu-Isenburg - Hugenottenhalle 
30.11. D Filderstadt - Filharmonie 
02.12. D Herne - Gysenberghalle 
03.12. D München - Tonhalle 
04.12. CH Bellinzona - Palabasket 
07.12. CH Luzern - Festhalle 
08.12. CH Zürich - Hallenstadion 
09.12. CH Bern - Festhalle 
10.12. CH Chur - Stadthalle 
20.11. D Bremen - Aladin 
21.11. D Hamburg - Markthalle 
22.11. D Berlin - Postbahnhof 
24.11. D Lichtenfels - Stadthalle 
25.11. D Memmingen - Stadthalle 
26.11. D Neumarkt - Jurahalle 
27.11. D Tuttlingen - Stadthalle 
29.11. D Frankfurt - Hugenottenhalle 
30.11. D Filderstadt - Filharmonie 
02.11. D Herne - Gysenberghalle 
03.12. D München - Tonhalle 
04.12. CH Bellinzona - Festhalle Allmend 
07.12. CH Luzern - Festhalle Allmend 
08.12. CH Zürich - Hallenstadion 
09.12. CH Bern - Festhalle 
10.12. CH Chur - Stadthalle 

~KNORKATOR - Just signed!~ 

These guys are really hard to figure out. And they are really something special… way out there for some, even more way out there for others. But they rock, they entertain, and they are clever and funny. And they are signed to NUCLEAR BLAST now! The next release will be the DVD »Zu Alt« (german for "Too old") on Nov 11. 

Here's what KNORKATOR have to say about this: 
"Everybody who is familiar with KNORKATOR, knows that they are very shy persons. That's why they always felt some dislike when people showed up for their concerts. Especially, if those people carried cameras for picture or even video! That always infuriated KNORKATOR so badly, that they had to rage around and scream a lot on stage. 
But now some folks who know the band's weakness in this respect are planning to drive KNORKATOR over the edge: For months on end they followed the three musicians around whenever they played and filmed everything that could be used against them. They even installed hidden microphones and cameras in the band's homes and recorded very private, very emotional conversations! 
The result is an exciting and very entertaining DVD, which shows to everyone what KNORKATOR rather have kept to themselves. 
»Zu alt« will be released on Nov 11 by the well-liked record company NUCLEAR BLAST!" Enough said. 


14.09.05 Knorkator bei der Popkomm im Kesselhaus Berlin 
16.09.05 AM ANFANG WAR DAS AM im Kurgarten Prenzlau 
17.09.05 Knorkator im Makonde Gräfenhainichen 
24.09.05 AM ANFANG WAR DAS AM im Koku Berlin 
29.09.05 Knorkator inner Alten Piesel Fulda 
30.09.05 Knorkator inner Krone Frankenthal 
01.10.05 Knorkator im Café Central - endlich! Weinheim 
02.10.05 Knorkator im Rock it Aalen 
07.10.05 Knorkator im Anker Leipzig 
08.10.05 Knorkator im Pressenwerk Bad Salzungen 
14.10.05 Knorkator im Tankhaus Stavenhagen 
15.10.05 Knorkator im Thalia Schwerin 
22.10.05 Knorkator im Bunker Chemnitz 
29.10.05 Knorkator im Stocksen Sonderhausen 
09.11.05 Knorkator im Stoneage Saarbrücken 
10.11.05 Knorkator im Backstage München 
11.11.05 Knorkator im Ohrakel Ingolstadt 
12.11.05 Knorkator inner Musikwerkstatt Neustadt a.d.Weinstraße 
13.11.05 Galery Pratteln - CH 
25.11.05 Knorkator inner Neuen Mensa Dresden 
26.11.05 Knorkator im JFZ Neuruppin 
01.12.05 Knorkator innem Rockclub Hildesheim 
02.12.05 Knorkator im Jokus GIeßen 
03.12.05 Knorkator im Hanseat Salzwedel

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