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Pure Metal News: January 2006 Part 2

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AMORPHIS - “House of Sleep” debuted at no. 1.

 "House Of Sleep" has entered the official Finnish single charts at Nr. 1 (Week 2/2006). Click here to view the chart.
Also the band’s website has been upgraded now with the »Eclipse« theme by Tero Salonen. Check out the amazing re-launched page

WOLF - Sign to Century Media Records!

Sweden's ‘working class’ heavy metallers, WOLF, have inked a deal with Century Media Records. In their own words: "WOLF is a hardworking Heavy metal band. Century Media records is a hardworking heavy metal label. See the connection? We're very proud to announce that we're releasing the next WOLF album on Century Media. We're confident that we're getting the support we need and we're also confident that the next WOLF album will eat you up and spit you out. Cheers to all supporters of heavy metal, see ya down the pub."

Century Media: "We are very proud to have a new band in our artist roster that kicks ass in an old school way without being old fashioned - because real METAL never dies! So let's howl with the Wolves!"

The band was formed 1995 by Niklas A Olsson (vocals, lead guitar) and Mikael Goding (bass). Some demos later, in 1997, Daniel 'Dale' Bergkvist (drums) joined the band and completed the core line-up that recorded the first three albums: "Wolf" (2000), "Black Wings" (2002) & "Evil Star" (2004) – all of them recorded & produced in the Abyss studio by Peter Taegtgren. In mid 2002 Johannes 'Axeman' Losbaeck filled in as a permanent second guitarist and brought three years later his old Decameron/Seventh One buddy Tobias R. Kjellgren into the band (who also played with the infamous Dissection and helped out In Flames on the 2005 US tour). Dale was leaving the band due to private reasons but he's still helping out behind the scenes.

All of their albums got overwhelming reviews from worldwide metal-media and the WOLF-pack destroyed stages at Sweden Rock, Wacken, Gates Of Metal and last years Rock Hard Festival. They toured with Edguy and Saxon, and they are ready to unleash their fourth album in mid 2006. Most likely the unholy mix of Iron Maiden meets Mercyful Fate meets super sized balls will be recorded by Peter Taegtgren again. Expect nothing else than blood, sweat and beers.

Legendary Grindcore act TERRORIZER signs with Century Media Records!

In today’s extreme music scene only a few bands deserve to be seen as "legendary" and Grindcore Pioneers TERRORIZER certainly belong as one of those groups. Having released their highly acclaimed and influential debut album "World Downfall" in 1989 (via Earache Records), the band took the scene by storm with an aggression that had been unheard of until then and which consequently lead this underground outfit to become a cult institution even after their quick disbanding, which saw the musicians on the album concentrate on their future main bands: Pete Sandoval (drums) with Morbid Angel and Jesse Pintado (guitars) with Napalm Death.

The band’s popularity remained through the years with plenty of newer acts citing inspiration from "World Downfall". The massive amount of available bootleg-recordings and band merchandise as well as rumours of a follow-up album kept TERRORIZER´s name well alive throughout the years.

Now, after what might seem like an eternity of silence the band signed a world wide deal with Robert Kampf, owner of Century Media. Original forming members Pete and Jesse have started working on a new studio album, to be recorded early 2006 in Florida with producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Morbid Angel, Unholy Ghost, Christian Death, Diet of Worms etc.) for a summer 2006 release via the label.

"After long negotiations with several labels, it’s official: TERRORIZER and World Management are happy to announce the new album will be on Century Media", comments the band.

Check out the following TERRORIZER sites and stay tuned for more news to come soon!

LACUNA COIL - Reveal The Details Of New Album "Karmacode"

LACUNA COIL are set to release to their latest full-length album, "KARMACODE", on April 3rd 2006 on Century Media Records. This highly anticipated follow-up to their acclaimed commercial breakthrough album, "Comalies", was co-produced by Waldemar Sorychta and LACUNA COIL in Germany and Italy’ while the album was both mixed by Ronald Prent (Rammstein, H.I.M., Iron Maiden) and mastered by Darcy Proper (Steely Dan, Porcupine Tree, R.E.M.) at Galaxy Studios in Belgium. Grammy Nominated design firm Asterik Studio (Trapt, Funeral For A Friend, The Used) is handling the package design for "Karmacode".

 Says vocalist Cristina Scabbia, "I imagine it’s easy for everyone to understand how truly excited we are for the world to hear the new material. It’ll give everyone the chance to hear the growth that the band has experienced over the past couple of years. I simply cannot wait to get out and play the new songs live, there will definitely be a lot of energy coming from the stage next year!" 

Guitarist Cristiano Migliore adds, "It’s taken a long time to put together these songs and I can say they’re the best ones we’ve ever written! Working with old friends as well as new ones has been incredibly exciting and we had the chance to mix in one of the best studios in the world so, really, what else could we ask for? I’m definitely sure our fans will love the music just as much as they’ll love the artwork that Asterik has created for "Karmacode"!"

 The track list for "Karmacode" has been confirmed as follows:

1. Fragile  2. To The Edge 3. Our Truth 4. Within Me
5. Devoted 6. You Create 7. What I See 8. Fragments Of Faith
9. Closer
10. In Visible Light 11. The Game 12. Without Fear
13. Enjoy The Silence

The video for the first single to be taken from "Karmacode" - "Our Truth", due to be released on Monday 6th March was shot in Los Angeles by Fort Awesome, a brand-new directorial duo, whose individual directing credits include Queens of the Stone Age, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Chevelle, Atreyu, Shadows Fall, and more. "The experience of shooting the video was a wonderful one, for sure" adds Cristina, "Both the band and the crew worked from sunset to sunrise in the Hollywood Hills, remaining 100% focused and after all was said and done we believe we pulled off a masterpiece of a video we’re sure everyone’s going to love."

Lacuna Coil will be in the UK for an exclusive show on Sunday 5TH MARCH 2006 – The Forum in LONDON (tel: 020 7284 1001 - ticket price £16.50).

The band will be doing several press days around the London show – the exact details will be announced shortly.


We are pleased to inform you that ARCTURUS' "Sideshow Symphonies" album has been voted best album of the year 2005 by Spain's Friedhof Online Extreme Music Magazine!

Check it out


Despite the festival organizers' announcement to the contrary, Norwegian black metallers CARPATHIAN FOREST will not perform at Poland's Metalmania 2006 festival. "The band never got any requests to play this festival, and I am scheduled to tour in the U.S. with GREEN CARNATION, starting 22nd of February and ending in early April. The touring activities with CARPATHIAN FOREST will start in the middle of April and last the rest of 2006", guitarist Tchort says.



·        14 Jan 06 Athens (GR) AN club

·        16 Jun 06 Bratislava (SK) Babylon club

·        17 Jun 06 Uherske Hradiste (CZ) Club Mir

·        06 May 06 Krefeld (DE) Kulturfabrik – Ultima Ratio 2 Festival


·        21 Jan 06 Hatsudai , Tokyo (JP) Wall


·        29 Jan 06 Bangkok (TH) Hollywood Awards Hall

·        03 Feb 06 Taipei (TW) Huashan Arts District

·        04 Feb 06 Kuala Lumpur (MY) Backroom

·        05 Feb 06 Singapore (SG) The Pavillion

·        11 Feb 06 Jakarta (ID) Sentul Circuit


·        02 Feb 06 Bordeaux (FR) TBC (+ Binaire)

·        03 Feb 06 Montpellier (FR) TBC (+ Binaire)

·        04 Feb 06 Pau (FR) l'Ampli (+ Binaire)

·        09 Feb 06 La Rochelle (FR) La Casamance (+ Binaire)

·        10 Feb 06 Limoges (FR) Le Woodstock Boogie (+ Binaire)

·        10 Mar 06 Mulhouse (FR) Le Noumatrouff (+ Skull +Zatokrev+Dirge)


·        10 Feb 06 Marseille (13) (FR) Espace Julien

·        18 Feb 06 Namur (BE) Namrock Festival

·        10 Mar 06 Saint-Etienne (42) (FR) Hall C.

·        11 Mar 06 Lille (59) (FR) MJC Saint André

·        17 Mar 06 Vesoul (70) (FR) Moulin de Poncey

·        18 Mar 06 Martigny (CH) Les Caves du Manoir

·        22 Mar 06 Toulouse (31) (FR) Havana Café

·        23 Mar 06 Bordeaux (33) (FR) Théâtre Barbey

·        25 Mar 06 Lyon (69) (FR) Ninkasi Kao

·        08 Apr 06 Avon (FR) Maison dans la vallée (+ The Old Dead Tree)

·        13 Apr 06 Paris (75) (FR) Nouveau Casino

·        24 Mai 06 Strasbourg (67) (FR) La Laiterie (+ The Old Dead Tree)


·        25 Feb 06 Talange (57) (FR) MJC

·        03 Mar 06 Dijon (FR) La Vapeur (finale régionale pour les Eurockéenes de Belfort)

·        10 Mar 06 Nyon (CH) Usine à Gaz – Parox Rock Festival


·        31 Mar 06 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob (+ Penumbra)

·        01 Apr 06 Den Bosch (NL) W2 (+ Penumbra)

·        02 Apr 06 Utrecht (NL) Ekko (+ Penumbra)

·        08 Apr 06 Avon (FR) Maison dans la vallée (+ Dagoba)

·        07 Mai 06 Paris (FR) La Loco (+ Leaves' Eyes)

·        24 Mai 06 Strasbourg (FR) La Laiterie (+ Dagoba)


·        31 Mar 06 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob (+ The Old Dead Tree)

·        01 Apr 06 Den Bosch (NL) W2 (+ The Old Dead Tree)

·        02 Apr 06 Utrecht (NL) Ekko (+ The Old Dead Tree)


·        07-08 Apr 06 Chicago Heights, IL (USA) Mr. Kelley's Music Box

WITCHERY Song Available, Cover Art Posted

WITCHERY’s first spell, "Plague Rider," from their upcoming album Don’t Fear The Reaper, has been posted here. Scheduled for release 27th February 2006, the album was recorded at Berno Studios (Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral) in 2004, with mixing duties entrusted to Tue Madsen and his Antfarm Studios (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn). Chilling original artwork by David Diaz (P.O.D.) has been posted here. The North American release features an exclusive track, a cover version of Satanic Slaughter’s classic "Legion Of Hades."  

Begun in 1997 when their cult band Satanic Slaughter splintered, WITCHERY started as guitarists Patrik Jensen (The Haunted) and Richard Corpse, vocalist Toxine, drummer Mique, and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy, Mercyful Fate). In 1998 they recorded their pioneering debut, Restless And Dead, released that year by Necropolis Records. The album was so extremely well-received that WITCHERY released the Witchburner mini-album later that year. 

The EP featured two original songs and four covers bearing witness to the individual musicians’ influences. Not long after its release, WITCHERY embarked on 1999’s infamous U.S. tour with Emperor and Borknagar. Their second full-length album, Dead, Hot And Ready, was unleashed soon thereafter, and a six-week early 2000 European tour followed. Symphony For The Devil, the band’s 2001 release, was recorded at Berno Studio (Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral) Malmö, Sweden with new skinsman, Martin "Axe" Axenrot (Bloodbath). Look for great things forthcoming.


Celtic Frost and Century Media are proud to announce the signing of an international licensing agreement covering all territories.

The first release, scheduled for Spring 2006, is the band’s highly anticipated new project titled "Monotheist", Celtic Frost's first album in 13 years. The album features 11 songs all produced by the band with Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain).

Album track list:

1. Progeny

2. Ground

3. A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

4. Drown In Ashes

5. Os Abysmi Vel Daath

6. Obscured

7. Domain Of Decay

8. Ain Elohim


9. Totengott

10. Synagoga Satanae

11. Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale)

The album will be released simultaneously in all territories in three different configurations including a limited-edition Digipak containing the bonus track "Temple Of Depression" and a vinyl LP with another bonus title, "Incantation Against You".

"I am extremely excited to have such high profile legends joining the Century Media Records repertoire" says Oliver Withöft, Managing Director of Century Media Records. "Celtic Frost are a band that has started an entire genre and left their influence on a decade of Rock Music. Their new album is a historic comeback that will blow your brains out." 

Celtic Frost will support the release of "Monotheist" by numerous live appearances in 2006. The band will play a full tour across North America in September and October 2006, including Canadian dates. In Europe the following festival shows are already confirmed:

* Sweden Rock

* Wacken Open Air, Germany

* With Full Force, Germany

* Hole In the Sky, Norway

* Tuska, Finland

More shows and festivals will be added soon, and further information regarding the release date and the "Monotheist" album itself will follow!

 Band website:

Label website:


We are extremely pleased to be able to announce that New Jersey metallers GOD FORBID have been confirmed as main support on Trivium’s highly anticipated March UK tour, Bloodsimple will complete the line up.

With God Forbid being the first band to take Trivium out on tour in the US, you could say they are returning the favour or just Trivium want to tour with the guys that know how to party, Dallas Coyle sent this message whilst on the road with Anthrax in the US - "What's up you sick motherfu*ks! Dallas here from God Forbid letting you know we're coming back with our boys from Trivium. We're gonna kick your ass this time around with a newer, improved set list. You better be ready because we're not letting up this time around! It's gonna be a party. Big. Fu*kin. Party. You hear?! I know you do. Bring your young 15 year old asses to the show"

If you haven’t already caught God Forbid’s incendiary live performance on previous tours, whether it was The Haunted’s UK tour in November or with Machine Head or Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage & Chimaira then surely it’s about time – get along to one of the following venues to catch what has to be the hottest tour of 2006

Thu 2nd Mar – Leeds University

Fri 3rd Mar – Dublin Ambassador Theatre

Sat 4th Mar – Dublin Ambassador Theatre

Sun 5th Mar – Belfast Ulster Hall

Mon 6th Mar – Glasgow Academy

Wed 8th Mar – Newcastle Academy

Thu 9th Mar – Birmingham Academy

Fri 10th Mar – Manchester Apollo

Sat 11th Mar – Nottingham Rock City

Sun 12th Mar – Stoke Victoria Hall

Wed 15th Mar – London Astoria

Thu 16th Mar – London AstoriaFri 17th Mar – Cardiff University

Sat 18th Mar – Exeter Grand Hall

Mon 20th Mar – Southampton Guildhall

Tue 21st Mar – Folkstone Leas Cliffe Hall

Currently promoting their recently released acclaimed album ‘IV: Constitution Of Treason’ on tour across the US with Anthrax, Sworn Enemy & Manntis and will soon be releasing details of their stunning new video for the track ‘Fallen Hero’  

NEVERMORE: support Disturbed on European tour! Century Media Tour news

Great news from the NEVERMORE camp! The band that has released one of 2005’s absolute metal highlights with "This Godless Endeavor" has been chosen as support act for the modern metal/hard rock outfit Disturbed on their European tour in March/April. Please scroll down for the exact dates.

NEVERMORE will use this chance to continue promoting their latest, extremely successful release "This Godless Endeavor" that ruled almost every soundcheck in all relevant metal press on the globe upon release.

Even chart success in various European countries lauded the band’s astonishing opus and fortified the band’s status as one of the most extraordinary metal acts active:

Germany: chart entry position #26, four weeks in the charts

Italy: chart entry position #51

Greece: international album charts – position #15, five weeks in the charts

Hungary: Top 40 - position #22, International charts – position #6

Switzerland: first Century Media band to ever enter the Swiss charts, position #63 

Please, find below the dates of NEVERMORE’s trip to Europe with Disturbed and don’t miss this chance to watch the five guys from Seattle present their intense material!


European Tour March-April 2006


25.03.2006 Glasgow (SCO) – Barrowlands

27.03.2006 Newcastle (UK) – Academy

28.03.2006 Birmingham (UK) – Academy

30.03.2006 Manchester (UK) – Academy

31.03.2006 Liverpool (UK) – Academy

02.04.2006 Nottingham (UK) – Rock City

03.04.2006 London (UK) – Astoria

Prior to the tour with Disturbed, NEVERMORE will also be playing this year’s Metal Mania festivals as follows:

02.03.2006 Budapest / Hungary – Petofi Csornok

03.03.2006 Zlin / Czech Republic – Hall Novesta
04.03.2006 Katowice / Poland – Spodek

Additionally, NEVERMORE are also already confirmed for Sweden Rock and Wacken Festival appearances this Summer and you can expect more European festivals to be added soon.

Official band website:

AMORPHIS - 'House of Sleep' video online  

The brand new AMORPHIS' video "House of Sleep", has been uploaded. Click here to watch the video! The single, which recently entered the Finnish single chart at position No. 1, comes off the new album, "Eclipse", due on February 17.

ANTHRAX - Original line-up on tour!

New York Mosh-Kings ANTHRAX have announced the first details of their upcoming European headlining tour, set to take place in April:

17.04.06 Bochum / Matrix
24.04.06 Hamburg / Markthalle
25.04.06 Saarbrücken / Garage

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Release parties

NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce the release parties for EDGUY, DEATHSTARS and IN FLAMES in the following venues/cities:

EDGUY – Rocket Ride (Release date: January, 20th 2006)
20.01.2006 Headbangers Ballroom Hamburg
20.01.2006 Rockclub U2 Ingolstadt
20.01.2006 Cave Köln
21.01.2006 Rockclub Hildesheim
25.01.2006 Steinbruch Theater Mühltal / Darmstadt
27.01.2006 Pumpe Kiel
28.01.2006 Abyss Innsbruck

DEATHSTARS – Termination Bliss (Release date: January, 27th 2006)

24.01.2006 Headbangers Ballroom Hamburg
27.01.2006 Rockclub U2 Ingolstadt
27.01.2006 Club Vauban Saarlouis
27.01.2006 Cave Köln
27.01.2006 Roxy Music Club Flensburg
28.01.2006 Rockclub Hildesheim
28.01.2006 Hellraiser Leipzig
28.01.2006 Abyss Innsbruck

IN FLAMES – Come Clarity (Release date: February, 3rd 2006)
26.01.2006 Headbangers Ballroom Hamburg
28.01.2006 Prag Stuttgart
28.01.2006 Abyss Innsbruck
03.02.2006 Rockclub U2 Ingolstadt
03.02.2006 Cave Köln
03.02.2006 Stahlwerk Berlin
04.02.2006 Rockfabrik Nürnberg
05.02.2006 Titanic City München
05.02.2006 Steinbruch Theater Mühltal / Darmstadt
05.02.2006 Rockclub Hildesheim
10.02.2006 Pumpe Kiel

IN FLAMES - In-store appearances & video online

Swedish melodic death metal heroes IN FLAMES have scheduled the following in-store appearances:

Tuesday, January 31 at 5:00 p.m.
Scrape Records
17 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P1

Saturday, February 4 at 3:00 p.m.
Independent Records
937 East Colfax
Denver, CO 80218

IN FLAMES' video for the song "Take This Life" has been posted online at clip was shot in late October in Sweden with director Patric Ullaeus, who has previously worked with DIMMU BORGIR among many others. "Take This Life" (click here to download the track, or click here to watch the video) is the roll-out single and video from the group's upcoming album, "Come Clarity".

Metal Blade Records sign PHOENIX MOURNING

Metal Blade Records has officially inked a worldwide deal with the Tampa, FL screamo/metalcore act PHOENIX MOURNING. The band’s first release with Metal Blade Records, “When Excuses Become Antiques”, will also mark the bands first full length CD since forming in the summer of 2004. “When Excuses Become Antiques” was recorded at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida with producer Tom Morris who has also produced acts such as MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE and SEVEN MARY THREE.

"We are absolutely honored to have signed to Metal Blade Records. A label we all grew up admiring for their amazing roster year after year. It feels amazing to now be in the family with such acts as AS I LAY DYING, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and hometown friends THE ABSENCE. We look forward to many, many years of success with Metal Blade and the staff that makes this label so remarkable." – PHOENIX MOURNING

“We are really excited to add PHOENIX MOURNING to the Metal Blade family. They provide us with a new and fresh approach and something that we were really looking for.” – Brian Slagel/Owner & CEO Metal Blade Records Inc.

To check out “Across Twenty-Six Winters” off of PHOENIX MOURNING’s upcoming release “When Excuses Become Antiques” go HERE. “When Excuses Become Antiques” will be in stores April 21st, 2006 (G/A/S) and April, 24th, 2006 (rest of Europe).

Jeremiah Ruff - vocals
Ahmed Smith - guitar
Kerry DeWitt - drums
Stephen Bowman - guitar
Marshall Gibson - bass

FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING announce tracklist for the new album 

Welcome you Fragmentorrists! We wish you a successful and perfect year 2006!!!

...the New Year has just begun and it’s again time to spread some words. First of all, we already finished the recording, mixing and even mastering of our forthcoming album “Sterling Black Icon” - thanks again to Christoph of the Iguana Studios for a great work! There is certainly an evident progression from "Skywards", which we are really excited about, as well as relieved.

"Sterling Black Icon" is more well-rounded, more balanced, and closer to the goal of FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING, which is to write music that is original and straight-forward at the same time. 

We made the right decision getting Sam as our new frontman/vocalist (and fifth member), because this combination gives the music the necessary flair and variation. The songwriting is much more compact now. 

Here is the complete Tracklist:

01 Carmine Preface
02 Sterling Black Icon
03 Weave Their Barren Path
04 Dear Floating Water
05 Breathe In The Black To See
06 Ride For A Fall
07 A Faint Illumination
08 Live For The Moment, Stay ´Til The End
09 Scythe Of Scarecrow
10 Onward To The Finger Of God
11 Stand The Tempest
12 Chambre Noir

Of course, we want to spread a big "THANK YOU" to all the fans and friends that supported us in the past year. This year, we’ve got a new one!!!”

“Sterling Black Icon” will be released on March 24th, 2006 (G/A/S) and March 27th, 2006 (rest of Europe)!

ANGEL BLAKE Debut album completed! 

Former THE CROWN guitarist Marko Tervonen has finished recording the self-titled debut album of his new solo project ANGEL BLAKE. “Angel Blake” will be released by Metal Blade Records on March 10th, 2006 (G/A/S) and March 13th, 2006 (rest of Europe).

Marko: “THE ALBUM IS DONE!!!!!! Oh yeah!! And I must say I’m very happy with it! Expect the unexpected boyz and girls.” 

Here’s the tracklist of “Angel Blake”:

-The Force
-Self – Terminate
-Solitude My Friend
-The Forsaken
-Thousand Storms
-Paint It Black
-Til The End 

All the instruments on the album are handled by Marko himself, unless mentioned otherwise. About the vocals the mainman has the following to say: “Unfortunately there's one thing I can’t do, and that is to sing. 

So my choice was to ‘rent in’ a guy who could deliver good vocals for my songs. One late night it hit me, I wanted Tony Jelencovich (ex. TRANSPORT LEAGUE) to do the vocals. I've known the man since years back. 

We've met during gigs and stuff, so I contacted him, and he was into it!!! Great!! Tony has a very cool rock voice with a lot of feel in it, and that just fits the music beautifully!! The combination of his vocal style and the music creates an original and powerful sound.” 

About ANGEL BLAKE in general he states: “If THE CROWN was more about speed and aggression, then ANGEL BLAKE is more about heavy melancholic songs with catchy hooks. There's no blastbeats here. For a CROWN fan I would describe the sound as somewhere along the lines of: “Dead Man's Song”, “Bow To None”, “In Memoriam”, “World Below”, “Death By My Side”, “Vengeance”… the heavier side of THE CROWN. And for someone who has never heard THE CROWN, I would describe it as influenced and inspired by bands as METALLICA, PARADISE LOST, DANZIG, SENTENCED, spiced up with some heavy MORBID ANGEL twists. And as mentioned before, with "NORMAL" rock/metal vocals! It's definitely a unique sound!! Love it or hate it, that's where my heart is right now.”

Make sure to check out the fully completed studio diary! Click here:

YOB calls it quits!

“This is Mike from YOB. I regret to say that YOB is disbanding after almost 10 years of existence. The time we spent with YOB exceeded our wildest expectations and hopes and it has truly been a dream come true. 

Travis Foster and Isamu Sato left the band in July, and I have been trying to decide what to do for the last six months. YOB has had 3 other line-ups, but this one was the best. At the end of the day the best thing for YOB is to call it a day. I want to thank everyone who has been supportive to YOB over the years....labels, bands, fans, the venues, our families....without you none of this would have been possible.

I will be working on a new band called AGE that will very much be in the vein of YOB, with some new twists. Until then, be well and stay HEAVY! ENDLESS DOOM!!!” Mike/YOB

BORN FROM PAIN Line-up change! 

“Sadly we announce that, in common agreement, BORN FROM PAIN and guitarist Stefan van Neerven will go their seperate ways. Stefan's personal situation has forced both the band and himself to reconsider his role in the band with, eventually, the abovementioned outcome. Naturally, we wish him all the best for the future and hope to keep him as close to the band as possible. Stefan's long-time stand-in Dominik Stammen (Zero Mentality) will take up the role of steady guitarist for BORN FROM PAIN as of now. Dominik as well as Stefan will play their last shows for their current bands in February.

BORN FROM PAIN will be hitting Eastern Europe full-on at the beginning of April. Everyone be sure to come out. We will be playing Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania for sure, maybe more. Check the exact dates and details below.

Stay tuned for confirmations on a whole lists of fests for this year. Wacken Open air is the first one! More to come!” Karl/BFP

CELLADOR Update on debut album!

Nebraska-based extreme power metallers CELLADOR have issued the following update regarding the progress of the recording sessions for their debut album: “We are back in Omaha after our three-week trip to Tampa, FL for the recording of our Metal Blade debut album at Mana Studios under producer Erik Rutan, entitled ‘Enter Deception’. We have laid down all the drums, bass, rhythm guitars, and about 50% of the lead guitars. We will be returning for vocals, leads, and the mixing of the album in March.”

”The recording process and the resulting product we have heard so far has us nothing short of ecstatically optimistic. I can assure you that this first CELLADOR release will not have your typical European power metal production. Expect to hear rampant and destructive sounding blasts, insanely heavy guitars, over the top shredding, and overbearing amounts of catchiness.”

”’Enter Deception’ will be 8 tracks long and the Japanese release will include one bonus track. The release is tentatively set for late spring 2006. Artwork is being done by JP Fournier, a French artist who we have been a fan of for a long time. You can check out some stuff he has done at his web site, which is An update on the art will up within the next two weeks.”

SINCE THE FLOOD hard at work on new album! 

Back from their European tour supporting MADBALL, SINCE THE FLOOD's been working hard (no, seriously) at writing their new full length CD and it's coming along really well. The guys have five songs ready for the CD so far and they plan on recording in the early spring time to get a CD out by June. That's the idea at least…

Metal Blade tour dates


20.01. Dresden – Thrillbeats Club (Germany)

21.01. Zossen – Energie Café (Germany)

22.01. Zielona Gora – Roksana (Poland)

03.02. Sulzbach-Rosenberg – Hängematte (Germany)

04.02. Annaberg-Buchholz – Alte Brauerei (Germany)

09.02. Colmar – Grillen (France)

10.02. Dijon – La Vapeur (France)

11.02. Lille – MJC de Saint André (France)

24.02. Gütersloh – Bauteil @ Weberei (Germany)

25.02. Lichtenvoorde – Punkpop (Netherlands)

04.03. Aachen – Nightlife (Germany)

10.03. Bremen – Tower (Germany)

11.03. Enschede – Atak (Netherlands)

17.03. Leer – JUZ (Germany)

18.03. Helmond – Plato (Netherlands)

30.03. Wien – Moviemento (Austria)

31.03. Belgrad – t.b.a. (Serbia)

01.04. Sofia – t.b.a. (Bulgaria)

02.04. Varna – t.b.a. (Bulgaria)

03.04. Bukarest – t.b.a. (Romania)

05.04. Stuttgart – t.b.a. (Germany)

06.04. Milano – Rainbow Club (Italy)

07.04. Roma – Forte Prenestino (Italy)

08.04. Torino – Soundfactory (Italy)

09.04. Gleisdorf – Kulturkeller (Austria)

15.04. Koblenz – Suppkultur (Germany)

21.04. Eisenach – Bürgerhaus (Germany)

22.04. Magdeburg – Sackfabrik (Germany)

27.04. Essen – Turock (Germany)

28.04. Bamberg – Laimbachtalhalle (Germany)

29.04. Schleiden/ Gemünd – Walhalla (Germany)

30.04. Lichtenstein – Disco Sucks Fest III (Germany)

06.05. Niesky – Holz (Germany)

07.05. Kontich – Lintfabriek (Belgium)

24.05. Torhout – Club de B (Belgium)

17.06. Lustenau – Metalliga Open Air (Austria)

28.07. Urbach – Zabbaduschder Open Air (Germany)

04.-06.08. Wacken – W.O.A. (Germany)



15.04. Amiens – Killerfestival (France)

16.04. Gent – Eastern Hardcore Party (Belgium)

10.06. Sankt Leonhard am Forst – Devil Days Festival (Austria)

16.06. Lustenau – Metalliga Open Air (Austria)



28.01. Hoogeveen - Het Podium (Holland)*

16.02. Eindhoven - Effenaar (Holland)
17.02. Mons - Auditorium de la Mediatheque (Belgium)
18.02. Edegem - Nootuitgang (Belgium)
19.02. Paris - La Peniche Alternat (France)
21.02. Nantes - La Floride (France)

22.02. Irun - Tunk (Spain)
23.02. Grenoble - Salle Eve (France)
24.02. Brescia - La Sfinge (Italy)
25.02. Martigny - Les Caves Du Manoir (Switzerland)
26.02. Chur - Safari Beatclub (Switzerland)
27.02. Halle / Salle - Rockstation (Germany)
28.02. Vienna - Arena (Austria)

All shows with NATRON except *



With Deeds of Flesh, Vile, Impaled

23.03. Warsaw - Proxima (Poland)

24.03. Berlin - K17 (Germany)

25.03. Giebelstadt (near Wurzburg) - I-Park Klingholz (Germany)

26.03. Rotterdam - Baroeg (Holland)

27.03. Gent - The Frontline (Belgium)

28.03. Manchester - Jilly's Rockworld (UK)

29.03. Glasgow - Soundhaus (UK)

30.03. Leeds - Josephs Well (UK)

31.03. Birmingham - Edwards No8 (UK)

01.04. London - Electrowerkz (UK)

02.04. Brighton - Engine Room (UK)

03.04. TBA (France)

04.04. Mons - Auberge de Jeunesse (Belgium)

05.04. Trier - Exhaus (Germany)

06.04. Eindhoven - Effenar (Holland)

07.04. Katwijk - aan Zee Scum (Holland)

08.04. Essen - Turock (Germany)

09.04. Lille - MJC Saint Andre (France)

10.04. Paris - Locomotive (France)

11.04. Toulouse - Havana (France)

12.04. Barcelona - Mephisto (Spain)

13.04. Madrid - Ritmo & Compas (Spain)

14.04. Se villa - Salvation (Spain)

15.04. Corroios (near Lisbone) - Cine-teatro (Portugal)

16.04. Mangualde (near Viseu) - CC Santo Andre (Portugal)

17.04. Vigo - La Iguana (Spain)

18.04. Irun - Tunk (Spain)

19.04. Marseille - TBA (France)

20.04. Milano - Transilvania Live (Italy)

21.04. Zurich - Dynamo (werk 21) (Switzerland)

22.04. Graz - Orpheum (Austria)

23.04. Prague – TBA (CZR)

24.04. Wroclaw – TBA (Poland)

NEAERA Recording Update

Up-and-coming German metal/hardcore outfit NEAERA are currently recording their second album “Let The Tempest Come” in Denmark with mighty Jacob Hansen (FEAR MY THOUGHTS, HATESPHERE, RAUNCHY, SOUL DEMISE, ILLDISPOSED…). The guys are very pleased the way things are going and are currently laying down the bass and vocal tracks. There also will be a bunch of well known guest vocalists featured on the upcoming album! No names will be dropped by now - it’s gonna be a surprise!

“Let The Tempest Come” is set to be released on 7th April 2006 (G/A/S) and 10th April 2006 (rest of Europe).

NEAERA on recording with Jacob Hansen:

“Recording our second album has been really great so far. Jacob is just a totally cool person to work with and to have around you. The sound that he has managed to create so far leaves us very optimistic about the final result of the process. Jacob is a total perfectionist who motivates you to give nothing less than your best. He really keeps pushing and pushing us to do even better. We are happy to work with him.”

Jacob Hansen about the recording process:

"The guys have been exceptionally fast laying down their tracks. Well prepared and just ready to rock! It's all been fun so far - I think we click in very well and I think this album is gonna come out really strong. There's some serious good riffin' in there... Now it's just up to me to make the best out of their work."

PRIMORDIAL tourdates

Rock Hard presents Primordial + Moonsorrow + Mourning Beloveth + t.b.a

07.04.06 Fri D Lichtenfels @ RAGNARÖK Festival

08.04.06 Sat NL Arnhem @ Goudvishal

09.04.06 Sun NL Eindhoven @ Dynamo Club

10.04.06 Mon D Hamburg @ Fundbureau

11.04.06 Tue D Berlin @ Kato

12.04.06 Wed D München @ Titanic City

13.04.06 Thu D Bad Salzungen @ Kallewerk

14.04.06 Fri B Vosselaar @ Biebob

15.04.06 Sat D Osnabrück / Georgsmarienhütte @ Tor 3

16.04.06 Sun D Leipzig @ Hellraiser


FALCONER begins work on new record!

The first rehearsal with the complete line up took place some weeks ago, and I can tell you that it sounded awesome to finally hear the result. Mathias brought that extra spice to the songs as usual. All songs for the upcoming album are written into every detail, it feels quite good to for once be this well-prepared and hopefully that can result in some spare time in the end instead of cutting out ideas.

The new material is more folkish but still feels fresh, like a natural progression from the 2 first albums. We will enter the studio in February to record all instruments, then carry on with the vocals and mix in the summer. On one hand it feels hard to wait that long to finalize it, on the other hand it might be good to sit back and clear your head and then return with charged batteries again.

The first edition of the album will contain about 4 bonus tracks, traditional Folk songs!! I would estimate the release date to be in Sep/Oct ‘06. 

THE RED CHORD changing of the guard... err… drummer?

Oh no, not again! Just when you thought The Red Chord was going to keep a stable line-up, it appears there's been another drummer change. According to Blabbermouth, Lambgoat and all sorts of other reliable sources, the group has enlisted Kevin Talley (ex-Chimaira, Misery Index) to sit behind the kit during their upcoming tour with Throwdown & The Black Dahlia Murder.

Members of the group said, "We're all very excited to perform with Kevin. We've known him for a long time and it's about time we wound up jamming together. We're excited to see how it all goes." 

There has been no official word as to Talley's status with the group. In the meantime, the group has requested that drummers interested in trying out for the permanent position must send a video tape with the following:

Video tape yourself performing the tracks Nihilist, Dreaming in Dog Years, Fixation on Plastics & Black Santa. We are looking for the songs to be played as close to exact as possible. The video must be taken in a way that both your hands and feet are visible. If you can't see both in the video, just run through the songs twice. Once with the camera pointed at your feet and once at your hands. We have a soft spot for drummers that beat the crap out of their kit, so if you're a tapper, drink your milk and man it up!

Applicants must be willing to tour for upwards of 300 shows each year. You must also have a valid US passport, your own gear and a willingness to get to Mass & potentially relocate to the Mass/NH area if need be. If you have substance abuse problems, don't bother applying. If you have a rock star attitude, don't bother applying. If you are looking to go on the road, be respectful and have a good time and you happen to have exceptional drum abilities, we want to meet you!

Send video to:
The Red Chord
23 Rand Street
Revere, MA 02151

If we like what we see, WE will get a hold of YOU, so include all of your contact info including phone number & e-mail.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in the upcoming months on our tour with Throwdown. See you soon.

CELLADOR reveals album title! 

We are back in Omaha after our 3 week trip to Tampa, FL for the recording of our Metal Blade debut album at MANA Studios under producer Erik Rutan, entitled ENTER DECEPTION. We have laid down all the drums, bass, rhythm guitars, and about 50% of the lead guitars. We will be returning for vocals, leads, and the mixing of the album in March.

The recording process and the resulting product we have heard so far has us nothing short of ECSTATICALLY OPTIMISTIC. I can assure you that this first CELLADOR release will not have your typical European power metal production. Expect to hear rampant and destructive sounding blasts, insanely heavy guitars, over the top shredding, and overbearing amounts of catchiness.

ENTER DECEPTION will be 8 tracks long and the Japanese release will include one bonus track. The release is tentatively set for late spring 2006. Artwork is being done by JP Fournier, a French artist who we have been a fan of for a long time. You can check out some stuff he has done at his website, which is An update on the art will up within the next 2 weeks.

Also in the meantime expect to see CELLADOR play several scattered shows over the next 2 months, so far including dates with SONATA ARCTICA, AGENTS OF MAN, THE RED CHORD, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. A couple new songs will be debuted at these shows.


20.01. Dresden – Thrillbeats Club (Germany)

21.01. Zossen – Energie Café (Germany)

22.01. Zielona Gora – Roksana (Poland)

03.02. Sulzbach-Rosenberg – Hängematte (Germany)

04.02. Annaberg-Buchholz – Alte Brauerei (Germany)

09.02. Colmar – Grillen (France)

10.02. Dijon – La Vapeur (France)

11.02. Lille – MJC de Saint André (France)

24.02. Gütersloh – Bauteil @ Weberei (Germany) + ZERO MENTALITY

25.02. Lichtenvoorde – Punkpop (Netherlands)

10.03. Bremen – Tower (Germany)

11.03. Enschede – Atak (Netherlands) + THE SETUP

17.03. Leer – JUZ (Germany) + MAINTAIN

18.03. Helmond – Plato (Netherlands)

30.03. Wien – Movimento (Austria) NEW!

31.03. Belgrad – Dom Omladine (Serbia) NEW!

01.04. Sofia – Sredetz (Bulgaria) NEW!

02.04. Varna – Area 51 (Bulgaria) NEW!

03.04. Bukarest – Underworld (Romania) NEW!

05.04. Stuttgart – t.b.a. (Germany)

06.04. Milano – Rainbow Club (Italy)

07.04. Roma – Forte Prenestino (Italy)

08.04. Torino – Soundfactory (Italy)

09.04. Gleisdorf – Kulturkeller (Austria)

15.04. Koblenz – Suppkultur (Germany)

21.04. Eisenach – Bürgerhaus (Germany)

22.04. Magdeburg – Sackfabrik (Germany)

27.04. Essen – Turock (Germany) + THE SETUP

28.04. Bamberg – Laimbachtalhalle (Germany)

29.04. Meerhout – Groezrock Festival (Belgium) NEW!

30.04. Lichtenstein – Disco Sucks Fest III (Germany)

05.05. Lottum – OJC Canix (Netherlands) NEW!

06.05. Niesky – Holz (Germany) + MISCONDUCT

07.05. Kontich – Lintfabriek (Belgium)

12.05. Schleiden/ Gemünd – Walhalla (Germany) NEW!

13.05. Hameln – Regenbogen Joch`n`Roll Fest (Germany) NEW!

27.05. Torhout – Club de B (Belgium) + LIAR NEW!

17.06. Lustenau – Metalliga Open Air (Austria) + CATARACT

30.06. Roitzschjora – With Full Force Open Air (Germany) NEW!

28.07. Urbach – Zabbaduschder Open Air (Germany)

04.-06.08. Wacken – W.O.A. (Germany)

05.08. Leisnig – Sucks`n Summer Festival (Germany) NEW!

26.08. Grainichen – Open Air Festival (Germany) NEW!



Friday 10.03.2006 : Sala Musicalia in Alacant / Valencia (SPA)

Saturday 11.03.2006 : Sala Vietnam in Riudarenes – Girona / Barcelona (SPA)

Saturday 18.03.2006 : MJ Rouge Brique in Lodelinsart (B)

Sunday 19.03.2006 : The Factory in Liege (B)

Saturday 08.04.2006 : Magasin 4 in Brussels (B)

Saturday 10.06.2006 : Devil Days Festival (AUS)



21./22.07.2006 Moosenmättle Open Air, bei Kirnach (D)



27.01. Oberhausen Zentrum Altenberg w/Tephra
28.01. Solingen Cobra
15.03. Hamburg Fundbureau
16.03. Flensburg Kühlhaus
17.03. Roskilde (DK) Gimle
18.03. Aalborg (DK) 1000Fryd
23.03. Copenhagen (DK) Lades Kaelder
24.03. Schwerin Doktor K
25.03. Nürnberg Kunstverein (KV)
27.03. München Orangehouse
28.03. Wien (A) Movimento
31.03. Milano (I) Leoncavallo
01.04. Bolzano (I) Bunker
09.04. Paris (F) Le Batofar
11.04. Köln Sonic Ballroom w/The Anti Doctrine
12.04. Leuven (B) Sojo
13.04. Tilburg (NL) 013 w/Textures
14.04. Amsterdam (NL) Melkweg w/Textures
15.04. Sneek (NL) Bolwerk w/Textures
16.04. Bochum Bastion
26.04. Esch - sur - Alzette (L) Kulturfabrik
27.04. Karlsruhe Substage w/Ira
28.04. Grossrosseln (Saar) Rock im Warndt Open Air w/Lacuna, Letzte Instanz, Xandria u.v.a.
29.04. Würzburg B-Hof
30.04. Eisenach Gleis 1


The Adversary will be released April 10th 2006 co - operatively by Mnemosyne Productions and Candlelight Records worldwide.

THE ADVERSARY Track Listing:


Called by the fire



Astera ton proinon

Panem et circenses

And he shall walk in empty places

Will you love me now?

The pain is still mine 

All music and lyrics for The Adversary have been written and performed by Ihsahn with exception of drums, performed by Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar, Spiral Architect). "The music is a continuation of my work within the metal genre," says Ihsahn. "It incorporates influential elements from all periods / stages of my background since I first picked up the guitar 20 years ago. Powerful, epic, extreme and straight from the heart."  

Ihsahn is most noted as vocalist / guitarist of Emperor. Since 1991 Emperor's recordings have sold hundreds of thousands copies worldwide.

Their impact on extreme music ranks makes them one of the genre's most influential black metal bands of all time.  


European media outlets contact Darren Toms (

Germany media outlets contact Wolf Mühlmann / Sure Shot Worx

French media outlets contact Phil Marsaud Innovative-promotion

US media outlets contact Paula Hogan ( or Dave Brenner (;

Official sites for Ihsahn include:, and

 VOIVOD - Signs with Nuclear Blast records

NUCLEAR BLAST is very proud to announce that legendary metal band VOIVOD has signed for Europe! VOIVOD being a legendary metal monster carries on the tradition of moving metal forward into new dimensions! The Canadian band remains to be one of the most innovative bands in today’s metal genre and many releases where ahead – of – its time !

They’re right now in the middle of recording their 13 track new album ( no title yet ) in Montreal, Quebec with producer Glen Robertson (TEA PARTY) and the album will be released early 2006 , no release date has been confirmed yet .

Be sure to expect another highlight in sci-fi and prog –rock complexity !!

NUCLEAR BLAST is very happy to welcome ‘Away’ , ‘Snake’ and ‘Jasonic’ to the family !!
RIP Piggy !!

For more infos about the new album, read the studio diary (click here ).

KNORKATOR - Wacken Open Air roadshow-tourdates announced

Germany’s most band of the world”, the ultimate boygroup KNORKATOR will be embarking on the Wacken Open Air Roadshow (feat. also ENSIFERUM, ORPHANED LAND, SPELLBOUND, and NOISE FORREST) set to take place in April / May 2006. The entire itinerary is now shaping up as follows:

19.04.2006 Berlin (GER)
20.04.2006 Hanau (GER)
21.04.2006 Osnabrück (GER)
22.04.2006 Hannover (GER)
23.04.2006 München (GER)
25.04.2006 Pratteln (CH)
26.04.2006 Stuttgart (GER)
27.04.2006 Milano (I)
28.04.2006 Rome (I)
29.04.2006 Zagreb (CRO)
30.04.2006 Budapest (HUN)
03.05.2006 Wien (AUT)
04.05.2006 Salzburg (AUT)
05.05.2006 Jena (GER)
06.05.2006 Krefeld (GER)
07.05.2006 Charleroi (B)
08.05.2006 Paris (F) 

GOREFEST - Audio interviews online

Two audio interviews with GOREFEST frontman JC de Koeijer are now online.
Check them out at the following locations:,

AMORPHIS - @ Neckbreaker's Ball European tour

Finland's AMORPHIS have been confirmed for the Neckbreaker's Ball 2006 European tour, which is scheduled to take place in April. Confirmed dates are as follows:


+ special guest

11.4. AARHUS, Voxhall
13.4. HAMBURG, Markthalle *
15.4. WOIPPE (FR), Metal Therapy Festival **
16.4. LICHTENFELS, Stadthalle
17.4. KÖLN, Live Music Hall *
18.4. STUTTGART, Longhorn *
21.4. Wien, Planet Music
22.4. Linz, Posthof
23.4. München, NEW BACKSTAGE
25.4. Paris, La Locomotive

More dates to come, check out: for updates !!

** only Hypocrisy + Soilwork

DIMMU BORGIR - 'Death Cult Armageddon' surpasses 100,000

Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR recently became the first band on the Nuclear Blast USA roster to sell more than 100,000 copies of a full-length album with their "Death Cult Armageddon" release, according to sales figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan.


ANTHRAX - Past, present & future

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has issued the following update regarding the band's recently completed U.S. tour and upcoming European trek:

"Wow. These were the best gigs we've played in the states in a long time. We had only played a handful of shows in the U.S. with the reunion 8-9 months ago. It hadn't really sunk in yet I think and even though those shows were good, they were nowhere near as great as many of the shows in Australia or Europe over the summer. People were really excited and had been waiting months to see us and were finally getting the chance. Almost all the shows were sold out and the crowds were insane. Best NY show in forever. 

Somehow Chicago was even better, Minneapolis was ridiculous, and Los Angeles of all places topped them all! The L.A. show was crazy. I haven't seen a mosh-pit like that since L.A. 1987. Unbelievable. The crowds were a great mix of new and old fans. There were so many kids at the shows and they are dressing like I did in 1986 with tight jeans and big hi-top sneakers. Is that fashion coming back? I hope so!!!!

"This reunion has become bigger than the five of us. The band is tighter than ever and we are so strong musically as well as personally that nothing could stop us. It really feels like we are riding on a wave. I can feel the excitement all around us and the support growing every show. 

I know that people were skeptical of this reunion and some still are. I challenge you to come see us and then see what you think. People shouldn’t judge or speculate about something they have not had any experience with. 

And as far as the future goes, we will be able to tell you all about that very soon. . . I can only imagine how great [the upcoming European tour] will be. The gauntlet has been thrown Europe. You better represent!!!!"

Regarding the fact that the band's upcoming European tour is limited to only 19 dates, Scott said, "We only have three weeks to play shows there in April because of our schedule. If we had more time, there would be more dates. 

I am bummed we are not coming to Ireland. The shows have been great and I wanted to see the Phil Lynott statue outside the Bruxelles and have a pint. We asked about a show there but it comes down to the promoters, hall availabilities, and the routing. Three weeks doesn't give us any room to breathe. That's why we can't make Poland. Next time on a full tour for sure."

OMNIUM GATHERUM - Five-song pre-production finished

Finnish melodic death metallers OMNIUM GATHERUM have finished recording a demo at Woodbine Garden studio in Pyhtää, Finland. The tracks laid down during the session are as follows.

01. City Red Light
02. Remember The Frozen
03. Neither Dead Nor Alive
04. My Hands Were Tied
05. Das Wegrecht

Diaries and photos of the sessions can be found at the band's
official website.
OMNIUM GATHERUM describe the new songs in a press release as "the best material we've ever done, really!"

EDGUY - „Rocket Ride“ enters charts!  

EDGUYs brand new masterpiece "Rocket Ride" has entered the official Swedish and Finnish Charts on position # 8 (Sweden) and at number 25 (Finland). Congratulations!

here to watch the Finnish charts.

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - Single details revealed

Germany´s DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have revealed first details of their forthcoming EP. 'Friede sei mit Dir' is scheduled for a May 26th, 2006 release and will appear as EP and DVD.

The EP will feature 4 or 5 tracks, featuring 2 or 3 exclusive non album tracks!

Apart from the normal tracklist, the DVD-Single – also due on May 26th - contains the Videoclip for 'Friede sei mit Dir' plus live recordings from the Summer Breeze-Festival 2005, Studioreports amm.

Right after the release of the brand new album – August 2006- DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will be touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland from 06. – 30.09.2006.

COMMUNIC - Welcome new member

Norwegian news from COMMUNIC guitarist & vocalist Oddleif Stensland:

"A new year has started and we bring you an update from the COMMUNIC camp: We welcome a new member into the COMMUNIC family! On the 12th of January, Tor Atle [Anderson, drummer] and Marianne gave birth to their first born son, Sebastian. Huge congratulations!! 

And while we are talking family, Erik [Mortensen, bassist] and Laura got married in the end of 2005, so congratulations goes out to them as well!!

In other news, our first gig for 2006 has been confirmed for the Queens of Metal Open Air festival in Germany. You can find more details in the tour section on our web site at More dates and festivals will be added as soon as they get confirmed.

On Friday the 3rd of February, we will start to record our new album, Waves of Visual Decay, at Hansen Studio. We will try to post updates from the process on the website for you to check out… Cheers!"

NEAERA live-update

Latest tour dates:

10.03. Bergkamen-Oberaden, Yellowstone
11.03. Erlenbach, Jugendhaus
08.04. Solingen, Cobra
13.04. Berlin, Magnet (Release Party Berlin)
15.04. Hammerstadt, Moshpit Festival
16.04. Münster, Sputnikhalle (Release Party Münster)
17.04. Saarbrücken, Stoneage
21.04. Lustenau (A), Culture Factory
22.04. Wien (A), Arena
06.05. Düren, Komm

20.05. Brandenburg, HdO (+ Six Reasons To Kill)
16.06. Dornbirn (A), Metalliga Open Air
16.-18.08. Abtsgmünd, Summerbreeze Festival
15.09. Anröchte, Braincrusher Festival

Armored Saint + God Dethroned tourdates 


Good news for all the serious headbangers among you: The legendary ARMORED SAINT will march to BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL in Balingen next summer to conquer the festival with their rough Metal material, that gained them - due to the undeserved lack of the real commercial breakthrough - the reputation of being one of the most underrated acts around. Anyone who has seen these guys live on stage surely knows what we're talking about. Expect some severe nodding to the old school!

BANG YOUR HEAD - June 23/24 2006 Balingen, Germany

GOD DETHRONED livedates! 

28-01-2006 Het Podium in Hoogeveen, Holland*

16-02-2006 Effenaar in Eindhoven, Holland
17-02-2006 Auditorium de la Mediatheque in Mons, Belgium
18-02-2006 Nootuitgang in Edegem, Belgium
19-02-2006 La Peniche Alternat in Paris, France
21-02-2006 La Floride in Nantes, France

22-02-2006 Tunk in Irun, Spain
23-02-2006 Salle Eve in Grenoble, France
24-02-2006 La Sfinge in Brescia, Italy
25-02-2006 Les Caves Du Manoir in Martigny, Switzerland
26-02-2006 Safari Beatclub in Chur, Switzerland
27-02-2006 Rockstation in Halle / Saale, Germany
28-02-2006 Arena in Vienna, Austria

All shows w/ Natron except *

NIGHTWISH - Tuomas about next album

NIGHTWISH keyboardist/mainman Holopainen has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"It's been three months since the last show in Hartwall Arena and things are finally calming down. I just read through the yet unfinished version of the upcoming NIGHTWISH book. 

I was very impressed. It made me feel nostalgic, happy, shamed and sad at the same time. This book is written by Mr. Mape Ollila, and it's being finished as we speak. The Finnish version of the book will be released in May. Also the live DVD, 'End of an Era', will be released later this year but we have no information about the exact release date yet.

"At the moment I'm occupied with writing songs for the next NIGHTWISH album. 14 pieces done so far. I'm also participating in Timo Rautiainen's solo album, the new FOR MY PAIN… album, and some KOTITEOLLISUUS' live gigs before summer. 

With NIGHTWISH we will start rehearsing the new stuff in June, entering the studio in September. Again we will write a diary through this site so you guys know what's happening while in the studio. New NIGHTWISH homepage will also see daylight soon.

"At the moment Emppu [Vuorinen, guitar] has his own side projects, Marco [Hietala, bass] is working with the new TAROT album and Jukka [Nevalainen, drums] is busy with his new project, unrelated to music business.

"The new singer will be announced through this site when the time comes. Please believe in nothing that's not confirmed on this page."

EDGUY - enter German Charts at pos # 8

German melodic metallers EDGUY have entered the German Media Control charts on Position #8 !!! Amazing! Congratulations!

Here´s an overview about the entire chart entries of the a fantastic „Rocket Ride“…

Edguy - Rocket Ride
Deutschland #8
Schweden #8
Finnland #25
Schweiz #50

More will follow ….. sure !!!

AMORPHIS - Festival appearance & Album of the Month

AMORPHIS are among the confirmed bands for this year's With Full Force Festival, set to take place June 30 – July 2 at Flugplatz Roitzschjora in Löbnitz, Germany.

Besides, AMORPHIS’ new effort “Eclipse” became “album of the month” by the German Metal Hammer Magazine! Congratulations!

THUNDERSTONE - more tour dates  

Finnish melodic power metallers THUNDERSTONE have lined up the following dates during the coming months:

Feb. 03 - Iisoppi - Nokia, FIN
Mar. 18 - Karhulan Sammontalo - Kotka, FIN
Mar. 30 - Sputnik - Tampere, FIN
May 05 - Metalliance Festival - Paris, FRA
Sep. 16 - ProgPower Festival - Atlanta, GA (USA)

In other news, THUNDERSTONE have commenced the songwriting process for their next album. "Tentative plans include hitting the studio in late summer," the band write on their web site. "The release date has not been set, but a late 2006 or early 2007 release is anticipated."

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