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Pure Metal News: February 2006

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February 2006 News: Part 2

ANGEL BLAKE line-up revealed! 

Marko Tervonen - guitarist and driving force behind ANGEL BLAKE - has revealed the line-up for upcoming live shows and albums to come.

'I'm proud to announce this strong line up for Angel Blake:

Tony Jelencovich - Vocals

Marko Tervonen - Guitars

Janne Saarenpää - Drums

Örjan Wressel - Contrabass

Christian Älvestam - Guitars

I'm sure you'll recognize some of the names. Janne, my old partner in crime from THE CROWN days. I´m sure this living drummachine doesn´t need further introduction. It's an honour to have you onboard homie!

Tony, the man with the pipes from hell. He used to front Transport League and today uses Mnemic to exorcise the more aggressive demons. Christian, a long time friend, he's also active in Scar Symmetry and Unmoored to name a few of his projects. A multi talented artist who will also deliver some backing vocals live.

And then there's Örjan Wressel - recognize the name? I thought you wouldn't. Örjan has not been active as a musician in the metal scene before. ANGEL BLAKE will be his introduction to metal and all the madness that comes with it. Örjan takes care of the contrabass duties in AB + backing vocals. Should I mention how heavy a slightly distorted contrabass sounds?

I can't wait to go on stage to deliver some music with this very strong line-up, it´s gonna be totally awesome! Until then, all the best!

CATARACT recording new album!


First off, we are clearing out our old merchandise. We’re more or less giving it away, but not for free haha! We will add pictures of the old items to the shop, including the prices - so make a hit as long as stocks last. If you order new stuff we will add a little something (i.e. a shirt) for free if you spend more than 30 EUR and a big something (i.e. a sweater) if your order exceeds 60 EUR. Please do not forget to mention the desired size if its not already given through your order and please note that we do NOT have ALL sizes for the blowout items in stock. 

New release in the making!

We are currently working hard on our next and fourth full length. We went to eversound studios last weekend and recorded a demo version of ten finished tracks - and it turned out just great. If you liked 'With Triumph Comes Loss', you will like the new stuff! We’ll add some final touches to those songs and we’ll also finish the remaining tracks and then we’re off to the studio at the end of January. Again, we’ll join forces with Tue Madsen who also produced our last album. We’ll keep him busy for the whole month of February and we’re sure this will be a killer recording again! 

We’ll be writing more about the studio session in the next newsletter, as we’ll send it our by mid February when we’re done recording the basic tracks. We’ll also try to update our webpage during the studio, however, the session is a little bit more important. We also hope we can confirm a release date by then. As for the CD, we’ve got the layout almost done by now. We also did some photos on the roofs of Zurich and in the pits of the Kon-Tiki pub to go with it, plus a new design for the webpage is in the making and will be released with the CD. We’re thinking about adding a guestbook - keep checking back so you see what’s going on.

First shows 2006

10.03.06 - ébullition, Bulle - CH - supports tba

11.03.06 - Wolfsklause, Oberwolfach - GER - w/epitome of frail

15.04.06 - Killerfest, Amiens - FRA -

22.04.06 - Treibhaus, Luzern - CH -

09.06.06 - Devil Days Festival, Sankt Leonhard am Forst - AUT

16.06.06 - Metalliga Open Air, Lustenau - AUT -  

EKTOMORF - New album announced

On the July 10th, 2006 EKTOMORF will invade Tue Madson´s Antfarm Studios to record their upcoming album 'OUTCAST'!  

ANTHRAX - Support act announced

BEYOND FEAR, the new band featuring former JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens, have been confirmed as the opening act for ANTHRAX on their upcoming European headlining tour.

Confirmed dates are as follows:
Apr. 08 - Sheffield, UK - Corperation
Apr. 09 - Wolverhampton, UK - Wolfrun Hall
Apr. 10 - London, UK - Astoria
Apr. 11 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
Apr. 12 - Glasgow, UK - ABC
Apr. 14 - Tilburg, NETH - 013
Apr. 15 - Antwerp, BEL - Hof Ter Lo
Apr. 16 - Strasbourg, FRA - La Laiterie
Apr. 17 - Bochum, GER - Matrix
Apr. 18 - Copenhagen, DEN - Vega
Apr. 19 - Gothenburg, SWE - Tagarn
Apr. 21 - Helsinki, FIN - Nosturi
Apr. 22 - Tampere, FIN - Pakkahouse
Apr. 24 - Hamburg, GER - Markthalle
Apr. 25 - Saarbrücken, GER - Garage
Apr. 26 - Zürich, SWI - Rostofflager
Apr. 27 - Trevisto, ITA - New Age
Apr. 28 - Milan, ITA - Live Club
Apr. 29 - Reggio Emilia, ITA - Temo Rock

RAGE - Victor Smolski to serve as judge  

On February 25, RAGE guitarist Victor Smolski will be a judge together with the drumming legend Tommy Aldridge (OZZY OSBOURNE, TED NUGENT, WHITESNAKE) at the Asian Beat Grand Final (ABGF). Asian Beat is a band contest in the Asian region, with participants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines who won the preliminary eleminations in each countries. During the course of the Asian Beat Grand Final (ABGF), Victor will give a workshop in Singapore, sponsored by Yamaha Asia Pacific Division.

DEATHSTARS - London show confirmed  

Swedish death glam rockers DEATHSTARS will be supporting LACUNA COIL on the March 5th, 2006 at the Forum in London (UK).  


COLDSEED - Begin mixing debut CD  

COLDSEED, the new band featuring former BLIND GUARDIAN/current SAVAGE CIRCUS skinsman Thomen Stauch and SOILWORK singer Björn "Speed" Strid, will begin mixing their debut album on February 5 with engineer Charly Czajkowsky. The CD will be completed by the end of the month for a spring release. 


VARIOUS ARTISTS - New audio samples uploaded  

NUCLEAR BLAST have uploaded brand new audio samples of upcoming releases from bands like RAGE; BLIND GUARDIAN; SCAR SYMMETRY; BAL SAGOTH; SINISTER amm. Check out the songs here! 


IN FLAMES - Live pics uploaded  

Swedish melodic Death Metal heroes IN FLAMES have uploaded several live pics from their appearance at Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles CA; USA from January 28th, 2006 on their official homepage. Click here to watch the pictures! 


GOREFEST - European tour cancelled  

Dutch death metallers GOREFEST have issued the following statement regarding their cancelled European tour:

"Due to severe problems at the side of German agency Bruchstein Records, we have been forced to cancel our entire European tour. We are extremely disappointed with the way things have been dealt with, and as such have lost all faith in the whole operation. Rest assured we're working very hard to try and salvage as much from this wreckage as possible, and hope to do most of these shows properly at a later time. 

Our sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting for so long to see us, and now have to wait even longer. We'd also like to apologize to MASTER, LUNAFIELD, RESSURECTURIS, and KRAGENS. Just like you guys, we were all geared up and ready to go. Decisions like these are not easily made but as much as we wanted to do this, things have been turning rapidly into a farce. As we refuse to be toyed with, there really was no other choice. We hope we can rely on everyone's patience, so we can lay out some frightfully heavy metal for ya as soon as we get things back on track!" 


CALLENISH CIRCLE Mexico Tour Report 

Callenish Circle supporting Paradise Lost in Mexico - Tour-report by Patrick Savelkoul- 

A few months ago we got an offer to support Paradise Lost on their 3 Mexican dates. An offer we didn’t have to think about twice since Paradise Lost is one of the bands that initially inspired us to start playing this kind of music. As some people still might remember Callenish Circle originally started as a cover band back in the early 90’ies by playing covers of bands like Death, Pestilence, Bolt Thrower and yes- Paradise Lost. So it speaks for itself we were very proud we now (almost 14 years later) got the chance to support one of these bands.

After months of preparations and taking care of loads of paperwork we finally left home on Wednesday 05.30am to catch our first flight in Brussels. The flight from Brussels to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Mexico City went pretty smoothly and at the airport in Mexico City we were already welcomed by promoter Rodrigo (Inferno Productions) and the roadcrew. Soon after that we were picked up by the touring car that would transport us (and fellow countrymen Asrai) during the next 3 days of our trip. During our travel to Monterrey (where the first show was booked) we were first pulled over by the Mexican border patrol who inspected the touring car but not very thoroughly if I may say so. But then, just 2 hours before our arrival in Monterrey, we got a very unpleasant inspection from the national migration service who claimed the paperwork (working visas) were not ok. 

These f##kers really gave us a hard time ‘cause we had to drive back for almost an hour to their nice little office to get everything sorted. After more than 2 hours of endless waiting at the migration station and Rodrigo paying them a sh*tload of ca$h we were finally released so we could continue our trip to Monterrery where we arrived pretty late in the afternoon. All in all we travelled nearly 40 ! hours (by car, plane & bus) to the first show that was scheduled on Thursday-evening in Club Iguana. 

After a quick meeting with the 2 other bands (Paradise Lost  & The Birthday Massacre) and Carlos (the other half of Inferno Productions) we went to the hotel for a few hours of very welcomed sleep.

Despite the exhausting travel our very first show on Mexican ground went pretty well and also the audience seemed to like our stuff a lot as they responded in a very enthusiastic way. Unfortunately the (vocal) monitoring on stage was really bad so I forced my voice a little bit too much but all in all it was a nice show and a good warming up for the 2 other shows still to come. When headliner Paradise Lost entered the stage we were kinda curious how the band would sound in 2005. 

Most of us hadn’t seen the band for quite a long time but all of us were positively surprised by their tight performance that night. The band played a superb show and also the newer material sounded really great live. Well- maybe a classic like ‘As I Die-’ will never be written again but still the band really caught our full attention and so we decided to watch their entire set even though we were extremely tired of the exhausting travel. After the show the club was quickly transformed into a techno/house club and it looked liked a nice party was going to be started but unfortunately we had to leave early that night as another long trip was waiting for us.


So immediately after the show we went back to the hotel for a quick shower and right after that we continued our trip to Guadalajara, where we were scheduled to play at the well-known Hardrock Live Club on Friday-evening. After a long bus trip of nearly 12 hours (again without too much sleep) we finally reached Guadalajara and it was a very cool venue with a big stage. When we arrived at the venue the first fans were already waiting outside for signatures, photographs and a friendly chat- a sign of what was still to come later on that night. 

Right after our show we had some mixed feelings ‘cause we made a couple of big fu*k-ups in our set due to the extremely bad sound on stage. For example Gav (drummer) wasn’t able to hear anything of the rest of the band- and that makes playing together pretty difficult I can assure you. On the other hand the fans went completely nuts during our show by screaming out the lyrics, banging their heads like maniacs and going completely crazy in the big slamming pit- hell yeah, that’s the way we like it! 

After our show we went back into the venue where we autographed tons of CD’s & concert-tickets and got caught on photo-camera by an insane crowd. A lot of fans even told us they just came to see Callenish Circle, which was really a big surprise because upfront we thought Callenish Circle was still pretty much unknown in the Mexican territory- how wrong we were! J 

On the last (Satur)day we travelled back to Mexico City which was an adventure on its own. Mexico City is a huge (the biggest in the world?) city with not less than 26 million inhabitants. That’s 10 million people more than the whole population over here in The Netherlands. It takes more than 3 hours of (highway) travelling to drive through the entire city. People who have been there know what I am talking about I guess- this city was like a big frightening monster swallowing everything and everybody around. 

So after almost 2,5 hours cruising through the city we finally arrived at the Gran Forum venue. The venue itself was pretty huge and outside the first fans were already waiting for our arrival. Outside there was also a little metalmarket with all kinds of bootlegged merchandise. Our show went really great again and this time without the major f*ck-ups of the day before. The audience went totally crazy once again and even though we were exhausted from the intense travelling we gave our last drop of energy to the insane crowd. 

What happened after the show I still find hard to believe- as soon as we left the backstage area we were surrounded by an almost hysterical crowd who all wanted autographs, pictures, guitar picks, drumsticks, set lists, even our wet clothing was demanded- maybe they thought we were some kind of popular boy-band- hahaha. But with this show we unfortunately also reached the end of the tour and so it was time to pack our bags and travel back to the airport again. We said goodbye to the lads of Paradise Lost (and their crew) whom all turned out to be very friendly guys after all. 

At the airport we also got ripped off for nearly 500 Euro by the official money exchange office. So everybody travelling to Mexico City beware of these thieves! After a long and totally exhausting travel we arrived back home on Monday morning- back to normal life ‘cause on Tuesday our regular jobs were waiting again. Looking back I can say this was not just a musical experience but definitely a lifetime experience that we will remember the rest of our lives.

So hereby we want to thank Carlos & Rodrigomo Mejia (Inferno Productions), the rest of the Mejia family and the entire roadcrew for doing a great job and making this all possible for us. And last but not least all the fans for coming out to the shows- be sure we will be back soon!  

Muchos gracias amigos !!! 

Cheerz, Pat on behalf of C


CATARACT studio update 02/02/06 

'A sunny but freezing hello from Denmark to all metalheads worldwide!!! This is the fourth day of sweating, hitting, crunching, tuning, cracking, thrashing and swearing care of cataracts latest mission - recording the follow up to "With Triumph Comes Loss" in Tue Madsen's Antfarm Studios. We're progressing amazingly well so far, all drum tracks have been pounded into bits during the first three days of this session. today we gave those tracks the final check to set everything on GO for guitars, bass and vocals;

and let us tell you, the drum sound will be huge! We also used time to work on the guitar sound, recorded some bits here and there to see what it sounds like. Working with Tue - once again - is fantastic and very productive, even though he's giving us a hard time and loads of "you can do this better" during the process. We were kinda surprised about how much he has incorporated into our demo recordings, giving us loads of ideas and alternative views on what we will do during the recordings. We can be sure that he, as much as we do, wants this album to be the best and most brutal cataract album ever. And we can tell you, we're on the right road to that.

We'll get back to ya - we want to watch some Metallica DVDs now!'


HALLOWS EVE Re-Issue - 4-Disc-Set!!! 

Metal Blade Records is about to release a Deluxe Boxset by HALLOWS EVE entitled 'History Of Terror'.

This boxset includes all three Metal Blade albums (all remastered!), piles of bonus material and a bonus-DVD (with a playing time of plus 200 minutes!)!!! Liner notes will be included as well. 

DEATHSTARS - Enter German charts

DEATHSTARS have entered the German Media Control Charts on Pos. 87! Congratulations!  


DARKANE - Drum Clinics announced  

DARKANE drummer Peter Wildoer will be conducting three joint drum clinics with drum great Rodney Holmes in Sweden and Denmark. These clinics were arranged by Peter's endorsers Meinl cymbals and Tama drums. The dates are as follows:

Monday, February 13 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Link: (Click Slagtoj)

Tuesday, February 14 - Helsingborg, Sweden

Wednesday, February 15 - Gothenburg, Sweden


COMMUNIC - TV feature  

A television feature on the Norwegian progressive/power metal trio COMMUNIC was recently shown in Norway. Watch it online at (Note: the feature is in Norwegian and the reporter erroneously refers to COMMUNIC as a "black metal" band).

COMMUNIC have already entered Hansen studios in Ribe, Denmark last Friday, February 3rd to begin recording their sophomore album, entitled 'Waves of Visual Decay'.

According to the band, "These songs seems to continue where [the debut album] Conspiracy In Mind left off, and has turned out to be a tad more heavy in some ways, but we are sure that it will give you the 'COMMUNIC fix' that you are waiting for..."


HAMMERFALL - Video with Olympic Curling team


HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"February has come, and with that two big things for us: the annual Swedish Grammy Awards next week, and the Olympics beginning on the 10th. As I already have [mentioned], we recorded a video for 'Hearts On Fire' together with the Swedish Women's Olympic Curling Team. It has already been played on sports channels/programs in Canada and Norway, and I hope more will follow suit. You can now watch the video online:

Windows Media:
Quick Time:

As for the Grammy Awards, they take place next Tuesday (February 7th), and will be live on national TV4. The category we're nominated in, 'Hard Rock', will be part of the broadcast this time. Previously, the category hasn't always been deemed suitable for television, and was edited out of the broadcast. But now it's back, with CANDLEMASS, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, OPETH and MESHUGGAH being the other four nominees. Should be a great evening with these guys, good luck to all!" 


AS I LAY DYING to re-release Pluto recordings! 

Please stop paying $40 - $75 for our old CD's on used CD websites! This MayJune we're re-releasing our first two recordings previously out on Pluto Records. Both "Beneath the Encasing of Ashes", which was recorded two months after the band started, and our split EP songs, which were recorded a year later, will both be on one CD. Wait until May and you'll spend less than $15 to get two CD's worth of material. Understand that it is old material, but you'll be surprised hearing what we did to some of the songs to make them sound clearer.

Jordan Mancino voted Favorite Drummer in HM Magazine!
For the second year in a row, readers of HM Magazine have voted Jordan Mancino their favorite drummer! Big thanks to everyone who voted. Be sure to pick up the March issue of HM Magazine for the results of the 2005 Reader’s Poll.

*live photos by Chris Jaime


BRAINSTORM announce first run of festival Shows for 2006 

About time to break the silence, dudes. We are proud to announce a first pack of festival dates for Brainstorm in 2006. Our first show this year will see our live debut in Oslo, Norway on the Ragna Rock kick off, followed by a nice trip to Malaga, Spain and some cool German festivals like the Sägfestival, this years Rock Hard Festival and a stop in our neighbourhood on the Rock Am Härtsfeldsee. 

Also, we are very happy to say that 2006 will see the long overdue return to the UK where Brainstorm will play the mighty Bloodstock UK Metalfest. Really very looking forward to kick some serious ass this year and seeing all of you again. More shows are close to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more to come.

Rock hard, ride free and god bless you all!

Todde and Brainstorm 


24. Feb 2006 - NORWAY, Oslo @ Ragna Rock Kick Off

10. Mar 2006 - SPAIN, Malaga @ Atarfe Vega Rock
19. May 2006 - GERMANY, Greding @ Sägfestival

02. - 04. June 2006 - GERMANY, Gelsenkirchen @ Rock Hard Festival
16. - 17. June 2006 - GERMANY, Dischingen @ Rock Am Härtsfeldsee

30. September 2006 - UK, Derby @ Bloodstock 06 UK Metalfest


SIX FEET UNDER confirmed for Wacken Open Air! 

We are proud to announce our third appearance at this years Waken Open Air Festival 2006 -this August. It should be as brutal as always and we are really looking forward to bringing the blood to all our crazy German Six Feet Undertakers!!! We will have more info as it presents itself and corresponding dates in Europe surrounding Waken as well-stay tuned!!! 

*Group photo by Joe Giron


THE ABSENCE to shoot video for 'From Your Grave'! 

Metal Blade Recording artists The Absence is set to shoot their first professional video for the title track off their debut record, 'From Your Grave', on February 3rd, 2006. 

This journey will take them from the greater Tampa Bay area up some 1200+ miles to Toledo Ohio to film in one of the largest and oldest structures in Toledo's historic Old West End 'The Collingwood’s Arts Center.' The Collingwood’s started out as the convent for The Ursuline Order of the Sacred Heart, opening its doors in 1905. It is now a registered historical site, and claimed to be haunted. 

The Absence were approached by the directors of Ignition Films LLC, Brian Taylor and
Dave Ayling, whose previous works had already caught the attention of the band. 'I remember seeing the Sacred Nothing video by SUMMON (Moribund Records) on FUSE TV and thought for sure these guys would understand what we’re looking for with our video.' says Jeramie Kling.

'Yeah, we’re not going for some over the top super imposed full concept video,' claims Patrick Pintavalle, 'We just want to shoot somewhere interesting and have the main focus on us, meaning our music, not some silly story line.'

Taken from the History archives of the Collingwood’s: 'Contrary to the opinions of various paranormal enthusiasts, very few incidents of paranormal activity have been witnessed by the residents. Although "orbs" (said to be a deceased person's energy or life force) can be captured in photographs quite routinely- If such paranormal activity exists, it merely adds to the unique flavor and ambience of one of the largest and oldest structures in Toledo's historic Old West End.'

The band concurs, 'Orbs would make a nice touch, and the unique flavor sounds delicious!'

*live photos by Will Hawkins 


THE OCEAN announce new member, new video clip & new live dates! 

We're happy to welcome guitar player Maik Antrack aboard. Mike debuted with us this weekend in Oberhausen and Solingen and will be joining us for parts of the upcoming tour. 

A new video-clip for the song "One with the Ocean" is in the making and will be up on our website soon. The clip was cut by our visual artist Nils Lindenhayn and is made up of quite hilarious 1970's propaganda material plagiarised from the United States Ministry of Defence. It is a strikingly unconventional clip that sets itself apart from the boring 'angry-young-men-in-an-abandoned-factory-building' -style music video-clips so rampant in the realm of heavy music these days. 

THE OCEAN live-update:

04.02.2006 | BERLIN Kato

15.03.2006 | HAMBURG Fundbüro

16.03.2006 | FLENSBURG Kühlhaus

17.03.2006 | DK - ROSKILDE Gimle

18.03.2006 | DK - AALBORG 1000Fryd

23.03.2006 | DK - COPENHAGEN Lades Kaelder

24.03.2006 | SCHWERIN Doktor K

25.03.2006 | NÜRNBERG Kunstverein

26.03.2006 | CZ - PRAHA 007

27.03.2006 | MUNICH Sunny Red

28.03.2006 | A - WIEN Movimento

31.03.2006 | I - MILANO Leoncavallo

01.04.2006 | I - BOLZANO Bunkercenter

09.04.2006 | F - PARIS Le Batofar

10.04.2006 | WIESBADEN Schlachthof

11.04.2006 | KÖLN Sonic Ballroom

12.04.2006 | B - LEUVEN Sojo

13.04.2006 | NL - TILBURG 013

14.04.2006 | NL - AMSTERDAM Melkweg

15.04.2006 | NL - SNEEK Het Bolwerk

16.04.2006 | BOCHUM - Bastion

26.04.2006 | L - ESCH Kulturfabrik

27.04.2006 | KARLSRUHE Substage

28.04.2006 | GROSSROSSELN Rock im Warndt Open Air

29.04.2006 | WÜRZBURG B-Hof

30.04.2006 | EISENACH Gleis 1



GOD FORBID Prepares For U.S Tour With Children of Bodom 

GOD FORBID continue their touring assault on the U.S. as direct support to Children of Bodom this spring. The group just completed a highly successful run direct support to Anthrax and are currently in the midst of a headlining run with Sworn Enemy, Manntis and Cannae. They will proceed to embark on a massive U.K. run with Trivium before heading back to the U.S.this March.


GOD FORBID recently completed a stunning new video for the track "To The Fallen Hero" (with acclaimed director Shane Drake [Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights]). It to will be making its US TV debut on Fuse and MTV2 late next month. Click below to check out some photos from the shoot. - scroll down to see the GF boys looking very dapper, all suited and booted. 

Doc Coyle (guitars, vocals) further describes his excitement over the upcoming influx of touring activity: "Doc here from GOD FORBID checking in once again from our never-ending touring adventure. We just finished up a couple weeks with the legendary Anthrax which I have to say is one of the best tours we have ever done. Most of the shows were sold out or packed to the gills. Anthrax and their crew were extremely welcoming and accommodating to us. I was also surprised how cool their fans were.

I expected an older crowd, but I thought turnout was very diverse from old to young to even whole families coming out. I think we made a lot of new fans in a short time, which is what it's all about. Anthrax really brings it live, and I really felt like we were part of history even though we were a support band. 

I'll always remember this tour fondly. It's been fun as hell to get back out with our old friends in Sworn Enemy and new friends in Manntis. We are in the midst of doing some intimate shows with those guys and the fellas in Cannae on the way home. It'll cool to play some cities we've never played before in Canada as well.

"We get to rest for a couple weeks, before doing the U.K./IRE tour with Trivium, which is going to be goddamn huge to say the least. It has also just been announced that we'll be hitting the road with Children of Bodom for a few weeks in March-April. I have been a fan since I had to buy their first record on import. I'm immensely looking forward to this tour, to say the least. I hear they are quite the drinkers, so I might have to do prepare for some long nights, dehydration, and a bit of anarchy. I also wanted to thank everyone who voted for GOD FORBID on the Sounds of The Underground online poll. We were finished at #1 overwhelmingly with 22% of the vote. Anyway, see ya on the road." 

The group's critically acclaimed new album, IV: Constitution of Treason, produced by Jason Suecof (Trivium) and Eric Rachel (Atreyu, Dillinger Escape Plan), the album -- a socially and politically charged vision of a post-apocalyptic world -- further displays the incredible creativity and talent of one of the most highly-respected bands in metal today.

GOD FORBID w/Children of Bodom, Through The Eyes of The Dead - U.S.


03/25 House of Blues - Cleveland, OH

03/26 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH

03/27 Club Zoo - Pittsburgh, PA

03/29 House of Blues - Chicago, IL

03/30 Pop's - St. Louis, MO

03/31 Granada Theatre - Lawrence, KS

04/01 Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK

04/03 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV

04/05 Sunshine Theatre - Albuquerque, NM

04/07 Colonial Theatre - Sacramento, CA

04/08 Slims - San Francisco, CA

04/10 House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

Official Website - <>

CELTIC FROST: Official release date for "Monotheist" revealed 

It's official! The release date of CELTIC FROST's return strike "Monotheist" has been confirmed: On May 29th, 2006 the long-awaited new opus will hit the stores!Prepare for what is probably destined to be the darkest and heaviest creative musical output of the year and undoubtedly a sonic ceremony adequately celebrating the band's highly anticipated return! 

Four years in the making, formed around brilliant conceptual ideas lyrically, musically and visually "Monotheist" is what people expect of the legendary visionaries and even much, much more. Followed by extensive live activities during this summer and beyond, CELTIC FROST is more than ready to present themselves in flesh and blood again after such a long period of being absent.

As an update on CELTIC FROST's festival appearances the band has just been confirmed as headliner of the Rock Hard Festival (D) annually organised by the well-known German hardrock/metal magazine on June 2nd to 4th, 2006. 

Further festivals headlined by the band include the European metal event

No.1 Wacken Festival (D), Sweden Rock (S), With Full Force (D), Tuska

Festival (FIN) and Hole In The Sky (N).

Please see the individual websites of these festivals or the Century

Media website for more detailed information on the live dates of CELTIC FROST. < < 


New Primordial + new Desaster tourdates!


11.02.06 D Leipzig - "Scheddel" Moritzbastei (w/ Holy Moses and more)

04.03.06 SWE Sandviken - Rockklubben (w/ Devil Lee Rot)

08.04.06 D Trier Exhaus "Tales from the Underground" Festival

21.04.06 D Bamberg Live Club (w/ Delirium Tremens a.o.)

22.04.06 D Weimar Kasseturm (w/ Avatar a.o.)

29.04.06 D Wesseling -Aula Gartenstr. 'Voll auf die Ohren Festival' (w/ Tankard, Blood Red Angel, Jack Slater, Hexenhammer, Scornage a.o.)

03./ 04.06.06 D Bitterfeld - United Metal Maniacs Open Air (w/ Deströyer666, Dekapitator, Decayed, Primordial a.m.)

15.07.06 D Erbstetten - Metallic Noise Festival Open Air

25.11.06 D Hamm - Ragers Elite Festival (w/ Delirious a.o.) 


07.04.06 Fri D Lichtenfels @ RAGNARÖK Festival

08.04.06 Sat NL Arnhem @ Goudvishal

09.04.06 Sun NL Eindhoven @ Dynamo Club

10.04.06 Mon D Hamburg @ Fundbureau

11.04.06 Tue D Berlin @ Kato

12.04.06 Wed D Ludwigsburg @ Rockfabrik NEW!!!

13.04.06 Thu D Bad Salzungen@ Kallewerk

14.04.06 Fri B Vosselaar @ Biebob

15.04.06 Sat D Osnabrück / Georgsmarienhütte @ Tor 3

16.04.06 Sun D Leipzig @ Hellraiser




Metal Blade Records will release the new IF HOPE DIES album 'Life In Ruin' on the 10th of April in Europe (April 7th in G/A/S)!

The album will be released under license from Ironclad Recordings, the label of UNEARTH singer Trevor Phipps.

'Life In Ruin' was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jason Suecof (Trivium, God Forbid, Roadrunner All Stars) at Audiohammer Studios in Orlando, Florida this past October.

A new track "Fear Will Keep Them in Line" can be heard here and here

Track listing for the disc is as follows

KATAKLYSM - Change plans for 'Crippled & Broken' video

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM have changed their plans of shooting their video for the song 'Crippled & Broken' in Amsterdam this April. Instead the band decided to film the video clip in Montreal, QC with Maurice Swinkel of Lowlife Media next week. Although some of the shots and story plot have already been filmed over last weekend in remote parts of Holland, the band will be filmed in Montreal from February 16th to 19th. 'Crippled & Broken' is the band's first video from the new album, 'In The Arms Of Devastation' - which became a favourite of the critics worldwide!!!- , and deals with a war veteran dealing with post-war syndrome. According to the band, "Expect a heavy video exploring the mind of a broken down soldier. The video should be ready for submission before the band's live assault begins. Expect a brand new eCard with the video track in the next few days."


FOU - Sterling Black Icon 

On March, 27th 'Sterling Black Icon' - the second full length album (third release in total) - of FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING will be released in Europe (March 24th in G/A/S).

'Sterling Black Icon' is a masterpiece of Death Metal with loads of eerie and haunting melodies. Brutal but melodic, technical but catchy, FOU combine all the extremes of Death Metal in a massive album. No mercy for the weak!

Comments guitarist Sascha Ehrich: ''Sterling Black Icon' - the 3rd chapter in the history of FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - takes us miles of steps closer to the sophistication of the characteristic songwriting we’ve ever been standing for and nevertheless believe in: 'Swedish Styled Death Metal' (- from Tyskland by the way). With a new 5th face (Sam Anetzberger) on the front, we finally could play with a more variable double vocal performance that highly enriches every single song. We are proud announcing that the entire material got catchier and much more melodic but not less aggressive!

One hookline persues the next, one twin melody drifts into another - beauties and beasts never were that close to each other!' 

The production of 'Sterling Black Icon' went out great due to the excellent mix and mastering work of Christoph Brandes at the Iguana Studios (e.g. Necrophagist, etc.).

Glad to add that the outward appearance was done in co-operation with Niklas Sundin and Groundfrost.

Here is the tracklist of 'Sterling Black Icon':
Carmine Preface (Entrance)
Sterling Black Icon
Weave Their Barren Path
Dear Floating Water
Breathe In The Black To See
Ride For A Fall
A Faint Illumination
Live For The Moment, Stay ´Til The End
Scythe Of Scarecrow
Onward To The Finger Of God
Stand The Tempest
Chambre Noire (Departure) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS - UK street teamers wanted

If you´re creative and you like talking to other fans, hitting message boards, meeting up with bands and tour managers then you´re the link to the kids! NUCLEAR BLAST wants you to join the amazing street team in the UK! Do you think, you've got what it takes to become a ‘royal street teamer’, then click here or send in your profile to!

IN FLAMES - "Come Clarity" tops the charts

Swedish governments exportation award winners IN FLAMES have entered the Swedish AND Finish charts on Position #1 !!! Amazing! Congratulations!

Here´s an overview of the fantastic chart entries.
More to come - !!

IN FLAMES - Come Clarity
Schweden / Sweden #1
Finnland / Finland #1

'Come Clarity' has also vaulted to the top of the college radio and commercial specialty Hard Rock charts - across the board (USA) - in just it’s second week.

Propelled by the single and video ‘Take This Life’, Come Clarity has taken over the #1 position on the CMJ Loud Rock and FMQB Metal Detector charts, as well as the CMJ Loud Rock Select Albums, Mediaguide Metal Specialty Albums and Mediaguide Metal Specialty Songs charts, respectively. 


EDGUY - "Drug Bust" goes bust  

Frontman Tobias Sammet has posted the following tour update at the band's official website:

"Hello from a hotel room in Madrid. Everything is going great so far, almost every show had been sold out or was at least close. Yesterday in Italy there was a weird thing going on. Around midnight, I guess it wasn't even ten in the morning, Italian police officers disturbed our beauty sleep on the tour bus asking for money. Weird, I thought the days of corruption in the civilized world were long gone. Half asleep I replied 'It's not Manni, it's Tobi!' Then one of the sheriffs asked me for drugs. I mean, even if I took drugs and had some, I wouldn't share them with a corrupted police officer, would you?!

I was tempted to ask if he couldn't maybe specify what he was in need of exactly. But it seemed they weren't in a funny mood. I mean: we don't do drugs and I told him that all we had was some whiskey and beer. His answer was "Den I come widda dog!" Yes, each to his own, there's people who like to come with dogs. 

Anyway, the whole procedure took 45 minutes and they turned the bus upside down. We neither had a hostage by the name of Manni, nor did we have drugs. All we finally had was a bad mood and dog's hair everywhere and a terrible smell. Our lighting engineer said it was his first time having been woken up by a dog's a**hole on his face. Weird sh*t happens!!!

Anyway, the Italian fans have been worth it! Even a dog's a** on Holgi's face. It was a female dog anyway. This tour is great fun and it feels great to be out to see you guys!"

Take care, Tobi!

SUBWAY TO SALLY - "Echo" nomination

SUBWAY TO SALLY, Germany's most successful "medieval" rock/metal band, have been nominated for the German ‘Echo’ in the 'Künstler Rock/Alternative National" category. Other nominated bands are: In Extremo, Element of Crime, Kettcar and Rammstein.

The Echo ceremony will be held on March 12th at the ‘Estrel Convention Centre’ in Berlin!

This past weekend, BW&BK scribe Chris Bruni had the exclusive opportunity to preview the new, as-yet-untitled VOIVOD album, and here were some of his observations upon first listen...

Going into this album with the deck stacked against them, VOIVOD seemed to be pushed against a wall, face-to-face with the many impending obstacles laid down before them. But after hearing a full-on pre-mix version of the entire, as-yet-untitled album (at time of this review), it becomes so clear that one of VOIVOD's greatest strengths is excelling when the odds are candidly against them, defying them with integrity, class, and courage.

To hear the new Voivod album, and to hear how such an album was put together, it seems like a miracle that it even manifested. But of course VOIVOD rose up to the challenge and triumphed.

Nevertheless, the first impression after the final moments of the closing track, 'The Getaway', were heard, it was easy to come to the conclusion that this will undoubtedly be one of the most important metal albums of 2006.

The overall vibe and aura of the new VOIVOD is simply overwhelming, and to hear the late Piggy's ethereal and unearthly guitar vibes was a chilling experience indeed (especially in the environment in which the new album was presented to yours truly, in the company of drummer Michel "Away" Langevin and singer Denis "Snake" Belanger at Multisons Studios).

Overall, the album is heavy. Damn heavy with a dark undercurrent running its course throughout the massive and unforgiving wall-of-sound. Almost like a more aggressive "Dimension Hatröss", while still maintaining that experimental edge with the cool luminous dark-rock-groove of "Angel Rat" and "The Outer Limits", all while continuing in the character of their self-titled comeback album from 2003 and taking said character that much further...

Just a simple first impression of course (although my hair stands on end just thinking about it), but according to Away, at the time of this session, there is still a bit more work to be done, like bringing up the guitars a bit more in the mix (which by the way do not sound like clean home-recorded "demos" whatsoever, Piggy's guitar manifestations upholding the true unique power they have always been known for doing) and adding some acoustic interludes, segments in which Piggy recorded at his girlfriend's place on a "primitive" digital four-track, these specific segments being some of the very final moments Piggy would commit to tape before his death.

Comprised of ten tracks that will grace the new opus, here is a quick track-by-track description of what we can expect:

'Dognation' - The opening track pretty much sets the stage in traditional VOIVOD-ian fashion with its massive hypnotic tones searing forth through a powerful groove, Jason Newsted's powerful bass tone, elegantly crafted pounding drums, and Snake's traditional distinct savvy metallic vocals, all coming at you in full-force. And this is only the beginning...

'X-Tremetal' - I kinda like to call this one the "driving song", with its upbeat and catchy tone pretty much being the dominating force with powerful guitar breakdowns which have that trademark Piggy surgical resonance. It appears almost as if Snake is singing about driving a cool car, and driving it fast, with his "Let's roll..." line bringing an infectious tone to it all.

'Polaroids' - The rock vibe continues to follow-through, but this time, subtly juxtaposed with more of Piggy's dissonant riff structures, which almost sound strangulating in nature, but then let up for the flow, while ominously returning for the kill.

'After All' - Piggy's guitar histrionics continue to morph, grind, and twist, once again creating good dialogue with Jason Newsted's bass pulsations on those monstrous breakdowns (that make metalcore breakdowns look like something The Backstreet Boys would write) and groove parts. Snake's vocals continue to infectuate as the song's climax has the singer vocally swaying, "Been there, done that..."

'No Angel' - Definitely one of the standout tracks on the album. Beginning with a very dark and spacey segment with Piggy's layered guitar ambience, said weird guitar ambience remains a dominating factor in this song. The groove laid down on this song is incredibly powerful, as Piggy's dark buzzsaw guitar solo makes its appearance in its machine-like coldness. Incredible!

'Mr. Clean' - If there were to be a first-single from the album, 'Mr. Clean' would probably be it. An infectious and an unforgivingly catchy vibe pretty much dominates this song, giving this track such an amicable character that you cannot help but simply smile in joy.

'Red My Mind' - Begins with a consistent build-up crescendo tone that lasts until the 2:20 mark and then breaks into that unforgiving wall-of-sound effect until it breaks back into those traditional, and dominating, dissonant grooves.

'Silly Clones' - Beginning with a pulsating bass, this is one of the shortest songs on the album with its wickedly playful tones being juxtaposed with heaving riff strums that almost have this call-and-response effect with each other. On top of that, prose-wise, Snake once again proves that he is one of the most unique poets in metal.

'Odds And Frauds' - The permeating recurring line that Snake huffs out, "The politicians always want more", is a characteristic of such a track that heavily builds up on guitar resonance with darker guitar ambience that permeates over the mid-paced groove until the climax builds itself up amongst a unsettling noise breakdown.

'The Getaway' - The album ends on a solid rocking note, but the one thing that stood out on this track is this dark guitar undercurrent that subtly sneaks in within the background of the sound-picture, distinguishing itself in its chameleon-like manner, almost gazing amongst the dominating pummeling rock. As the song climaxes, its pace slows down, and then abruptly stops.

CANDLEMASS - Win Swedish 'Grammy' award for 'Best Hard Rock'  

CANDLEMASS won a Swedish "Grammy" award in the "Best Hard Rock" category, beating out the likes of HAMMERFALL, Hardcore Superstar MESHUGGAH and Opeth. The Swedish doom legends were honored for their self-titled 2005 opus.
The "Grammis" awards ceremony was held Tuesday night, February 7 at Cirkus in Stockholm.

COMMUNIC - Studio report online  

COMMUNIC are currently in the studio working on the new album 'Waves Of Visual Decay'. They have a studio diary running at this location. The first three entries can be found below.

Friday 03rd February 2006 - Day 1:
"And the ball is rolling again. Seems like a brief moment since last time we were at Hansen Studio, but here we are again. Arrived today, 5.00 in the morning, and just a few hours of sleep before slavery time. Drum kit was set up and tuned ready for sound check. We used the day tuning the drums, and setting the sound. We wanted to record drums in the evening, after Jacob went home, but after some technical problems that engineering rookies like us couldn't handle we ended the day hoping for a better start tomorrow." O.S.

Saturday 04th February 2006 - Day 2:
"The sound in the drum kit is really awesome, so this is for sure going to be some killer stuff. This day turns out to be a good day, and three of the songs were recorded. And it seems like this album will be just as heavy as we expected. The songs are in true Communic style, long as always, with a bit of progressive inputs, mixed with some good thrash, and there you go.. the Communic way." T.A.

Sunday 05th February 2006 - Day 3:
"Oh sh*t, it's already 9 in the morning and Jacob is ready for more drums. After a quick shower and breakfast, it was time to take a couple of more songs. A fast sound check was taken, and a few hours later 3 other song were caught on disk. It seems like for once that we are ahead of schedule. Stay tuned for more sh*t..." T.A.

"While Tor and Jacob is recording drums I'm using the days arranging the final vocal parts and some guitar stuff on my laptop. There are still a few parts that I need to figure out. I also have one piece of lyrics to finish up. I have the basic ideas, but need some more 'flesh' on it. Other than that, the TV isn’t working and it's quite cold here in freaking Denmark. Good thing is that we left the snow back home with Erik. He will arrive later in the process to do his deeds." O.S. 

BLIND GUARDIAN - Tour dates added  

According to the BLIND GUARDIAN website, the band have added dates in England and Serbia to their tour schedule for later this year. Upcoming Blind Guardian dates (with support from ASTRAL DOORS) include:

7 in Pratteln, Switzerland at Z7
8 in München, Germany at Tonhalle
9 in Stuttgart, Germany at Congress Centrum B
11 in Langen, Germany at Stadthalle
12 in Hannover, Germany at Capitol
13 in Düsseldorf, Germany at Philippshalle
15 in Trier, Germany at Europa Halle
16 in Lichtenfels, Germany at Stadthalle
17 in Hamburg, Germany at Markthalle
21 in Malmö, Sweden at Baltiska Hallen
22 in Göteborg, Sweden at Lisebergshallen
23 in Oslo, Norway at Rockefeller
24 in Stockholm, Sweden at Annexet
26 in London, England at Electric Ballroom
27 in Dublin, Ireland at Temple Bar Music Center
29 in Tilburg, Holland at 013
30 in Antwerp, Belgium at Hof Ter Loo

1 in Paris, France at Elsyee Montmartre
6 in Madrid, Spain at La Riviera
7 in Pamplona, Spain at Anaitasuna
8 in Barcelona, Spain at Razzmatazz 1
10 in Milan, Italy at Alcatraz
11 in Florence, Italy at Saschall
13 in Vienna, Austria at Planet Music
14 in Ljubljana, Slovenia at VPK Media Park
15 in Trencin, Slovakia at Sport Hall
16 in Belgrad, Serbia at SKC Studentski Kultu

IN FLAMES - Wins Swedish Goverments Exportation Award  

IN FLAMES wins Swedish goverments exportation award at the Swedish grammy awards. This is the first metal band ever to win this award.
"Thanks to IN FLAMES, Sweden now have a Metal band in the absolute world elite", Swedish economy minister Thomas Östros said.

CLAWFINGER - More tourdates  

Swedish rap-metal outfit CLAWFINGER have announced more tour dates for their upcoming European headlining tour. Confirmed dates are as follows:

February 2006
(Supported by treekillaz")

18 Laax (SWI) Riders Palace
19 München (GER) New Backstage
20 Saarbrücken (GER) Garage
21 Luxembourg (LUX) Rockhal
22 Utrecht (HOL) Tivoli de Helling
24 London (UK) The Garage
25 Nottingham (UK) Rock City
26 Glasgow (UK) Cathouse
27 Newcastle (UK) Academy
28 Manchester (UK) Academy 3

March 2006
(Supported by treekillaz", except *)

02 Berlin (GER) SO36
03 Lüneburg (GER) Garage (+ support by Limbogott)
04 Copenhagen (DEN) The Rock*

April 2006

13 Nevers (FRA) Cafe Charbon
14 Sare (FRA) Gaztetxea Festival
15 Marmande (FRA) Garorock Festival
16 La Roche-sur-Yon (FRA) Fuzz'Yon
18 Bourg-en-Bresse (FRA) La Tannerie
19 Cannes (FRA) MJC Picaud
20 Annecy (FRA) Le Brise Glace
21 Brussels (BEL) Le Botanique
22 Quimper (FRA) Festival de Morlaix
23 Notre Dame de Gravenchon (FRA) L'Arcade
25 Lille (FRA) L'Aeronef
27 Montpellier (FRA) Le Rockstore
28 Cognac (FRA) Anciens Abattoirs
29 Savigny Le Temple (FRA) L'Empreinte
30 Strasbourg (FRA) Festival des Artefact

CANNIBAL CORPSE statement about Wacken 2006 cancellation 

We regret to announce that we have to cancel our appearance at the Wacken Open Air in 2006. The cancellation is due to a scheduling conflict with a large tour in the USA that we will be appearing on. We have now been told that the USA tour (more details on this tour will be released on February 15th) will run from July 7th to August 13th, where originally we had been told that it would likely run from June until July. We would not have scheduled a Wacken performance if we had been aware of this conflict.

We were really looking forward to playing Wacken, so we are quite disappointed that this has to happen, but we did not want to cancel a month long tour to perform a single concert. We are very sorry to all of our fans who were planning to see us at Wacken, and also to the festival organizers, who are in no way responsible for our cancellation. We hope to perform at Wacken again in the years to come, but unfortunately this year it is not possible.  


CATTLE DECAPITATION enters the studio! 

We just entered the studio with Billy Anderson (Swans, Mr. Bungle, Sleep) the past couple days getting drum sounds right and tracking has begun!!! We’ve been home for almost a year now writing the next record and we're finally rounding the bend and putting it to tape. Here are some shots from the first couple days... more to come!!!

May/June U.S. TOUR DATES, new album title and new rhythm guitarist announced soon!!!

Tour w/ Brujeria
2/08 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre
2/09 Hollywood, CA Key Club
2/11 San Francisco, CA The Pound
2/12 Ventura, CA Majestic Ventura Theatre
3/04 San Diego, CA American Legion Hall 


BENEDICTION - To release "Killing Music"  

British extreme metallers BENEDICTION have set "Killing Music" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in June/July. "Why break something if it is not broken?" the group wrote in a statement sent to BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "We have been a team for nearly 17 years and see no reason to end that relationship!'

"Killing Music" will mark the recording debut with the group of new drummer Nick Barker (CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR). "This will be our first new release since 2001," the band write. "It took so long because we just didn't jell with any other drummers — Nick is the man."

Following the album's release, the band will be appearing at festivals worldwide over the summer, followed by a full-blown world tour starting in September. The "No Reunion Needed" tour is "going to last a long time," according to the band. "We are calling it that because we are seeing so many bands reforming purely because extreme music is becoming popular again," they write. "We have been here since day one. We — along with our fanbase — have rode the ups and downs of this business and taken the rough with the smooth and still carried on regardless of trends."

With regards to the musical style on "Killing music", the band said, "The new album has a few new styles on it, along with the punk/death riffs that we like so much. The drumming on our new tracks totally transformed the songs. Nick is awesome on that bast*rd kit of his."

BENEDICTION have been confirmed as one of the headliners of the 2006 edition of the "Fu*k the Commerce" festival, set to take place May 25-27 at MZA (Mehrzweckhalle) in Luckau, Germany. 


IN FLAMES - Peter signs in from Chicago  

Peter Iwers, bassist of worldwide Swedish chart breakers IN FLAMES has posted the following tour update at the band's official website.

"Hey! Holy sh*t, thanx soo much for all the positive reactions so far on this trip. Really glad to see you all get into the shows and the new stuff so much, thank you! I´ve had tons of fun meeting some of you and hanging out as well as hooking up with some old friends along the way. Also, it was awesome to win the price from our own government, that came really unexpected and we were really happy to get that. Right now we are in Chicago getting ready for the show, and I hope tonight will be as great as the other shows."

Take care for now.  


SINISTER - Announce tour dates  

Dutch death metal outfit SINISTER have announced the tour dates for their upcoming European tour, set to take place basically in March/April. Here´s a list of all confirmed dates so far:

07.04.2006 LEIPZIG - Anker (DE)
08.04.2006 MAGDEBURG - Factory (DE)
09.04.2006 KIEL - Max (DE)
11.04.2006 HAMBURG - Grünspan (DE)
12.04.2006 KöLN - Alter Wartesaal am Hauptbahnhof (DE)
13.04.2006 HANNOVER - Capitol (DE)
15.04.2006 GOTHA STADTHALLE - (DE)
16.04.2006 ASCHAFFENBURG - Colossaal (DE)
17.04.2006 ZüRICH - Rohstofflager (CH)
19.04.2006 MAINZ - KUZ (DE)
20.04.2006 NüRNBERG - Hirsch (DE)
21.04.2006 LUDWIGSBURG - Scala (DE)
22.04.2006 ULM - Roxy (DE)
23.04.2006 PIRMASENS - Quasimodo (DE)
25.04.2006 BOCHUM - Christophkirche (DE)
26.04.2006 WUPPERTAL - Musiktheater Rex (DE)
27.04.2006 OSNABRüCK - Lurtherkirche (DE)
28.04.2006 OSNABRüCK - Lurtherkirche (DE)
29.04.2006 BREMEN - Schlachthof (DE)
30.04.2006 BERLIN - Passionskirche (DE)
02.05.2006 FULDA - Kulturzentrum Kreuz (DE)
03.05.2006 FREIBURG - Jazzhaus (DE)
04.05.2006 MüNCHEN - Backstage (DE)
12.05.2006 MüNSTER - Jovel (Rockshow) (DE)
13.05.2006 MARKTSTEFT BEI KITZINGEN - Benefizfestival (DE)
17.06.2006 NICKELSDORF - Novarock (AT)
07.07.2006 OSTERODE - Rock Harz Festival (DE)
08.07.2006 MüHLHEIM/RUHR - Castle Rock Festival (DE)
13.07.2006 KULMBACH - Plassenburg (DE)
14.07.2006 JENA - F-Haus Open Air / Thüringentag (DE)
21.07.2006 TUTTLINGEN - Honberg Sommer (DE)
22.07.2006 KöLN - Amphi Festival (DE)
05.08.2006 WACKEN - Wacken Open Air (DE)


IN FLAMES - More chart entries / Köln show relocated  

Swedish melodic death metallers IN FLAMES have entered the German Media Control charts on Position #6 !!! Unbelievable! Congratulations!

Here´s an overview about the entire chart entries of the amazing 'Come Clarity':

Sweden: #1
Finland: #1
Germany: #6
United Kingdom:
Top 200 Artist Albums: #67
Top 50 Independent Albums: #7
Rock & Metal Top 40: #2

Due to high ticket sales, the IN FLAMES headlining show originally scheduled for March 20th at the Cologne / E-Werk has been relocated to the ‘Palladium’!  


SONATA ARCTICA - 'Rekoning Night' receives gold!  

"Rekoning Night', latest album by Finnish melodic metallers SONATA ARCTICA, has been certified gold in Finland for sales in excess of 15,000 copies. HAVA NAGLIAA - raise your glasses!


New downloads on the Metal Blade website!


Several new stuff has been uploaded at - just for you to download and enjoy!

·        Check out a new song of the great debut of ANGEL BLAKE at

·        There´s five new video clips to watch - all great stuff worth checking out! Just surf here  and check out these new clips:

3 - Alien Angel



DEMIRICOUS - Vagrant Idol



NEAERA touring with CALIBAN!  

Metal Hammer presents: "Darkness Over Europe" - Tour 

Caliban + The Agony Scene + NEAERA 

31.03. Hamburg - Grünspan (+ Maintain)
01.04. Berlin - ColumbiaClub (+ Maintain)
02.04. Wiesbaden-Schlachthof (+ Maintain)
03.04. Bielefeld,Kamp (+ Maintain)
04.04. Arnhem (NL) - Goudvishall (+ Maintain)
05.04. Hasselt (B) - Muziek-O-Drom (+ Maintain)
06.04. Karlsruhe,Substage (+ Maintain)
07.04. Wil (CH) - Remise (+ Maintain)
08.04. Hartberg (A) - Stadthalle (+ Maintain)
09.04. München,Backstage Werk (+ Purified in Blood)
10.04. Colmar (F) - Le Grillen (+ Purified in Blood)
11.04. Köln, Live Music Hall (+ Purified in Blood)
12.04. Leipzig - Conne Island (+ Purified in Blood)
13.04. Wien (A) - Arena (+ Purified in Blood)
14.04. Cesena(I) - Vidia Club (+ Purified in Blood)
15.04. Milano (I) - Transilvania Club (+ Purified in Blood)
16.04. Schweinfurt - Alter Stadtbahnhof (+ Purified in Blood) 

additional NEAERA shows: 

10.03. Bergkamen,Oberaden, Yellowstone
11.03. Erlenbach, Jugendhaus
11.03. Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle ( Caliban-Release Show)

17.04. Saarbrücken - Stoneage
05.05. Osnabrück, Westwerk

06.05. Düren, Komm

20.05. Brandenburg, HdO (+ Six Reasons To Kill)
16.06. Dornbirn (A), Metalliga Open Air
17.06. Trier, Summer Blast Festival
15.07. Quierschied, Hells Kitchen Festival
16.-18.08. Abtsgmünd, Summer Breeze Festival
15.09. Anröchte, Braincrusher Festival 


CHROME DIVISION - "Booze, Broads + Belzebub" - Welcome aboard  

"Booze, broads + belzebub" - NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce the signing of the five Norwegian road bandits CHROME DIVISION! CHROME DIVISION is centered around the backbone of DIMMU BORGIR mainman Shagrath.

This crazy idea took place back in 1999, when DIMMU BORGIR were rehearsing and preparing the album 'Spiritual Black Dimensions'. After rehearsals Shagrath and Nagash, now Lex Icon, decided to stay and jam some totally different music. They both felt the need for another artistical outlet. Shagrath took the guitar and Lex Icon did the drums. They made loads of riffs and ideas and put it down on tape. However, the project was put on ice due to the priority of their main bands. 

Namely DIMMU BORGIR and The Kovenant. Nothing happened until years later, when they finally decided to meet up again. The summer of ’04 Shagrath called up his long time friend and bassplayer Luna, of "Ashes To Ashes", and asked if he wanted to meet up and jam some bad-a*s rock’n roll. Suddenly they were a trio. During months of rehearsing and beer drinking, the band took shape.


Then came the task of finding the right vocalist. They needed a front man with a real in-your-face attitude. Several guys were concidered, but none could meet the demands. Then Luna contacted Eddie Guz, from the rock’n roll band The Carburetors. He fitted like a glove.

From this point it was evident that CHROME DIVISION was to be more than just a side project. And to complete the grand rock recipe, the band craved a second guitarist. In the spring of ’05 Ricky Black joined the group. A washed-up adult-movie star who happened to be a great lead guitarist. He brought the extra spice the band needed and CHROME DIVISION was complete. From now on they were like a force, spawning stripped down groovy rock’n roll, with a primitive attitude. Strongly determined to go their own ways. To put it short, the label they have put on themselves is Doomsday Rock’n Roll.

These five Norwegian road bandits, have the ability to grasp the finer elements of their influences and mould them into their own diverse sound.

CHROME DIVISIONs first goal is to record an album, followed by a music video, who will be made by Patric Ulleus. The songs for the album are well on the way and have locally been embraced by people in both the Metal and the Rock genre. The guys are also itching to play live, to show their strength and expose them selves to the masses.

The debut album is scheduled to be released in the late summer 2006!

Welcome to the NUCLEAR BLAST family, boys!

BLEED THE SKY - US tourdates announced

BLEED THE SKY have announced the dates for their upcoming tour, set to take place in Feb. / March :

02/23/06 HOLLYWOOD, CA - Whisky A Go Go
02/24/06 SAN DIEGO, CA - The Boulevard
02/28/06 MCALLEN, TX - Club Onyx
03/01/06 CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - The Ballroom
03/02/06 HOUSTON, TX - Java Jazz
03/03/06 SAN ANTONIO, TX - White Rabbit
03/04/06 AUSTIN, TX - Red Rum
03/05/06 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Teddy´s
03/06/06 MANHATTEN, KS - PJ´s
03/07/06 SIOUX CITY, IA - Annex (Louis Bowl)
03/08/06 MANKATO, MN - Whats Up Lounge
03/09/06 DES MOINES, IA - House Of Bricks
03/10/06 PEORIA, IL - Tops And Tails
03/11/06 CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - Emerald City
03/12/06 WEST DUNDEE, IL - Clearwater Theatre
03/13/06 CLEVELAND, OH - Peabody´s
03/17/06 ROCHESTER, NY - Steel Music Hall
03/18/06 LIMESTONE, NY - Rockin Rick´s
03/19/06 YONKERS, NY - Pure Music


IN FLAMES - 'Come Clarity' rules the charts

IN FLAMES have entered even more charts around the world, here´s an overview about the entire chart entries of 'Come Clarity'

Finland # 01
Sweden # 01
Germany # 06
Austria # 16
Japan # 17
Norway # 27
Switzerland # 30
Denmark # 52
US # 58
UK Top 200 # 67
UK Indie charts # 07
Netherlands #102


DIMMU BORGIR - Poised to write concept album 

DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz spoke to BW&BK (special report by Adem Tepedelen) recently regarding the pending recordings for their upcoming album, the follow-up to 2003's 'Death Cult Armageddon' album which recently surpassed the 100,000 sales mark in the US. The band is currently in what Silenoz calls 'full writing mode' and working hard on completing what will surely be the most highly anticipated of the band’s career.

'We’ve gotta get a few songs about 90 percent finished," he reveals, "and then we’ll take it to the rehearsal space and start jamming on them. I’m really looking forward to getting back to Norway so we can start rehearsing and jamming on the songs, because sometimes you come up with other ideas that might work better than when you’re just demoing them on your own. It’s gonna be cool to finally play the songs together.'

It has been rumored that the new DIMMU album will be a concept album, but Silenoz, who has already written all of the lyrics for it, takes exception to calling it that. 'The term ‘concept album’ is difficult to use, because a lot of people perceive that word differently. It’s not going to be anything like QUEENSRYCHE’s "Operation Mindcrime". It’ll probably be closer to the stories that King Diamond writes. The main character is living in the dark medieval times and he feels the necessity to find God, and the more he explores and searches for answers and proof that God exists, the more he finds himself finding the opposite to be true. 

Then people start to believe that he is in league with the Devil and perhaps even the Devil himself. So, I’m writing the lyrics from that idea. It’s not like I have an answer to the story or anything; I want to leave that open. It’s fair to say that the plot is that you won’t find answers about the mysteries of life through religious beliefs. If you find an answer at all you will find it inside yourself.'

So how far along are you with the process and when do you anticipate the new album being recorded and released? 'So far there are at least two complete songs and we have tons and tons of ideas. It’s difficult to do something with all of the material, because we’re not going to do a double album [laughs]. 

We’re just going to take the whole process as it comes. We’re going to do a full pre-production recording in our own studio and might even go to a regular studio just to try out a few songs, just to see what it’s gonna end up sounding like. Hopefully by the fall we will be in the studio with [producer] Peter Tagtgren so we can at least have it out in early 2007.'



German avantgarde metallers DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will be the featured live on "LIVE AUF DEM TAUBERTAL OPEN AIR 2005" on Monday morning, February 20th at 01:05h AM on HR3 (‘Late Lounge’, right after ‘Rockpalast’). Watch it!

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