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Tony Carey
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TONY CAREY Tony Carey ©Betti Bauer

Keyboardist Tony Carey will long be remembered for his work with Rainbow, on the classic, epic, era defining and influential Rainbow Rising. His solo on 'A Light In The Black', that deftly plays off Blackmore's equally stunning guitar solo, was done in one take and is second to none.

Several concerts from the following tour were recorded (and released as On Stage and Live In Germany; look out for some future releases from this time). Another classic from this time was 'Kill The King'; Carey started recording Long Live Rock'n'Roll with Rainbow but left, and his parts removed, hence appearing on the live version of KTK but not the studio version.

That album's 'LA Connection' was actually written about Carey's leaving the recording studio and flying back to America.

On leaving Rainbow, Carey guested on a Pat Travers album that also featured drummer Nicko McBrain, then went solo.

As well as writing with and for a multitude of artists, his solo records are worth searching out, with 'Some Tough City' a minor hit. He also recorded 2 albums as Planet P Project which are also well worth searching out.

Carey's solo work is far from heavy, a million miles from Rainbow; more multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter material, but strong all the same. His albums generally feature guests on guitar and drums but Carey does play a lot and takes on most of the vocals.

In recent years he has relocated to Germany, and his work does cover a couple of film scores.

If you own 1 album, it would have to be Rainbow Rising, but for solo work, Some Tough City.

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