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First Call
Sensational Alex Harvey Band
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First call

GRTR!'s guide to the essential and the obscure...


Scottish singer / guitarist Alex Harvey had played the 60s and late 50s on the blues and soul scene, but it wasnít until he hooked up with the ailing Tear Gas in the early 70s that fortunes turned.

Alex was a classic frontman, and the ultimate rockíníroll poet, and with such a solid and exceptional backing band who were superb in every area. Pianist Hugh McKenna was a great songwriter with Harvey, the clown Zal Cleminson one of the best guitarists, EVER. As for the rhythm section of bassist Chris Glen and drummer Ted McKenner (also united for MSG and Gillan), they were untouchable.

The bandís own material included classics such as 'Faith Healer' and 'Boston Tea Party' was matched by their own takes on covers. 'Delilah' became a hit, and 'Next' and 'Runaway' made their own.

SAHB's performance and ability was matched only by their presentation, mixing hard rock, blues and sheer audacity. Poetry indeed.

The band collapsed at the end of the 70s, exhausted, and Alex sadly died on tour with a solo band in the early 80s. Zal Claminson briefly joined Nazareth.

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