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Pure Metal News: July 2007 Part 1

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July 2007 Part 2

Compiled by John Stefanis

TIAMAT - Sign with Nuclear Blast

Swedish Gothic legend TIAMAT has joined the Nuclear Blast family! The band, which became famous with masterpieces like "Wildhoney", "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber" or "Skeleton Skeletron" will release a new album in February 2008.

CLAWFINGER - Big contest on

CLAWFINGER – this year ´s winners of the Jaegermeister Rock:Liga – are now rocking the Jaegermeister homepage with a big contest and a free song download. Go to and join the competition. The band is giving away one of the guitars they have played during the Rock:Liga battle. Also, you can download an exclusive track from their new album! Don ´t miss it!

AFTER FOREVER - Fan-created video hits home with environmentalists

Created as a tribute to Live Earth Day on 07-07-07, a fan of the Dutch band After Forever has used "Equally Destructive" to provide music lovers with a stark reminder of the current, urgent state of the global environment. The track comes from the band's upcoming September 25th North American self-titled release and fifth studio album. View the fan-video for "Equally Destructive" here:

Initiated by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection, the Live Earth Day event - scheduled to take place on July 7th, 1007 concurrently in 8 cities around the world (New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hamburg) - seeks to use music as a platform "to engage people on a mass scale to combat our climate crisis."

The concert series will bring together over 100 music artists and reach over 2 billion people via television, radio, internet, and wireless channels of the global media. Live Earth concerts will be broadcasted to a live worldwide audience by MSN at


SSS – New pictures from Poland

The thrashing young lads in SSS recently stopped in Poland for a few shows on their "Beast Goes East" tour.
To see photographic evidence of the kind of chaos SSS brought with them to Poland (and always brings anywhere they play), check out these links:

SSS will make the UK feel its fury this summer for a big string of dates that include a gig at the Dry Dock Festival in Leeds, several shows with fellow thrashers, Municipal Waste and one very special show where the 3 new kings of thrash, SSS, Municipal Waste and Evile will join together to claim their rightful place at the throne. For a full list of dates, go to

SSS makes their EARACHE debut with ‘Short Sharp Shock.’ This collection of humour, attitude and some of the tastiest riffing known to mankind will be available in the US on July 31 and is available now in the UK. Both the CD and a special Limited Edition picture disc vinyl version of the album are available for pre-order on

Surprise for fans and collectors as SSS announce ltd. edition coloured vinyl

Following the June 11th release of the high-energy 'Short Sharp Shock', Merseyside crossover thrashers S.S.S have announced the release of exclusive coloured vinyl formats of their debut Earache album. With their own charismatic and fun-filled branding, S.S.S have made the vinyl available in ten different colours, which are sure to become collectors' items in the future. An ultra-exclusive red vinyl can also only be purchased from the S.S.S MySpace directly.

S.S.S frontman Foxy has this to say about the coloured vinyls:

"Everyone likes something that's unique and that no one else has got. Well this is true for 100 lucky souls that can claim a limited red wax SSS lp.

You don't have to buy chocolate to find a golden ticket, you just have to be quick off the mark and go to our MySpace page and order one today. Once you receive this thrash slab , get the gramophone on the go, turn to up to 11 and hit puree!!"
You can also purchase 'Short Sharp Shock' on vinyl in the following colours:

Red (exclusively from S.S.S MySpace)

Biomechanical give update on recording of third album Cannibalised with Chris Tsangarides

UK metal heavyweights Biomechanical have released some exclusive information about their current session in The Ecology Rooms studio with producer Chris Tsangarides and reveal their confidence in the sound of the forthcoming release of Cannibalised. Biomechanical vocalist John K has spoken out about Tsangarides and his legendary status, giving the following insight into working with him:

Its hard to comprehend the enormity of the volume of work Chris Tsangarides has done in the past. I have been co producing our new album Cannibalised at his studio and in between recordings and preparation sessions Chris tells me stories that make me feel in awe. Best examples were the stories of the Painkiller album but even more crazy the fact that he was responsible for Vivian Cambel joining Dio. After that Vivian recorded one of my most favourite metal albums Holy Diver, I mean, WTF?

And stories like that come in thick and fast. My experience here has been awesome. Started with sorting out the drum sound with Matt C and then Chris Webb arrived in Dover on the 21st of July with a Framus stack. We ended up using the Framus amps plus a head manufactured by Chris Tsangarides plus a new amp called WKZ- little devil which sounded insane! There only five of those made so far so we were very lucky to use it.

Fans can expect to get hold of Cannibalised this Autumn, and John K has already put forward a confident message about the release:

The sound of the album is shaping very well. Chris gave me two choices. Huge sound a or Huge sound b! I am confident as hell that he will do a very good job. All I can tell you guys so far is that we are working really hard on this album so we hope you will like the final thing.

The full track listing for Cannibalised is as follows:

1) Fallen in Fear
2) The Unseen
3) Cannibalised
4) Breathing Silence
5) Predatory
6) Slow the Poison
7) Consumed
8) Reborn in Damnation
9) Through Hatred Arise
10) Violent Descent

To read the full studio report and check out pictures of Biomechanical in the studio with Chris Tsangarides head over to

Exclusive samples from the album will be aired on this page when the album is completed.

Earache's grind/noise bands feature in Madrid art exhibition

A group of young Spanish artists are featuring music from Earache's extreme back catalogue in an award winning exhibition on show at the La Casa Encendida art gallery in Madrid, Spain. The exhibition, entitled 'Ruidos, Silencios y la Trasgresion Mordaz. De Fluxus al Techno-Noise' ('Noises, Silences and the Biting Transgression. From Fluxus to Techno-Noise') portrays a creative link between artists belonging to the Fluxus group and their fascination with out-there music.

The music featuring in this exhibition includes sound bites from Napalm Death's 'Scum', A.C 'Everyone Should Be Killed', Brutal Truth 'Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses', Sore Throat 'Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid' and O.L.D 'Old Lady Drivers'.

The exhibition is on show now at the La Casa Encendia Arts Centre until September 9th.

The artists involved claim to express rejection of traditional values and pursue an interest in noise within their work, particularly forming a connection between noise and transgression. With this in mind, sound bites from some of Earache's most grinding releases prove fitting to express the artists' ideas and visions.

Severe Torture commence mix of new album in Hertz Studios in Poland

Dutch death metal brutalizers Severe Torture are due to enter Hertz studios in Poland tomorrow to start the mix of their forthcoming album 'Sworn Vengeance'.

The follow up to 2005's 'Fall Of The Despised' is due for release by Earache on September 10th and is set to be mixed by Hertz in-house producers, Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski. The Wieslawski brothers have earned their reputation for high quality death metal productions with releases by Decapitated and Vader to their credit, increasing anticipation for 'Sworn Vengeance', which includes such soon-to-be death metal classics as 'Dismal Perception' and 'Buried Hatchet'.

To see a preview of the artwork for the album and for all upcoming news relating to the release head over to

Catch Severe Torture live this summer at Mountains Of Death Festival - Muotathal, Switzerland 17-18 August 2007.

Decapitated – New photos from Summer Slaughter tour

The Summer Slaughter Tour is winding down, but that doesn't mean the level of brutality is winding down with it. METAL INJECTION has brand new photos taken during Decapitated's set at the Majestic Theatre on June 28. These artistic shots of the band on stage bring a certain beauty to the outright crushing violence they have been commanding from its audiences every night on the Summer Slaughter Tour.

Decapitated will be finishing up the Summer Slaughter Tour this Sunday in New York then will head down to Mexico for 3 headlining dates beginning on July 13. For a full list of dates, go here.

Decapitated's latest masterpiece, 'Organic Hallucinosis' is available NOW in stores and on

Jon Oliva’s Pain - Live from "The Hall Of The Mountain King"

"Now that the touring is finally in the can, we thought it was time to update you with some detailed info on JOP #3...coming soon to a store near you! Actually it will be January/February 2008, but that's not really that far off."
"We are thrilled to be working with AFM once again. They believed in this band, and its music. It is a win-win for everyone including the fans."

"Oliva wants to raise the bar with the packaging of the new disc. There will be plenty of studio footage available for your viewing pleasure, but we really want to bring as much to the table this time as is humanly possible!"

"We have settled on a sort of "theme" already. It’s not a concept record (yikes!) but each song will tell a story that binds it all together. It's going to be very dark! Oliva is not a happy man, and he is going to write all about it here.

Expect some of the darkest lyrics he has ever written, but messages that are important and real! Experimenting musically a bit more on this record seems logical for us. We all have a great many idea's to add to Oliva's already brilliant song writing, and we’re purposely going to look at anything and everything we can to make these songs as interesting as possible.

Oliva's music will always sound like Oliva.... so, no matter what crazy idea or sound we come up with, the end result will never be sacrificed."

"We are working on a 10 minute opening opus that will clearly set the tone for the rest of the CD. Currently we have 15 working titles, more Criss Oliva riffs to add and massive amounts of arrangements left to do. But the framework is there, and now Oliva, Kevin and I begin the daunting task of sifting through everything we have so far...chopping, dicing, and mixing to achieve another 60 minutes of magic... You are going to hear some things from Oliva that you probably never heard before."

For the full version of this, go to -

Mekong Delta

This band wrote Thrash Metal history. With albums such as "Mekong Delta", "Dances Of Death" or "The Music Of Erich Zann", these guys mesmerised the world. But after a split and almost ten years, the band is back with an excellent progressive and hard sounding new studio album "Lurking Fear".

Ralph Hubert, founder and head of Mekong Delta reports: "I dismissed one song idea after another until, around 2005, I finally found what I was looking for. A fusion of all the music I had written in the past. An "Erich Zann, Dancing in a Kaleidoscope full of Doubt with Visions Fugitives at its heart" if you will?".

Peter Lake (Theory In Practice), probably one of the best guitar players in Europe, Uli Kusch (Ride The Sky, ex-Masterplan/Helloween) and Leo Szpigiel (ex-Scanner/Angel Dust), complete the line up.

"Lurking Fear" will be released on August, 27th, 2007 and will be available as jewel case and double vinyl album versions. A limited edition will feature the bonus DVD "Live in Frankfurt 1991", one of the few shows this cult band ever undertook.

Eden’s Curse

AFM are delighted to announce the signing of International Melodic Metal outfit Eden's Curse. Fronted by US born vocalist Michael Eden and Scottish bassist / songwriter Paul Logue (ex-Cry Havoc,) the lineup is completed by a host of well seasoned pro's; German keyboard player Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell), Englishman Pete Newdeck (Steve Grimmett Band) drums and the unbelievable talents of German guitar virtuoso Thorsten Koehne (Code Of Perfection).

Produced and mixed by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), who's previous work includes Silent Force and Allen/Lande amongst others and featuring David Readman (Pink Cream 69), Doogie White (Cornerstone / ex-Rainbow) and Carsten Schulz (Evidence One) on backing vocals, the debut album - "Eden’s Curse" is released on August 27th featuring the tracks

1. Book Of Life (Intro)
2. Judgement Day
3. Eyes Of The World (donated by Carsten Schulz and left over from Evidence One’s own "Tattooed Heart")
4. Stronger Than The Flame
5. The Voice Inside
6. After The Love Is Gone
7. Fly Away
8. What Are You Waiting For
9. Eden's Curse
10. Don't Bring Me Down
11. Heaven Touch Me
12. The Bruce (Intro)
13. Fallen King
14. We All Die Young

The bands website is currently being designed and will be online soon, but visit the band's MySpace site for more information now.

"The Bruce / Fallen King" will also feature on the re-designed web site for Scottish Charity The Bruce Trust which campaigns for recognition of Scot, Robert The Bruce - - very soon.

A&R Manager Markus Wosgien states "AFM is proud to announce the signing of Eden's Curse. They’ve created a brilliant melodic metal album. It’s just full of hymns that just blew us totally away. In Michael Eden they have one of the greatest vocalists we have heard for a long time. Fans of Pink Cream 69, old school Bonfire and Dokken will love it!".

Song-smith Logue added "It fills me with immense pride to see our names nesting alongside some of my favourite bands; Masterplan, Silent Force, Evidence One (on AFM). They’re probably the finest and fastest growing Melodic Rock/Metal label in Europe and I'm delighted that they are sharing in the vision Mike and I have had since day one.!"

Crystal Ball

After signing such great Swiss bands as Krokus and Shakra, we are proud to announce that we just signed another, the excellent, Crystal Ball, centered around very talented front man Mark Sweeney! The guys are currently working on their sixth album tentatively entitled "Secrets" and are set to work with producer Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, Bloodbound), and mix with Achim Köhler (Primal Fear, Brainstorm).

The release date October 26th (TBC).


Founded in 1982 in Texas, Helstar went onto become a legend with ground-breaking albums like "Burning Star" (1984), "Remnants Of War" (1986), and "Nosferatu" (1989). Singer James Rivera played in bands like Vigilante and New Eden also, but after several years as a solo artist and as the singer of Vicious Rumors, with whom he recorded the last album, he’s back and the new Helstar is now working in the studio to re-record some of the classics from the first Helstar records for a "Best Of…" album "Sins Of The Past" which will be released on November 19th. This album will contain 2 brand new tracks! The new studio album should then be released around Summer 2008.

Michele Darkness

Some time has passed since the last END OF GREEN album hit the charts but with the arrival of summer, singer, guitarist and songwriter Michelle Darkness has signed a long-term contract with AFM. He's currently holed up in Finland recording his first solo album at Sonic Pump Studios (Apocalyptica).

All songs have been written by Darkness, who's also going to play all the instruments; "I've been yearning to realise this for years. With AFM, I've not only found an excellent home for my music but also new friends." stated the singer.
Producer Nino Laurenne is set to produce and more information is due soon.

Scheduled release date: October 26th (AFM Records/Soulfood). (TBC)

BLEED THE SKY - New album title announced

BLEED THE SKY from Orange County, California have set "Murder The Dane" as title of their new upcoming second album and have issued the following update:

"We have been extremely busy and focused on the progress of the second BLEED THE SKY album.
We finished all the guitars, bass, and drums for the album last week. We are currently working on all the vocal tracks at Christian's (Olde Wolbers, producer and guitar player of FEAR FACTORY) studio.

Everything sounds fuc*ing awesome, and we are stoked for everyone to hear the new material. The album title will be 'Murder The Dance', featuring 12 tracks, and is slated for a fall release. Also on this album we had a good and long time friend of the band, Jeremy Hall, come in for guest vocals for a track. He is the vocalist for the southern California metal band AUDKIK, who have played multiple shows and drank great amounts of alcohol with us for years, and we have always been fans of their sound. We saw fit to have him come in and he did a great fuc*ing job."

BLEED THE SKY released their first album "Paradigm In Entropy" in 2005.

LIQUIDO - Working hard on new album

German rockers LIQUIDO have posted the following update on it´s website:

"We’re still working busily on our new album at the ‘Stehende Welle Studio’ inBerlin and hope to finish the final vocal recordings by the 8th of July. Then, the recordings will be completed and we can start the mix-down of our 16 new recordings. Among them is one old song that we re-recorded and now appears to sound completely different – you might be surprised!

Until now it’s not clear which and how many songs will appear on our new masterpiece and we haven’t found a striking album title so far. So, there is still a lot potential for discussion and some more work to do – and there are still two song lyrics missing…! The picture below gives evidence about Wolfgang and Wolle working diligently instead of waiting lazily for divine inspiration.

However, here are a few working titles of the new songs to give you an idea of what the album might deal with: ‘easy’ / ‘pop the bottle’ / ‘way to mars’ / ‘drop your pants’ / ‘gameboy’. It’s hard to describe the sound of the new album, so let’s give you a few keywords characterising sounds and inspiration: new wave, disco, static rock, electronic sounds and alternative college rock elements.

After we played the last four shows without Tim who was touring in the U.S. we would like to say big thanks to Flo who replaced Tim on guitar and mic. Flo: Thank you very much, it’s been fun playing with you! Meanwhile Tim is back in studio and the upcoming shows in Switzerland, Vienna and Dresden will be in original instrumentation. Alongside we are thinking about the new artwork and choice of potential singles. The DVD is still under construction, which be hopefully released by the end of the year.

Well, that’s so far from Berlin. Don’t forget to have a look at our tour dates and the new pics online!
Los Liquidos"

Liquido live in 2007:

06.07.2007 A-6370 Kitzbühel - Festival
14.07.2007 D-02977 Hoyerswerda - Prinzenparty
04.08.2007 A-2560 Berndorf - Festival
11.08.2007 D-89558 Böhmenkirch - Crossover Festival
18.08.2007 D-01067 Dresden - Stadtfest
01.09.2007 D-76149 Karlsruhe - Rockshop Party
02.09.2007 D-41564 Karst - Stadtfest
08.09.2007 D-85049 Ingolstadt - Open Flair
15.09.2007 D-06108 Halle - Prinzenparty
22.09.2007 A-2230 Gänserndorf - Rescue me 2007

TESTAMENT - Thrash titans join forces with Nuclear Blast

Heavy metal heroes TESTAMENT ink a deal with Heavy Metal Record Company Giants Nuclear Blast to distribute brand new TESTAMENT music featuring the killer line up of original members Eric Peterson, Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick, Greg Christian and the addition of monster drummer Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth).

"We are very happy that we are signed to one of the best metal labels in the world. It's a great feeling that we are in a house that will not crumble" says band vocalist Chuck Billy.

"This is going to be our best record to date, and it will be the essence of what TESTAMENT is. Nuclear Blast is the perfect label for us. They eat,
breathe and sleep, metal. I am excited also because a lot of my favourite bands are on Nuclear Blast, giving us the opportunity to be label-mates with them. Finally we are coming home!" stated Eric Peterson.

Don't miss TESTAMENT on Tour:

7/06 - Mortegliano, Italy - Festa in Tenda
7/07 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Waldrock Festival
7/13 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
7/14 - Sayreville, NJ - Sounds of the Underground @ Starland Ballroom
7/15 - West Springfield, VA - Jaxx
7/16 - Southbridge, MA - ADC Performance Center
7/19 - Rieden, Germany - Earthshaker Festival
7/27 - Taipei, Taiwan - Formoz Fest
7/28 - Icheon City, Korea - Pentaport Festival
7/29 - Beijing, China - The Star Live
8/16 - Derbyshire, England - Bloodstock Open Air
8/17 - Oulu, Finland - Jalometalli Festival
8/18 - Notodden, Norway - Tapperiet - Metal Heart Festival
8/19 - Gotenborg, Sweden- TBC
8/20 - Malmoe, Sweden - Molle Festival
8/21 - Kolding, Denmark - Godset
8/22 - Antwerpen, Belgium - Hofter Lo
8/23 - Deventer, Holland - Burgerweeshuis
8/24 - Bergen, Norway - Bergen Metal Fest
8/25 - Steinwiesen, Germany - Up From the Ground Open Air Festival
8/31 - Rimini, Italy - Velvet 9/01 - Casserta, Italy

AMORPHIS - "Silent Waters" single charts on # 2 in Finland

AMORPHIS touching new single "Silent Waters" has obtained a great # 2 in the charts of the band's home country Finland – congratulations! Now it's finger-crossing for the upcoming, same titled album "Silent Waters", due on August 31st 2007! Watch out for the great video clip for 'Silent Waters' which will be up at the Nuclear Blast homepage and the Nuclear Blast accounts on myvideo and youtube soon!

And, of course, don't miss this outstanding Rock act live on stage this year at the following occasions:


06.-08.07. FIN Turku - Ruisrock
13.07. FIN Vaasa - Rockperry
14.07. FIN Joensuu - Ilosaari Metelli
28.07. FIN Kuopio - Kuopiorock
02.-04.08. D Wacken - Wacken Open Air
05.08. FIN Vantaa - Ankkarock
11.08. FIN Lammi - Pellavarock
31.08. FIN Helsinki - Tavastia
01.09. FIN Helsinki - Tavastia
07.09. FIN Hämeenlinna - Sirkus
08.09. FIN Jyväskylä - Lutakko
14.09. FIN Eura - Osmantupa
15.09. FIN Tampere - Pakkahuone
20.09. FIN Pori - Kino
21.09. FIN Turku - Klubi
22.09. FIN Seinäjoki - Rytmikorjaamo
27.09. FIN Mikkeli - Night Vaakuna
28.09. FIN Kuopio - Street Bar 41
29.09. FIN Lahti - Finlandia Klubi
21.10. JP Saitama - Loud Park

Metal Hammer ( ) presents:

Silent Waters European Tour special guests: Swallow The Sun, Insomnium
13.11. D Hannover - Musikzentrum
14.11. D Essen - Zeche Carl
15.11. D Berlin - Columbia Club
16.11. D Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei
17.11. D Lindau - Club Vaudeville
18.11. CH Pratteln - Z7
20.11. D Saarbrücken - Roxy
21.11. D München - Metropolis
22.11. D Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
23.11. NL Utrecht - Helling
24.11. NL Bibelot - Dordrecht
25.11. B Vosselaar - Biebob
27.11. S Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers
28.11. N Oslo - Rockefeller
29.11. S Stockholm - Klubben
01.12. FIN Helsinki - Nosturi

CANDLEMASS - Hit the charts

2007 seems to be the year of Swedish Doom icons CANDLEMASS indeed! Having just released their brand new album "King of the grey islands", the band’s latest effort hit the German Media Control album charts on position 83!!! The dates for an European autumn tour are currently being fixed, but there already is one confirmed date all Doom fanatics should mark in their calendar: CANDLEMASS will headline the "Power Of Doom" festival set to take place September 8th in Würzburg / Germany. The Swedish legends will appear alongside such acts as WARNING and POWERWOLF. Don’t miss out!

SONATA ARCTICA - "Unia" achieves gold status

Less than two months after its release, SONATA ARCTICA's new album, "Unia", has been certified gold in Finland for sales in excess of 15,000 copies.
This is the bands seventh gold award in their history!

"Unia" was recorded at the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki and was released through Nuclear Blast Records! "Unia" could enter the charts in the following countries:

Finland: 1
Germany: 35
Japan: 7
Sweden: 27
Switzerland: 40
Austria: 62

Also, the first single "Paid In Full" could enter the Finnish Charts on No. 1! Check out the video clip of "Paid In Full" HERE !
The band will hit the road for a big worldtour in Fall 2007, check HERE for details!

Powerwolf to tour with Candlemass

The mighty, mighty, well, almighty POWERWOLF have secured the support slot for the upcoming CANDLEMASS tour! Please spread the dates listed below and move your asses to the shows if you wanna howl with the Wolves!


03.09.07 D - BERLIN @ KATO
04.09.07 D - NÜRNBERG @ HIRSCH
06.09.07 D - ESSEN @ TUROCK
07.09.07 NL - EINDHOVEN @ t.b.a.
15.09.07 CH - PRATTELN @ Z7

(*) note to the show on the 8th of September, 2007 - POWER OF DOOM FESTIVAL w. CANDLEMASS (SWE), WARNING (UK)- exclusive German show, POWERWOLF (GER), THE LAMP OF THOTH (UK) - exclusive German show
VVK 17 Euro AK: 20 Euro
Karten demnächst im Shop bei

more POWERWOLF livedates:

31.10.07 D - BOCHUM @ ZECHE (with Grave Digger)
01.11.07 D - SAARBRÜCKEN @ GARAGE (with Grave Digger)
02.11.07 D - SPEYER @ HALLE 101 (with Grave Digger)

Vomitory to play Up From The Ground Festival

VOMITORY have been confirmed to play the cool UP FROM THE GROUND festival in Gemünden, Germany on the 24th/25th of August. After their crushing performance at With Full Force last weekend the organisers had no other choice but to book them. Thumbs up!

Up From The Ground Info:

Lay Down Rotten and Fleshcrawl to play Zabbaduschder Open Air

LAY DOWN ROTTEN and FLESHCRAWL are confirmed to play the legendary ZABBADUSCHDER Open Air in Urbach, Germany on the 27th/28th of July. A small festival, but always great fun so check it out if you can!

Zabbaduscher Info:

As I Lay Dying track listing and CD art revealed for "An Ocean Between Us"

AS I LAY DYING is gearing up for the release of "An Ocean Between Us", the follow up to 2005’s highly successful release Shadows Are Security, with a run of dates on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

So be sure to check back in to hear the first single off the band’s upcoming release AN OCEAN BETWEEN US in stores August, 24th (G/A/CH/I) / August, 27th (Europe).


1. Separation
2. Nothing Left
3. An Ocean Between Us
4. Within Destruction
5. Forsaken
6. Comfort Betrays
7. I Never Wanted
8. Bury Us All
9. The Sound Of Truth
10. Departed
11. Wrath Upon Ourselves
12. This Is Who We Are

Terrorizer to sponsor Gallhammer UK shows

It has just been announced that Gallhammer's forthcoming venture to UK shores will be in association with Terrorizer magazine...

"Terrorizer in association with Peaceville Records present GALLHAMMER.

They hail from the land of the rising sun! They sound a wee bit like Hellhammer! They're cute as hell but play fiendish deadly metal ...They're the unmissable crust-worshipping Gallhammer. ­ Vivian Slaughter, Mika Penetrator and Risa Reaper and Terrorizer are proud to sponsor their first ever UK tour. The London show also features the sick New Yorkers Unearthly Trance plus home-grown heavies Ramesses, while both the Bristol and Colchester shows pair the Tokyo trio with grim metal merchants Indesinence. Three nights only. ­ Beware the gloomy lights".

FIREWIND - premier brand new video clip for the "Breaking The Silence" single

Greek melodic metal sensation FIREWIND are proud to present you their video clip for the song "Breaking The Silence" (feat. Tara Teresa on guest vocals), which marks the band’s 2nd single outtake in Greece off their critically acclaimed album "Allegiance". The clip was directed by Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Company Sweden (Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation, etc.) and you can now watch it HERE!

FIREWIND’s Gus G comments on the video as follows: "So here it is! I hope you all dig our brand new video…I can tell you we had a blast doing it! The song itself is a highlight of our latest record, as the duet between Apollo and Tara came out fantastic. Patric Ullaeus’ videos are always a guarantee and it’s an honour for us to work with the best of the best! Patric definitely made sure we had enough fire on this one and really brought things to a new level!"

The brand-new single was released on July 2nd, 2007 and is destined to continue the band’s overwhelming success as the previous single "Falling To Pieces" managed to reach position # 11 in the official Greek single charts and brought some real Metal to the chart-lists for no less than eleven (!!!) weeks! Also, the "Allegiance" album stayed in the official Greek album charts for nine weeks!

Here is the track list for the "Breaking The Silence" single:

FIREWIND (feat. Tara Teresa) – "Breaking The Silence" CD-Single:

1. Breaking The Silence (feat. Tara Teresa)
2. Healing Tool *
3. Till The End Of Time [live] *
+ Breaking The Silence (feat. Tara Teresa) [Video Clip Enhancement]
* Previously unreleased song / version!


11.07.2007 Athen (GR) @ Gagarin Open Air Athens // with Joe Satriani
22.07.2007 Thessaloniki (GR) @ Metal Healing Festival
11.08.2007 Rades (TUNISIA) @ Rock A Rades Festival // with Adagio, After Forever, etc.
16.08.2007 Derby (UK) @ Bloodstock Open Air
17.08.2007 Cheltenham (UK) @ Night Owl // with Wolf, Man Of The Hour
18.08.2007 Dudley (UK) @ JB’s // with Man Of The Hour
10.11.2007 Copenhagen (DK) @ Prog Power Scandinavia

FIREWIND North American Tour:

19.09.2007 Minneapolis, MN @ Station 4 // with Epica
20.09.2007 Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room Mokena
21.09.2007 Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys // with Edguy
22.09.2007 Toronto (CAN) @ The Funhaus
23.09.2007 Detroit, MI @ I-Rock
24.09.2007 Reading, PA @ The Silo
26.09.2007 Quebec City (CAN) @ Salle Albert Rousseau // with Sonata Arctica
27.09.2007 Montreal (CAN) @ Medley // with Sonata Arctica
28.09.2007 Poughkeepsie, NY @ Chance Theater // with Sonata Arctica
29.09.2007 Bedford, NH @ Marks Showplace
30.09.2007 New York City, NY @ B.B. Kings Blues Club // with Sonata Arctica
02.10.2007 Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero // with Sonata Arctica
03.10.2007 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx // with Sonata Arctica
04.10.2007 Covington, KY @ The Mad Hatter
05.10.2007 Fayetteville, NC @ Jesters Pub
06.10.2007 Atlanta, GA @ Prog Power USA - SOLD OUT!

FIREWIND Japan Tour with Kamelot:

10.10.2007 Tokyo @ Shibuya O-East
11.10.2007 Osaka @ Club Quattro
12.10.2007 Nagoya @ Bottom Line
14.10.2007 Yokohama @ Blitz

Watch the „Breaking The Silence" clip also @!

HIMSA - HIMSA - post new album cover art

HIMSA have returned to with their scathing new metal assault, "Summon In Thunder", which is set for a Sept. 17th release. Steve Carter (who produced HIMSA's second album "Courting Tragedy and Disaster") produced the music while Devin Townsend (Lamb of God, Darkest Hour) produced vocals and the renowned Tue Madsen (The Haunted) brought it all together, nailing the mixing and mastering duties.

The disc’s eye-popping cover art was handled by the renowned Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium, The Red Chord). Click HERE to check it out!

Derek Harn (bass) states: "The ever-masterful Paul Romano created all the art and design for this album’s packaging. He researched what ancient cultures believed created thunder in the heavens and worked closely with Pettibone’s lyrics to create the imagery of mythological creatures and the power of nature’s dark wrath. It's amazing art."

The disc will also include such exclusive extras as a video for the track "Unleash Carnage," a 15-minute making-of-the-album documentary and a photo gallery.

The Seattle-based metal quintet's ferocious blend of melodic, unrelenting thrash speed mixed with old-school influences results in a savage, unique and uncompromising sound that is welcome, refreshing and undeniable. This scorching new effort (and debut Century Media offering) also marks the return of original guitarist, Sammi Curr, to the fold. With Curr rejoining and collaborating with Kirby Johnson (guitars), the group's integrity and passion were at an all-time high, resulting in their most dynamic, devastating material yet.

In 2007, HIMSA are destined to leave a definitive mark on the genre!

Official MySpace Page:

Official Website:

EYES OF EDEN - sign to Century Media & announce debut album; post new track @ MySpace

Century Media Records is proud to announce signing Waldemar Sorychta’s new band EYES OF EDEN. Sorychta was the musical mastermind of the first Century Media Band Despair who released their first album "History Of Hate" in 1988 with company founder Robert Kampf on vocals. Furthermore, Sorychta also was the mastermind behind some of Century Media’s most successful European bands, producing classic albums by Tiamat ("Wildhoney"), Moonspell ("Irreligious", "Sin/Pecado"), Sentenced ("Frozen", "Down"), The Gathering ("Mandylion") or the biggest CM act ever, Lacuna Coil (from first EP "Lacuna Coil" to the latest album "Karmacode"). Not to forget Grip Inc., his Thrash Metal band that once featured Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame.

Shortly before Century Media’s 20th Anniversary in 2008 it feels like a circle is getting closed by releasing his new band’s album "Faith" that presents an exciting orchestral masterpiece of gothic rock/metal. The band is not only profiting from Sorychta’s outstanding producer and songwriter skills, but also his gift to discover a young talent like Franziska Huth who’s ethereal vocals add even more "Faith", that EYES OF EDEN will stand the test of time for another 20 years in Century Media history. The album also features Gas Lipstick of HIM on drums, but the band already found a new drummer for future touring activities.

Line Up:

Franziska Huth - Vocals
Waldemar Sorychta - Guitar
Alla Fedynitch - Bass
Tom Diener – Drums (new band-member)
Gas Lipstick – Drums (only on this album)

At the band’s official MySpace page you can already listen to three songs taken off the band’s debut full-length "Faith", go to for a refreshing gothic rock/metal injection!

Here the full track-listing of "Faith":

1. Winter Night (3:35)
2. When Gods Fall (3:37)
3. Star (3:47)
4. Pictures (4:09)
5. Dancing Fire (3:15)
6. Sleeping Minds (3:59)
7. Daylight (4:03)
8. Man In The Flame (4:21)
9. From Heaven Sent (4:16)
10. Not Human Kind (10:01)


Up and coming UK thrashers Evile have provided a snapshot into their time in the studio recording their debut release 'Enter The Grave' with producer Flemming Rasmussen. It gives an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes at Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark, with Rasmussen at the helm, both in and out of the studio.

In a recent interview with UK mag Metal Hammer, vocalist Matt Drake shared his views on the famed Master Of Puppets producer:

'He's a family man. We went to his house for dinner and met his son. He's a bit nuts as well, but he's really nice. And he actually likes what we're doing as well. Because he stepped away from doing metal bands, and only does about one a year, because everyone is probably approaching him saying, make us sound like Metallica.'

'Enter The Grave' is set to be released in the UK/Europe on August 27 and September 25th in the USA, for all of the latest news on the album and to listen to 3 exclusive advance tracks head over to

Click here to see Evile's tour dates this summer.


Danish Death-Metal lords Urkraft are to have a track taken from 2006's 'The Inhuman Aberration' featured in an up-coming novella film produced by Danish Director Anders Morgenthaler. The track 'Too Strong For The Strongest Lord' will be used in the animation, inspired by MTV's Jackass, which portrays dangerous stunts and trickery based around the skateboarding and heavy metal culture of three ten year old boys. The 22 minute long film is due to have its first screening on the Danish TV-channel TV2 in December of this year, and with Urkraft forming part of the soundtrack it looks set to capture a snapshot of alternative youth culture today.
You can listen to the track 'Too Strong For The Strongest Lord' at

Catch Urkraft live this summer at the Maximum Rock Festival on August 12th.


Jon Collins, bassist of BIOMECHANICAL checks in with a fiery studio update on the recording of their upcoming album, ‘Cannibalised’:

"Chris Webb Blows Up Chris Tsangarides' mixing desk
John K and Chris Tsangarides were recording Chris Webb’s solos when a strong smell of electrical fire started to fill the room. Right after that, smoke started coming out of the desk’s power supply and it eventually caught fire!
Chris ran out of the main room and grabbed the fire extinguisher.
Thankfully it was put out straight away. Just a few more minutes and the whole thing would go up in flames!
Just a small glitch…. : /

Biomech recordings will restart as soon as the desk is back on line"

Both the band and the studio tapes are all safe and sound. BIOMECHANICAL will re-enter the studio and continue recording ‘Cannibalised’ in a few weeks.

‘Cannibalised’ is slated for a September 21 release in the UK and will hit the US later this fall.
BIOMECHANICAL will be embarking on a limited run of UK dates starting tomorrow, July 7 at London’s Islington Academy. For a full list of dates, go to EARACHE.COM.

S.S.S post exclusive live tracks recorded for BBC Radio 1 online

Following the release of last month's 'Short Shark Shock', Merseyside crossover thrashers S.S.S have posted 2 exclusive live tracks on their MySpace page. The tracks 'Toxic Bee' and 'Thrash With A Small Moustache' were recorded for the BBC Radio 1 Lock UP show with Mike Davies and formed part of a 4 song live session at BBC's infamous Maida Vale Studios. A full interview with S.S.S will also be aired on July 16th on the Lock Up Show on Radio 1.
The tracks can be listened to exclusively at and you can access Mike Davies' page at Radio One at

Find out more about 'Short Sharp Shock' and the limited edition coloured vinyl format available to buy now by visiting

Catch S.S.S on tour with Municipal Waste this summer

MUNICIPAL WASTE - Drummer, Dave Witte Joins The Vic Firth Family

Some of the world’s most talented drummers exclusively use Vic Firth sticks as their tools of choice for raging around the kit. Carmine Appice, Terry Bozzio, Thomas Haake, Danny Carey and Thomas Lang are a few of the illustrious names that are on Vic Firth’s stable of artists. You can now add one more name to that list, as MUNICIPAL WASTE’s Dave Witte has joined the Vic Firth family.

You name it and Dave Witte has done it. Earning chops, props and respect is a hard thing to attain as a musician, but Dave Witte has earned everything 100% and has earned it through good old-fashioned hard work. One of the most well rounded drummers in his field, Witte has earned plenty of praise from critics and fans alike by being the man behind the kit for DISCORDANCE AXIS, BURNT BY THE SUN and MELT BANANA. Currently, Witte helms the skins for Virginia thrashers, MUNICIPAL WASTE where he takes the definition of "Thrash" to new levels with his blinding speeds and humorous presence on ‘Hazardous Mutation’ and ‘The Art of Partying.’

With his reputation like his, Vic Firth was indeed very excited to add a quality name like Witte’s to their roster. Marco Soccoli, Director of Artist Relations Worldwide at Vic Firth said the following about this momentous occasion: "We are proud to have Dave as part of the Vic Firth family, he's a great drummer and a great addition to our family of drummers."

From now on, you’ll only see Dave Witte drum with Vic Firth’s Rock N series sticks, a fact that Witte is extremely proud of.

"A drum stick endorsement through Vic Firth has finally happened after many years and I couldn’t be happier. I am now sworn to the Vic Firth Rock N and I feel the sticks are the ultimate connection between me and my drums."

Get an earful of Dave Witte’s drumming on MUNICIPAL WASTE’s ‘Hazardous Mutation’ and ‘The Art of Partying’ (available NOW in the UK, July 31 in the USA) on EARACHE.COM

NOCTURNAL RITES - Hit Japanese charts & announce more shows
Sweden’s most sinful metal outfit NOCTURNAL RITES have entered the Japanese album charts with their latest album "The 8th Sin", bassist Nils Eriksson comments on this phenomenal success:

"Wow is simply all I can come up with at the moment - charting on position #68 domestically in Japan and #28 among international acts is simply mind-blowing! Now we really look forward even more to returning to Japan once again - this time to play the Loud Park Festival in October. We also can't wait to start our busy fall headlining schedule in Sweden and Europe. I am quite confident that 2007 and 2008 will mark the biggest years in the history of the band. "The 8th Sin" already out-sold "Grand Illusion"...and it hasn't even been out a month in some territories! See you on tour, friends - and thanks a bunch to everyone for picking up "The 8th Sin" - we will pay you back by playing even louder, harder and longer than ever before! Noc 'em All! // Nils"


28.07.2007 Pitea (S) @ Pitea Danser O Ler Festival
05.09.2007 Stockholm (S) @ Klubben
06.09.2007 Malmoe (S) @ KB
07.09.2007 Gothenburg (S) @ Sticky Fingers
08.09.2007 Kristianstad (S) @ Armageddon Open ir
09.09.2007 Gaevle (S) @ Wasteland

With Thunderstone

Presented by Rock Hard (D)

27.10.2007 Lenzburg (CH) @ Metal Inferno Festival
28.10.2007 Paris (F) @ La Boule Noir
30.10.2007 Madrid (E) @ Caracol
31.10.2007 Barcelona (E) @ Mephisto
01.11.2007 Milano (I) @ Transilvania
02.11.2007 Muenchen (D) @ Metropolis
03.11.2007 Zlin (CZ) @ Masters Of Rock Cafe
04.11.2007 Vienna (AT) @ tba
05.11.2007 Nuernberg (S) @ Hirsch
06.11.2007 Lebach (D) @ Rockstage
07.11.2007 Essen (D) @ Turock
08.11.2007 Hannover (D) @ Musikzentrum
09.11.2007 Osnabrueck (D) @ Bastard Club
10.11.2007 Weert (NL) @ Bosuil
11.11.2007 Hamburg (D) @ Markthalle

Bang your head on some NOCTURNAL RITES tunes @

FEAR MY THOUGHTS - Announce new singer, video message online

German metal innovators FEAR MY THOUGHTS have announced a new singer in their ranks. Martin Fischer will play his first show with the band in Frankfurt, September 13th kicking off Hell On Earth tour 2007.

Please click HERE for a video message of the band to get more details.

Witness FEAR MY THOUGHTS live on the following dates:

14.07. Nijmegen (NL) / Affaire Festival
25.07. Rheinfelden (D) / Rheinfelden Is Fu*king Dead Festival
03.08. Schlanders (I) / Matscher Au
17.08. Dinkelsbühl (D) / Summer Breeze Open Air
24.08. Ieper (B) / Ieper Festival
01.09. Faaker See (A) / Rock The Lake Festival
08.09. Remchingen (D) / Slamdance Festival

13.09. Frankfurt a. M. (D) / Batschkapp *
14.09. Saarbrücken (D) / Garage *
15.09. Plymouth (UK) / White Rabbit *
16.09. Wrexham (UK) / Central Station *
17.09. Leeds (UK) / Rios *
18.09. London (UK) / Islington - Carling Academy *
19.09. Nijmegen (NL) / Doornroosje *
20.09. Hannover (D) / Musikzentrum *
21.09. Dresden (D) / Reithalle *
22.09. Berlin (D) / SO 36 (Popkomm Showcase) *
23.09. Posznan (PL) / Eskulap *
25.09. Wien (A) / Arena *
26.09. München (D) / Backstage *
27.09. Milano (I) / Transilvania Line *
28.09. Solothurn (CH) / Kofmehl *
29.09. Stuttgart (D) / t.b.a. *
30.09. Hasselt (B) / Music - O – Drom *
01.10. Hamburg (D) / Markthalle *
03.10. Osnabrück (D) / Hyde Park *
04.10. Dordrecht (NL) / Bibelot *
05.10. Jena (D) / F-Haus *
06.10. Essen (D) / Fun Box Amalie *
07.10. Schweinfurt (D) / Alter Stadtbahnhof *

* - Hell On Earth Tour 2007 with Walls Of Jericho, Born From Pain, All Shall Perish and From A Second Story Window

12.10. Fuerstenfeld (A) / JZ Coyoba
13.10. Donauwoerth (D) / Jugendzentrum
31.10. Freising (D) / Lindenkeller
01.11. Luzern (CH) / Sedel
02.11. Lustenau (A) / Factory
03.11. Uster (CH) / Rock City
10.11. Bad Oeyenhausen (D) / Druckerei
08.12. Magdeburg (D) / tba

DECAPITATED - NEW PICTURES FROM SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR is hosting a gallery of nearly 120 pictures of DECAPITATED from their recent show in Worcester, MA. The Summer Slaughter Tour may be over, but you can relieve DECAPITATED’s set in all its brutal glory by checking out the amazing shots here.

Fresh off their stint on the Summer Slaughter Tour, DECAPITATED is still looking for more heads to smash. You can bet that they’ll find it down in Mexico, where they will be heading up a 3 night stand on the dates listed here.


The rip-roaring new release from US thrashers Municipal Waste is now available to buy as a limited edition coloured vinyl. Fans can choose from 10 different colours of 'The Art Of Partying' Vinyl LP - a definite must-have for any collection.

The colours include:
Transparent Yellow
Transparent Purple
Transparent Green
Transparent Red


UK metallers Biomechanical have unfortunately had to pull out of the upcoming Sikth tour at short notice due to the fire which broke out in the recording studio last week.

This unexpected event at The Ecology Rooms studio, as reported last week, has led to the mixing of the forthcoming album 'Cannibalised' to be postponed and rescheduled for the same time as the Sikth tour. This has led Biomechanical with no option but to pull out of the tour.

Biomechanical are extremely sorry to disappoint any fans and would like to apologise to Sikth who picked the band personally as their support.

'Cannibalised' is due to be released early 2008. To find out more about the album head over to

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