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Pure Metal News: August 2006

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KATAKLYSM - More tour details  

Northern Hyperblasters KATAKLYSM have unveiled more details concerning their upcoming European tour in January 2007: special guests on the "Road To Devastation" tour will be NEAERA (Germany), FEAR MY THOUGHTS (Germany) and QUO VADIS (Canada). As headliners of this heavy package, KATAKLYSM will be out on the road to promote their latest album, "In The Arms Of Devastation". Stay tuned for tour dates and more news!  

BLIND GUARDIAN - pre-listening online! 

The first of September will be a truly special day for all fans of Symphonic Progressive Metal with a fantasy touch: The masters themselves, BLIND GUARDIAN, will release their sophomore masterpiece "A Twist In The Myth" on Nuclear Blast! Of course we have a soft spot for all those of you who can´t stand weeks of waiting. Just click here and join our exclusive pre-listening! You can check out various tracks - more tracks will be added the closer the release date gets, so make sure you return soon!

VARIOUS ARTISTS - define the soundtrack!

IN THE NAME OF THE KING is an action/fantasy feature film, based on the popular videogame, DUNGEON SIEGE. It is a tale of knights and kings, great courage and noble causes, magic and adventure.

The film follows the journey of Farmer (Jason Statham) from simple family man to heroic prince. An unspeakably evil army rampages across what was an idyllic, peaceful world, destroying everything in its path, looking to conquer the mighty Castle Ebb and vanquish the King himself!

Amidst this backdrop of war in the Kingdom of Ehb, between the evil Gallian (Ray Liotta) and the ruling King Konreid (Burt Reynolds), Farmer sets out to find his kidnapped wife, Solana (Claire Forlani), and avenge the death of his son, who was killed by animal warriors called Krugs.

This is a passionate, epic, fantasy adventure with non-stop action, vividly drawn characters, and a story line that will drawn you in with every passing, magical minute.

Just as "Lord of the Rings" transported us to another world and time, IN THE NAME OF THE KING will lift your heart, mind and spirit. It will make you believe in magic, nobility, and the power of love, as Farmer's devotion to his family knows no boundaries.

The best thing is: You can decide which tracks will be on the soundtrack to "In The Name Of The King"! One song is already chosen: "Turn The Page" from the brandnew album "A Twist In The Myth" of BLIND GUARDIAN. The rest is up to YOU!
Just send us a post card till
the 31st of October 2006 with your five favourite bands and songs!

Nuclear Blast GmbH
Stichwort: Soundtrack
Oeschstr. 40
73072 Donzdorf

You can also send an E-Mail to – subject: "Soundtrack". Please don´t forget your full address, telephone number and age.

The prizes are:

1. A trip to Berlin – incl. a visit of the Babelsberg Studios
2.-7. A SubWoofer Soundsystem (BigBend-Interactive)
8.-12. The Game "Dungeon Siege" (Microsoft)
13.-32. Two UCI-cinema tickets
33.-37. A HAMMERFALL keyboard
38.-40. A Nuclear Blast Package containing a label T-Shirt and the compilation "Blasting Your Ears, Vol. II"

CHROME DIVISION - chart entry!  

Doomsday Rock`N´Roll on the way to the top! Our Norwegian Kickass-rockers CHROME DIVISION centered around guitarist Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR) can celebrate massive chart success with their debut album "Doomsday Rock`n`Roll". They have entered the international album charts on position 31, and the Norwegian album charts on position 11. Congratulations to the Norwegian rockers!

THREAT SIGNAL - guitarist leaves the band 

Rich Howard, guitarist for the newly signed Canadian band THREAT SIGNAL, has left the band to pursue other life goals.

" We totally respect his decision and wish him the best of luck in the future," commented vocalist Jon Howard via their official website. "Rich, your time in the band was amazing and we'll never forget the kick-a** riffage you threw down!" Rich will play the remaining shows on the band's August itinerary. Afterwards, current bassist Marco Bressette will take over guitar duties.
Due to the recent turn of events, THREAT SIGNAL is in urgent need of a new bassist for the band's upcoming October/November North American tour with label mates SOILWORK and MNEMIC. According to the band, here's what they're looking for:

"A dude who can slay a bass like a guitar, must use a pick, have professional gear, willing (and able!) to tour the world and make THREAT SIGNAL his top priority."
Interested parties are encouraged to contact the band at


ALL SHALL PERISH - now available!  

Today the new killer album by ALL SHALL PERISH, entitled "The Price Of Existence", will be released on Nuclear Blast. If you can´t wait any longer, you should seize the moment and check out our exclusive pre-listening. At this location you can listen to a couple of new tracks - what are you waiting for?

CANDLEMASS - about the upcoming album  

CANDLEMASS mainman, songwriter and bassist Leif Edling has tuned in to enlighten fans of the living Swedish Doom legend a tiny bit regarding the whole Messiah issue: "It is hotter than hell right now (in sweden anyway) and most of you doomlovers are on vacation. So are we. And we do get worried questions though about what is going on in the band regarding Messiah and the new album.

I can’t really say if Messiah will sing on the upcoming album or not, but the last thing I heard was a little bit positive. Let us hope that it becomes 100% certain it will happen. It’s all between Messiah and the label now you see. It is summer holiday time don’t forget. I hope this issue can be solved soon as we need to carry on the work on the new album.

The past months hasn’t exactly been the best time for Candlemass. Myself, Lars, Mappe and Jan are pretty frustrated over the current singer situation, but we will solve it. Somehow.
We got a great C-mass album in the pipeline, we will not waste that! If Messiah sings or not is really up to the man himself now." Let`s all hope mighty Messiah will truly return!!! The release of the new and yet untitled CANDLEMASS album is tentatively schedule for release on February 2nd, 2007, on Nuclear Blast.

Hell On Earth - final tour dates! 









15.09. Haarlem – Patronaat (Netherlands)

16.09. London – Mean Fiddler (Great Britain)

17.09. Glasgow - Cathouse (Great Britain)

18.09. Manchester – Rockworld (Great Britain)

19.09. Southampton - Nexus (Great Britain)

20.09. Milton Keynes – Pitts (Great Britain)

21.09. Trier – Ex Haus (Germany)

22.09. Schweinfurt – Alter Stadtbahnhof (Germany)

23.09. Berlin – SO 36 (Germany)

24.09. Frankfurt – Batschkapp (Germany)

25.09. Salzburg – Rockhaus (Austria)

26.09. Pinarella Di Cervia – Rockplanet Club (Italy)

27.09. Solothurn – Kofmehl (Switzerland)

28.09. München – Backstage (Germany)

29.09. Bielefeld – Kamp (Germany)

30.09. Flensburg – Roxy (Germany)

01.10. Hasselt – Music O Drom (Belgium)

02.10. Dresden – Reithalle (Germany)

03.10. Jena – Fhaus (Germany)

04.10. Eindhoven - Effenaar (Netherlands)

05.10. Hannover – Musik Centrum (Germany)

06.10. Aalborg – Studebterhus (Denmark)

07.10. Essen – Fun Box Amilie (Germany)

CATARACT welcome new bass player! 

After having him as a temporary replacement during July we want to welcome Kay Brem as a full member of the CATARACT Team!

We are proud to welcome him to the team. He is a very talented bass player with experience of more than a decade as bass player. He played in several bands (Tribes Of Cain, etc.) and to top it off, Kay is a very cool person. It is like he would have been part of Cataract forever.

For more infos about Kay Brem check or

We will destroy stages again with full force. Stronger than ever. Be prepared. 

UNEARTH - new album - full online stream / new videos / new MP3-files 

UNEARTH – full online stream of "III-In The Eyes Of Fire“ 

The new UNEARTH album will be released this week Friday in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and next week Monday in the rest of Europe.

Check it out and get psyched before you hit the record store in a few days!

And don´t forget to check out the UNEARTH audio player we´ve been doing – listen to two new songs, check out several nice features and…win some cool goodies! Click here: 

New videoclips and audiofiles at!

Please surf to our website and check out the latest video clips from Metal Blade. All for free.

Here´s the latest clips you can find at

·        UNEARTH-‘Giles’

·        CATARACT-‘Denial Of Life’

·        AMON AMARTH-‘Fate Of Norns’ (taken from 3-DVD-set “Wrath Of The Norsemen’)

·        CELLADOR-‘Leaving All Behind’

·        PHOENIX MOURNING-‘Across Twenty-Six Winters’

Go as well to to check out the latest audio files of our new bands THE ARCANE ORDER, GOATWHORE, A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE and loads more!

CRIMINAL to headline Caos Emergente Festival in Portugal!

CRIMINAL have been confirmed as one of the headliners of the Caos Emergente 3 Festival, which will take place in Recarei Paredes near Porto, Portugal on September 1st and 2nd. The band will headline the second day. More info on 


THRESHOLD - In the studio  

One of our latest signings, THRESHOLD from England, have got good news for all fans of finest Prog Metal: the band is now back at Thin Ice Studios in Surrey, England to start recording their new studio album.

The album is expected to be complete by the beginning of November. In a recent post on the band's forum, keyboard player Richard West commented: "The writing's been going really well. We've been modernising the way we approach certain aspects of our writing, but we've still got the same core Threshold values.

We're really looking forward to getting everything produced and finished, hopefully it'll be our best album yet, with one or two surprises for you..." The album is scheduled for release on Nuclear Blast early in 2007, with a tour planned for next spring followed by festival shows.

As I Lay Dying European tour with Bullet For My Valentine 

Metal Blade stars AS I LAY DYING are coming back to Europe in fall to support BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE on their full headlining tour. The other support act is BLEEDING THROUGH - what a package!

Don´t miss this! 














13.11.2006 UK LEEDS UNI


16.11.2006 UK NORWICH UEA






24.11.2006 UK CARDIFF UNI




Emperor announces additional performances 

Notodden, Norway:  After triumphantly headlining the annual Wacken Open Air Festival and completing recent capacity performances in America, Emperor today announce two additional performances for 2006.

Scheduled Saturday, October 7 Emperor will headline the fifth annual Motstoy Festival in the band's hometown of Notodden.  Formed in 2002 by local youth and supportive arts organizations, this year's festival will also include appearances by Red Harvest, Mortiis, She Said Destroy and Pagan's Mind, among others. 

”The Motstoy festival is a non-profit organization situated in Notodden that my company Mnemosyne Productions has endorsed since its start in 2002," says vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn. 

"As it is a no-alcohol arrangement with no age limit, it is a great opportunity for Emperor to play a local show and at the same time give younger fans a chance to see us live.”  Ticket and sponsorship information can be found at the festival's official site located at 

Emperor additionally confirm their return to England for an exclusive engagement at the famed London Astoria.  Scheduled Saturday, October 28 the show will feature supporting performances from Candlelight Recording artist To-Mera and Nocturnal Art Productions recording artist She Said Destroy. 

"It’s great to finally come back to England with Emperor," says Samoth.

"England is where we first started out in the early 90’s; signing to Candlelight Records and heading out on our first real tour. We’ve always had a strong following in England, both press and fans, and we’ve built up a strong relationship throughout the years with the folks at Candlelight Records and Plastic Head, so it was a very obvious choice for us to return to the United Kingdom. All hail & see you soon!" 

Emperor's final album, Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise, was released October 2001.  In 2004, Candlelight Records reissued the band's four genre-defining albums, Wrath of the Tyrants, In the Nightside Eclipse, Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk and IX Equilibrium; each featuring bonus footage and material previously unavailable on both European and US-licensed versions.

All recordings are available as part of Candlelight's vinyl collectors series on sale at exclusive retailers worldwide or by direct purchase from the label's official webstores (European customers visit; North American customers visit the recently launched Additional merchandise from Emperor is also available. 

The recently announced Emperor guitar tabulature book, Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath will see worldwide release in time for the London performance. The 132-page oversized book featuring foreword and transcriptions by Ihsahn will include original tabs for thirteen Emperor classics contained on the band's 2003 compilation of the same name. 

FATES WARNING re-issues are coming! 

On the 6th/9th of October Metal Blade Europe will re-issue a couple of the finest FATES WARNING titles from their catalogue.

Watch out for “Disconnected/Inside Out” (double-cod) and “A Pleasant Shade Of Grey” (CD+DVD). Both titles will be released on mid-price!

Both discs - “Disconnected” and “Inside Out” - include bonus tracks. The bonus for “A Pleasant Shade Of Grey” is the DVD of the same title. This DVD has never been released on DVD before (only VHS).

Here’s the complete track listing:


  1. Disconnected part 1
  2. One
  3. So
  4. Pieces Of Me
  5. Something From Nothing
  6. Still Remains
  7. Disconnected part 2

Bonus tracks:

  1. Someone/Everything (One demo)
  2. It’s Over (Shutdown demo)
  3. Under The Milky Way (The Church Cover)

Inside Out:

  1. Outside Looking In
  2. Pale Fire
  3. The Strand
  4. Shelter Me
  5. Island In The Stream
  6. Down To The Wire
  7. Face The Fear
  8. Inward Bound
  9. Monument
  10. Afterglow

Bonus tracks:

  1. Outside Looking In (demo)
  2. Shelter Me (demo)
  3. Island In The Stream (demo)


A Pleasant Shade Of Grey:

1.-12. parts I – XII (audio)

+ bonus-DVD “A Pleasant Shade Of Grey”

THE HAUNTED - Reveal new album title & celebrate 10th anniversary! 

Sweden’s THE HAUNTED - labelled as "the single greatest exponents of balls-out metal in the world" (KERRANG! Magazine) -  are about to return with the follow-up to 2004’s critically acclaimed “rEVOLVEr” album, which saw original vocalist Peter Dolving return to the band’s ranks and resulted in the ultimate contemporary masterpiece for the whole extreme music movement!

On October 30, 2006, THE HAUNTED will release “The Dead Eye”, the band’s fifth official studio album, guitarist Anders Bjφrler comments on the working process:

"I just got the final master from Tue Madsen (our producer) with all the tracks in the final order, and it simply sounds killer. Completing "The Dead Eye" basically took all spring, starting with some rehearsing and pre-production early January.

We left the Antfarm studio in early June a bit perplexed but with a sense of having created something very strong and powerful. You always feel a bit weird after a recording session. It's hard to distance yourself from your work, but this time we all felt that we had accomplished something out of the ordinary.

Working with Tue Madsen as engineer/producer has been great, and it surely reflects on the album. Tue has the same kind of musical background as all of us, so it was pretty easy to communicate ideas and to explain our vision."

So get ready for a stunning new album merging blistering titanic modern thrash with some surprising new additions to THE HAUNTED’s naturally intense soundscapes!

In addition to that, THE HAUNTED just celebrated their tenth year of existence after being founded on July 27, 1996. Guitarist Anders on this special moment in the band’s history:

“We wish to thank all the people that have been working with us from the start, and of course a big thanks to our fans supporting us through the years!”

THE HAUNTED will play some well chosen dates around the release of “The Dead Eye“ to showcase their brand new album – the UK show is: 

01.11.06 London (UK)                            Underworld

Be there!

Prior to that THE HAUNTED will be headlining here (as announced last week):

15. October 06 Manchester (UK)      Jilly΄s Rockworld,

GOD DETHRONED LP news + DISILLUSION reveal tracklist + album cover 

GOD DETHRONED – new album ready + European tour booked!

Dutch Deathsters GOD DETHRONED are gearing up for another Blitzkrieg European tour with Vader & Severe Torture. Being the main support and having the new album out during the tour will give the band a lot of well deserved exposure. Scroll down for the full touring schedule!

"The Toxic Touch" is the band's 6th album for Metal Blade Records and was recorded at Soundlodge Studios in Germany with Producer Joerg Uken. Mastering was handled at Wisseloord Studios in Holland.

The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Faithless
02. Hating Life
03. 2014
04. Falling Down
05. On Wings of Pestilence
06. The Day You Died
07. Away From Emptiness
08. Macabre World
09. Typhoid Mary
10. Fail to Exist

The Japanese edition will have a bonus track called "Bleeding Mirrors".

“‘The Toxic Touch’ is the product of two years of extensive and intense touring all over the world. The new line-up has proved to be superior to all the previous ones. You could see it as a learning process. While everybody knows us as a band with a fine mix between the brutal and the melodic parts, people appreciate us mostly for our groove and melody, especially live. The new album reflects that more than ever before.

The number of blast-beats on this album has been decreased to a minimum. Why? Simply because in a live situation it’s probably the most boring part. In the new situation the blast-beat adds something special, the explosion, whereas in the past it was just a common part of our style and therefore ‘nothing special’, comments GOD DETHRONED mainman Henri Sattler, and adds:“‘The Toxic Touch’ has become an album with new and broader influences, techniques and song writing, but sounds exactly the way God Dethroned should sound anno 2006. This time with our best and heaviest production to date.”

“The Toxic Touch“ will be released on the 20th of October in G/A/S, and on the 23rd of October in Europe!

Blitzkrieg 4 European Tour

Severe Torture

28.09.06 GER Berlin @ K17
29.09.06 GER Jena @ F-Haus
30.09.06 GER Giebelstadt @ Stadhalle-I Park Klingholz
01.10.06 GER Hannover @ MuzikZentrum
02.10.06 BEL Mons  @ La Marginale
03.10.06 FR Paris @ Novueau Casino
04.10.06 FR Nancy @ Azimut 854
05.10.06 CH Lausanne @ Le Docks
06.10.06 FR Rennes @ Antipode
07.10.06 FR Le Havre @ Le Siecle
08.10.06 FR Limoges @ John Lennon
09.10.06 SP Irun @ Tunk
10.10.06 SP Vigo @ La Iguana
11.10.06 POR Gaia (Porto) @ Hard Club
12.10.06 SP Sevilla @ Sala Q
13.10.06 SP Murcia @ Gamma
14.10.06 SP Madrid @ Ritmo & Compas
15.10.06 SP Barcelona @ Mephisto
17.10.06 FR Dijon @ Vapeur
18.10.06 ITA Bologna @ Estragon
19.10.06 ITA Rome @ Alpheus
20.10.06 ITA La Gabbia @ Bassano Del Grappa
21.10.06 ITA Prato @ Anomalia
22.10.06 A Althofen @ EndorphiN Club
23.10.06 A Salzburg @ Rockhaus
24.10.06 A Vienna @ Planet Music
25.10.06 GER Augsburg @ The Kantine
26.10.06 CH Zurich @ Abart Music
27.10.06 GER Trier @ Exhaus
28.10.06 HOL Sneek @ Bolwerk
29.10.06 BEL Vosselaar @ Biebob
31.10.06 UK Bradford @ Rio
01.11.06 SCO Glasgow @ Soundhaus
02.11.06 IRE Dublin @ Temple Bar Music Centre
03.11.06 UK London @ Camden Underworld
04.11.06 UK Brighton @ Concorde 2
05.11.06 UK Manchester @ Satan's Hollow
06.11.06 GER Essen @ Turock
07.11.06 HOL Haarlem @ Patronaat
08.11.06 GER Bremen @ Schlachthof
09.11.06 HOL Eindhoven @ Effenaar

DISILLUSION have just finished recording their new album. It is entitled "Gloria" and includes the following tracks:

1.      The Black Sea
2.      Dread It
3.      Don
t Go Any Further
4.      Avalanche
5.      Gloria
6.      Aerophobic
7.      The Hole We Are In
8.      Save The Past
9.      Lava
10. To Many Broken Cease Fires
11. Untiefen

Members of the press who attended a special listening session were equally surprised and amazed. Because "Gloria" is a real event. And not for cowards! To be released on the 20th of October (G/A/S) – 23rd of October (Europe).

The Haunted confirm UK festival appearance

Extreme legends THE HAUNTED have been confirmed to headline this year's Damnation Festival, set to take place October 15 at Jilly's Rockworld and Music Box in Manchester.

They are due to appear alongside Akercoke, Ragga-punks SKINDRED, MISTRESS  & STAMPIN’ GROUND will join them to complete two stages of uncompromising and diverse metal. THE HAUNTED performance will be a UK festival exclusive

THE HAUNTED’s highly anticipated new album ‘The Dead Eye’ will be release through Century Media Records on 30th October.

For more info please see :


Napalm Death confirm exclusive London show

Two decades after inventing grindcore, NAPALM DEATH continue to demonstrate that their work is far from done, both in the studio and live. There may have been changes but their mission has remained the same – to outlast every trend, never compromise, to provide a political voice for the voiceless and create some of the most brutal and challenging music on earth.

The band’s brand new album ‘Smear Campaign’  their sophomore for Century Media this time concentrates on the theme of why we should not just accept religion and moral codes into our lives, which limit our desire to trust in ourselves.  To promote ‘Smear Campaign’ the band will be heading out on an autumn European tour which includes an exclusive London show:

19th November 2006 - The Underworld – London


Susperia, Red Harvest, Grimfist and Slit join forces for Skull Crushing UK Tour

SUSPERIA (ex Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon) have joined forces with fellow Norwegians RED HARVEST and GRIMFIST for a heavyweight package that is set to hit the UK for a short tour in October 2006. Joining the bands for the tour will be SLIT from Malta who have in their ranks Omar Grech from Beheaded.

Dates confirmed for "The Eternal Anger Tour" are Nottingham - Rock City on October 12th, London - The Underworld on October 13th, Bradford - Rio on October 14th, Glasgow - Cathouse 15th and Dudley - JB's on October 16th. Check with venues for age restrictions. Tickets for all shows are available through the usual outlets.

To enjoy RED HARVEST's live performances up forehand be sure to get yourself a copy of their upcoming DVD "Harvest Bloody Harvest", out on September 18th, 2006. The DVD, which comes in a limited deluxe metal box, shows their concert at the Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo (NO), shot last year, and many bonus materials.

RED HARVEST are currently working on their upcoming album that will be released through Season of Mist, early 2007.

Season Of Mist upcoming live dates

04-05 Aug 06 Hultsfred (SE) Folkets Park - Gates of Metal
10-12 Aug 06 Svojsice u Prelouce (CZ) Brutal Assault Festival
13 Aug 06 Warsaw (PL) Stodola - Black Metal Festival

04-05 Aug 06 Hultsfred (SE) Folkets Park - Gates of Metal
06-07 Oct 06 Notodden (NO) Motsty festival
12 Oct 06 Nottingham (GB) Rock City (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)
13 Oct 06 London (GB) Camden Underworld (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)
14 Oct 06 Bradford (GB) Rio (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)
15 Oct 06 Glasgow (GB) Cathouse (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)
16 Oct 06 Dudley (GB) JB's (+ Susperia + Grimfist + Slit)

18 Aug 06 Vigo (ES) XIII Revoltallo Festival
16 Sep 06 Nijmegen (NL) Staddijk
09 Dec 06 Arnhem (NL) Musis Sacrum - Arnhem Metal Meeting
17 Feb 07 Oostende (BE) Memento Mori Metal Fest

19 Aug 06 Gjerstad (NO) Mlla Festival


02 Sep 06 Charleville Mezieres (08) (FR) Square Bayard - Festival Cabaret Vert
08 Sep 06 Sains-En-Gohelle (62) (FR) Halle des Sports
09 Sep 06 Raismes (FR) Raismesfest
22 Sep 06 Genve (CH) L'Usine de Genve - Transit Fest
23 Sep 06 Joeuf (54) (FR) Salle Curel (+ X-Vision)
24 Sep 06 Lyon (69) (FR) CCO (+ The Old Dead Tree)
06 Oct 06 Bourg En Bresse (01) (FR) La Tannerie
07 Oct 06 Magny les Hameaux (78) (FR) L'estaminet (+ Kaizen + Omerta)
20 Oct 06 Bruxelles (BE) Octopus Winter Festival
21 Oct 06 Beauvais (60) (FR) L'ouvre boite
25 Oct 06 Chaumont (52) (FR) Centre culturel
28 Oct 06 Nivelles (BE) Winter Octopus Festival
03 Nov 06 Cognac (16) (FR) Les Abattoirs
04 Nov 06 Bordeaux (33) (FR) Barbey
11 Nov 06 La Roche s/ Yon (85) (FR) Le Fuzz'Yon
18 Nov 06 Savigny le Temple (77) (FR) l'Empreinte
24 Nov 06 Auch (32) (FR) Le Cri'Art
25 Nov 06 Agen (47) (FR) Le Florida
08 Dec 06 Paris (75) (FR) Elyse Montmartre
16 Dec 06 Tarbes (65) (FR) La Gespe

24 Sep 06 Lyon (69) (FR) CCO (+ Dagoba)

BELPHEGOR - Are looking for a new drummer

Austria`s most extreme Black / Death Metal outfit and our latest signing, BELPHEGOR, have just parted ways with drummer Nefastus. Nefastus will be featured on the upcoming album "Pestapokalypse VI" (to be released on October 27th on Nuclear Blast). Vocalist Helmuth and guitarist Sigurd are currently looking for a talented replacement. Everybody who is interested and fits the requirements may contact the band`s management: ( /


- You don’t need to be Austrian but be able to rehearse in Austria
- You are a professional musician – stage / tour experience preferred
- You are absolutely tight and you can play with click
- You are 100% into touring, festivals, shows, recording sessions
- You are generally interested in Death / Black Metal music


They give madness a new name - THE APOCALYPTIC RIDERS!!! The band with the 1000 faces once more serves us an explosive cocktail consisting of Folk Music, Heavy Metal, brutal sounds and catchy melodies: their sixth studio album is entitled "Riders On The Storm" and will be released on August 25th.

For this joyous reason we organised a big bunch of release parties where you will have the chance to listen to the new album and grab some excellent goodies: shirts, club singles, poster, everything you ever wished for!

So don`t miss out!!!


19.8. Rockwerk / Hof
24.8. Ballroom / Hamburg
25.8. U2 / Ingolstadt
25.8. Vauban Insel / Saarlouis
25.8. Club Prag / Stuttgart
Matrix / Bochum
26.8. Werk9 / Berlin
26.8. Sumpfblume / Hameln
02.9. Labor / Hannover
06.9. Steinbruch / Darmstadt

Destruction cancel UK dates 

Due to disputes between the UK promoters and representatives of the band, Destruction have been forced to postpone all four dates here in September which were as follows; 

01.09.06 Fri: Bradford @ Rios

02.09.06 Sat: Newcastle @ Academy

2 03.09.06 Sun: Liverpool @ Academy 2
and 04.09.06 Mon: Birmingham @ Academy 2 

The band would however like to make clear that, as far as they are concerned, the dates will be re-scheduled as soon as possible in early 2007. Information will follow as soon as we have it. 


Swiss legends Krokus, lead by frontman Marc Storace, are all set to release their new album "Hellraiser" through AFM on September 18th. Recorded in Germany with Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69 (House Of Lords, etc.), the album is once again testimony to the great durability of a band which has sold literally hundreds of thousands worldwide and continues to enthral audiences through out the scene.  

Full Track Listing of "Hellraiser";

1. Hellraiser

2. Too Wired To Sleep

3. Hangman

4. Angel Of My Dreams

5. Fight On

6. So Long

7.Spirit Of The Night

8. Midnite Fantasy

9. No Risk No Gain

10. Turnin Inside Out

11. Take My Luv

12. Justice

13. Luv Will Survive

14. Rocks Off. 

President Evil 

Bremen boys President Evil are currently in the throes of a very strong and hard hitting tour with Ministry which some of you saw a few weeks ago here in London. You can find a song from their warm up show for this ("Riot Generator") now on  

Live Dates for AFM artists 


4th Nov.2006 Ragnarok Festival, Perth, Scotland. (w. Elvenking)

7th Nov.2006 Bradford, Rio's

8th Nov.2006 Dudley, JB's

9th Nov. 2006 Nottingham, Rock City

10th Nov. 2006 London, The Underworld 

Jon Oliva's Pain

30th March 2007 Prog Power Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham. 


10th Oct. 2006 The Voodoo Lounge, Dublin.

12th Nov. 2006 London, The Underworld. (W. Flotsam & Jetsam) 

DORO - Announces UK Dates 

"The Metal Queen Returns" 

As part of the second half of the 'Warrior Soul' world tour 2006, German Metal Queen Doro Pesch and band have announced details of five upcoming shows for the UK. These are as follows; 

4th Nov. 2006 Ragnarok Festival, Perth, Scotland. (w. Elvenking and Gamma Ray)

7th Nov. 2006 Bradford, Rio's

8th Nov. 2006 Dudley, JB's

9th Nov. 2006 Nottingham, Rock City

10th Nov. 2006 London, The Underworld 

Deicide fans urged to snap up special edition of “Stench…” 

Death-metal masters Deicide return on Monday August 21, with the release of a special limited edition of ‘The Stench of Redemption’.

This vengeful offering is the next stage in Deicide’s stance against Christianity and is available to early buyers as a limited-edition collector’s box. In addition to the CD album, the box features four band member art cards and a massive double-sided colour poster - sure to be collector’s items in years to come.

View the box here

The album, released on August 21 chronicles a new era for Deicide, with the addition of Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen. Receiving blistering reviews worldwide, ‘The Stench of Redemption’ looks set to take the metal world by storm.

Terrorizer: “The musical dominance it takes to accomplish what they have on this record is why Deicide are now once again in their feral prime”

Rock Sound: “…Deicide up their own ante after years of treading water. Adventurous and superbly executed guitar shredding, even with some (shock) melodic twists, really take this album to new levels of brutality”

Metal Hammer: “It’s mature, considered, deft – but still more brutal than a scythe-wielding sadist at a masochist’s convention”.

The album can be ordered now from the Earache webstore:


THREAT SIGNAL - "Counterbalance" video launched

Just days before the release of their debut album Under Reprisal on Nuclear Blast Records, Canadian metal hopefuls THREAT SIGNAL have launched a self-produced video for the song "Counterbalance". The clip features footage of the band on the road, in the studio with producer Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory, snippets from the "Rational Eyes" production video shoot, and plenty of live footage from North American shows as well as the band's recent appearance at Germany's Earthshaker Festival. The new video was shot and put together by the band and their crew themselves and can be seen at this location!

Meanwhile THREAT SIGNAL are boiling with excitement about the Under Reprisal North American release this Tuesday, August 22nd and the chance to play Earthshaker. Vocalist Jon Howard speaks from his home in Hamilton, Ontario..."Ever since I was a kid I've dreamed of releasing an album, and next week that dream becomes a reality.

Words cannot describe the excitement! Under Reprisal has been released in Europe for a few months now, and has been doing great. However now it is being released on our home turf, and we'll actually get to see our album in stores, our video played, and even hear our music on the radio, it's a trip.

Playing the Earthshaker fest was just completely ridiculous. They treated us like fuc*in rock stars. We played on a gigantic stage where we could actually move around, and to thousands of people who most of them knew who we were! Germany rules!"

THREAT SIGNAL will hit the road in October 5th for a five-week North American tour supporting Soilwork, Darkest Hour and Mnemic, sponsored by Decibel Magazine. "I've always been a huge fan of Soilwork, and our band is actually influenced by Soilwork," admits Howard.

"I must have seen that band perform at least 5 times last year, and every show I was wishing we could open for them, now we are. Watch out for THREAT SIGNAL boys!"

The entire list of dates can be found at or here. The band's Ecard includes full bio, tour dates, downloads and the entire "Rational Eyes" video.


Agathodaimon - New bass player revealed

Agathodaimon revealed their new bass player: Till Ottinger (ex-Misanthropic) joined the band. "We had a few very promising people coming to the tryouts, and finally decided to choose Till. He's motivated, has discipline and a lot of playing skills. We're looking forward to playing the first gigs together", says guitarist Sathonys. Here's a list of the upcoming concerts:

08.09.2006 REINSBERG - Burgarena Reinsberg, Precursors of Eternity II Festival (A)
09.09.2006 Heidenreichstein - Avalon Anderswelt (A)
06.10.2006 LISBERG - Way Of Darkness Festival (D)

Portuguese/Spanish tour with DARK EMBRACE and local supports:
10.11.2006 PORTO - Porto Rio (POR)
11.11.2006 CORROIOS - Cine Teatro (POR)
14.11.2006 SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA - Sala Nasa (SP)
15.11.2006 SANTANDER - Sala D'Manu (SP)
16.11.2006 TARRAGONA - Sala Zero (SP)
17.11.2006 MURCIA - Sala Gamma (SP)
18.11.2006 MADRID - Ritmo & Compas (SP)


Amon Aarth European tour confirmed!

AMON AMARTH have confirmed the headlining tour for 2006 in support of their upcoming album „With Oden On Our Side“.

02.11.2006 (D) FRANKFURT / Batschkapp
03.11.2006 (D) OSNABRάCK-GEORGSMARIENHάTTE / Eventcenter B 51
04.11.2006 (D) LICHTENFELS / Stadthalle
05.11.2006 (I) MILAN / Alcatraz
06.11.2006 (CH) PRATTELN / Z 7
08.11.2006 (HR) ZAGREB / Boogaloo
09.11.2006 (SLO) LJUBLJANA / VPK
10.11.2006 (A) LINZ / Posthof
11.11.2006 (A) WIEN / Planet Music
12.11.2006 (H) BUDAPEST / Wigwam
14.11.2006 (PL) WROCLAW / WZ
15.11.2006 (D) BERLIN / Columbia Fritz
16.11.2006 (D) HALLE / Easy Schorre
17.11.2006 (D) ERFURT / Club Centrum
18.11.2006 (D) KAUFBEUREN / All Kart Halle
19.11.2006 (D) STUTTGART / LKA
20.11.2006 (F) PARIS / Elysee Montmartre
22.11.2006 (GB) BRADFORD / Rio
23.11.2006 (GB) LONDON / Underworld
24.11.2006 (B) ANTWERPEN / Hof Ter Lo
25.11.2006 (NL) WEERT / Bosuil
26.11.2006 (D) BOCHUM / Zeche
28.11.2006 (D) KΦLN / Live Music Hall
29.11.2006 (D) HAMBURG / Markthalle
30.11.2006 (S) GΦTEBORG / Sticky Fingers
01.12.2006 (N) OSLO / Garage
02.12.2006 (S) STOCKHOLM / Klubben
Ticket-Hotline METALTIX (only Germany)
04627/18 38 38 -

booking: Continental Records


Born From Pain recording & tour news + Fates Warning re-issues news

BORN FROM PAIN ­ Recording new album and touring with Napalm Death 


We have finally started working at Antfarm Studios with Tue Madsen this week. We'll be recording 11 songs for our new full-length CD with theworking title of ŒSUICIDE NATIONSΉ. 

New songs included are "Relentless", "Stop at Nothing", "Eyes of the World",

"Behind enemy Lines" just to name a few. We'll be done early September and it will be released late November. We feel this is our best stuff ever, so get excited! More news when we leave the studio. 


The months before the release of the new record will see us gearing up with Metal/grind legends Napalm Death for a 5 week tour all over the European continent.  

Napalm Death + BORN FROM PAIN 

October 2006 

18th ­ NEWCASTLE University


20th ­ BRADFORD Rio

21st ­ NOTTINGHAM Marcus Garvie Centre 

November 2006 

19th ­ LONDON Underworld 

We got more tour news coming up, so keep your eyes open for more stuff to come!


On the 6th/9th of October Metal Blade Europe will re-issue a couple of the finest FATES WARNING titles from their catalogue. 

Watch out for Disconnected/Inside Out (double-CD) and A Pleasant Shade Of Grey (CD+DVD). Both titles will be released on mid-price!  

Both discs - Disconnected and Inside Out - include bonus tracks. The bonus for A Pleasant Shade Of Grey is the DVD of the same title. This DVD has never been released on DVD before (only VHS). 

Here's the complete track listing: 


Disconnected part 1



Pieces Of Me

Something From Nothing

Still Remains

Disconnected part 2

Bonus tracks:

Someone/Everything (One demo)

It΄s Over (Shutdown demo)

Under The Milky Way (The Church Cover) 


Outside Looking In

Pale Fire

The Strand

Shelter Me

Island In The Stream

Down To The Wire

Face The Fear

Inward Bound



Bonus tracks:

Outside Looking In (demo)

Shelter Me (demo)

Island In The Stream (demo) 


1.-12. parts I ­ XII (audio)

+ bonus-DVD ³A Pleasant Shade Of Grey

BLIND GUARDIAN - Free media player + win a Gibson

Check out the new free BLIND GUARDIAN media player at this location, providing you with info about the upcoming album "A Twist In The Myth"! Don't forget: The new masterpiece gets in stores on September 1st! On this occasion, we also have a very special something for you: Nuclear Blast and Gibson are raffling a gorgeous "Les Paul" studio guitar, worth 1.700 Euro! Additionally, the instrument has been signed by all BLIND GUARDIAN band members! To participate, please follow this link!

THE DUSKFALL - New bass player

THE DUSKFALL have announced Matte Järnil (ex-21ST IMPACT) as their new bass player. Matte therefore replaces Marco Eronen who has left the band recently. The guys are up to play some new live shows pretty soon – the first confirmed concert is at the Winternoise festival in Osnabrück, Germany, on January 13th 2006, more dates to be announced soon.

DEICIDE ‘Stench’ banned by biggest Swedish online CD store

One of Sweden’s largest online music stores, have barred the sale of Deicide’s latest album ‘The Stench of Redemption’, citing the blasphemous CD sleeve art, controversial lyrical subject matter and the fact that Deicide mainman Glen Benton has an upside-down cross branded into the centre his forehead, as their reasoning. This has consequently led to taking the unprecedented step of removing all traces of previous Deicide releases from their online store as well.

This action follows quickly on from the news that UK TV channel Scuzz TV have also refused to play the video for Deicide’s ‘Homage For Satan’ due to its- in their view- offensive content.

Swedish fans can however purchase ‘The Stench Of Redemption’ online from at  

DEICIDE Inquest - Ask Steve and Glen ANYTHING YOU WANT and you could win a "Stench of Redemption" Limited Edition Box set!

Controversy seems to surround DEICIDE at every turn of the road. Ever wonder what the real deal is? TODAY IS THE DAY! DEICIDE's founding members, singer/bassist Glen Benton and drummer Steve Asheim, want to answer your questions and give you insight into the DEICIDE machine of darkness. To enter, formulate a pressing question for DEICIDE and email it along with your contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Return Email) to:

On Friday, August 25, five questions will be picked and if your question is picked you will win a Limited Edition Box Set of DEICIDE'S new release, "The Stench of Redemption"! Answers will be posted next week, so be as creative as possible! Don't miss this opportunity to put DEICIDE on inquisition and be sure to get your copy of "The Stench of Redemption"at the US and UK Earache web store out TODAY, 8/22!


Zeena Koda
US Publicist - Earache Records
Phone - 212-840-9090
Fax - 212-840-4033
43 W 38th St. - 2nd Floor
NY, NY 10018

Municipal Waste prevented from boarding flight to UK 

US crossover thrashers Municipal Waste were yesterday prevented from flying from their hometown in Richmond, Virginia to play a series of festival shows in the UK. The band appeared at the check-in desk for their US AIRWAYS flight US3224, but were stopped from boarding, with the reason given being due to ‘heightened security measures.’

Undeterred, and eager not to disappoint their UK fans at their upcoming Reading and Leeds festival shows, Municipal Waste rescheduled their flight for today and are expected to arrive in the UK on Thursday 24th August and head directly to their first show in Exeter.

The band will greet their British audience with extra-intensity at what are sure to be raw and energy-fuelled performances at this weekend’s Carling Festival, and will air songs from their 2005 Earache release ‘Hazardous Mutation’. They are also due to meet fans at an in-store signing session at 5pm at Exeter’s Solo Records on August 24th. Fans can purchase ‘Hazardous Mutation’ at Municipal Waste will perform at:

24.08.2006 UK EXETER Cavern Club
25.08.2006 UK READING Carling Festival Lock Up Stage, 1.30pm
26.08.2006 UK LEEDS Carling Festival Lock Up Stage, 1.30pm
27.08.2006 UK MANCHESTER Music Box
28.08.2006 UK NEWCASTLE Cumberland Arms
29.08.2006 UK RUSHDEN The Attic

MNEMIC - Mixing to start very soon  

Danish modern metallers MNEMIC are up to enter the Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark, to mix their new, yet untitled album. Among the 13 tracks that have been recorded are the titles 'Psyko Orgasm', 'Shape Of The Formless' and 'Into The Nothingness Black'.
The album features guest appearances by Jeff Walker (CARCASS) and Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH) and will get in stores in January 2007.

BLIND GUARDIAN - Release parties German-wide!  

German BLIND GUARDIAN fans, watch out! On occasion of the release of the band's new masterpiece "A Twist In The Myth", several release parties will happen all over Germany. Don't miss the chance to listen to the album plus win a lot of nice prizes on & at:

01.09. Rockclub U2 - Ingolstadt
01.09. Ballroom - Hamburg
02.09. Matrix - Bochum
02.09. Hellraiser - Leipzig
02.09. Labor - Hannover
08.09. Vauban Insel - Saarlouis
08.09. Die Pumpe - Kiel
16.09. Rockclub - Hildesheim
02.10. Rock Cafe - Münster

More dates to be announced this week!

I - Life in black  

ABBATH's "I" - 'Far Beyond The Quiet' A Tribute To Quorthon; New Band Photo Available

Both onstage, at their debut performance at the Hole In The Sky festival, as well as at the pre-show, media-only press conference, I/IMMORTAL frontman (as he will continue recording and playing with both outfits, thus being "between two worlds")

Abbath made sure to stress that the track on the new album, 'Far Beyond The Quiet' was written in honor of the deceased BATHORY mastermind, Quorthon. Demonaz, the former Immortal guitarist and lyricist who had to bow out of that band due to ongoing hand problems, composed all the lyrics for I's Between Two Worlds, claiming to have attempted to write in the Swede's style.

As previously reported, Between Two Worlds  forthcoming debut CD, is due out this fall via Nuclear Blast.



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